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RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, one thing I can assure you of is that I am not playing to a two-thirds empty high school gymnasium, as was the former President Bill Clinton over the weekend in Michigan, in Detroit. Two-thirds of the high school was empty. Obama’s only going to blue states, and he’s having trouble holding crowds. Clinton can’t draw any crowds. But don’t worry. That’s all on purpose. Operation Reverse Chaos.

Greetings, folks, El Rushbo here.

I have a question. Obama and Moochelle (my Belle) are literally leaving the country two days after the election. They’re going over to India and they have taken out the entire Taj Mahal Hotel, 570 rooms, every banquet room, all the restaurants, the whole Taj Mahal Hotel. On this trip Moochelle (my Belle) Obama is going to meet with sex workers in India. I kid you not. She is going to meet with sex workers. When you stop and think of who’s not on the trip, she’s going to meet with sex workers but she’s not taking Eliot Spitzer. She’s going to meet with sex workers but she’s not taking Bill Clinton. She’s going to meet with sex workers — (interruption) She is, Snerdley, I’m not making it up — but she’s not taking the Breck Girl. I’ve got it right here in the stack. I’ll get to it.

Ladies and gentlemen, I must warn you. I must warn you this next week and coming weekend are going to be intense as far as the State-Controlled Media is concerned. They are going to flood the zone with stories of Republican leaders wanting to compromise with Obama. They are going to do everything they can to depress you and your turnout. They know full well. It’s very simple what’s going to happen here. If Republican candidates do not win in these historic landslides, the media is setting up to declare the Tea Party’s influence on the election vastly exaggerated. One of the reasons I think — and I’ve got everybody asking me. I had some people over last night to watch the football game, I’ve got people e-mailing from California: ‘Rush, this conventional wisdom, Republicans winning big in the House, maybe winning the Senate, is this real?’ And I said, ‘Well, who’s writing the conventional wisdom?’ They said, ‘Yeah, yeah, I know.’ The conventional wisdom is being written by the other guys.

The latest from Charlie Cook via the National Journal: ‘It’s easy to look at what appears to be a gigantic Republican 2010 midterm election wave in the House and feel a little slack-jawed, but not so much surprised. There were plenty of signs well over a year ago that Democrats were facing grave danger, but even when expecting an onslaught, one can still be shocked at its size and unrelenting force. It would be a surprise if this wave doesn’t match the 52-seat gain on Election Night in 1994, and it could be substantially more.’ Do you see how this works? If it’s not 52 seats, let’s say it’s 50 — Republicans need 39 to take control — let’s say it’s just 50, let’s say it’s just 49. You know what Charlie Cook’s next headline is going to be? ‘Tea Party Not that Important. Tea Party Not that Influential. Rumors of the Republican rout were (and we’re going to be get to the bottom of it) greatly exaggerated.’ And make no mistake, the State-Controlled Media is hoping and praying that this is what happens. If these conventional wisdom predicted big-time landslides don’t happen, and I mean exactly as they’re predicted, they’re gonna declare the Tea Party dead and they’re gonna try to never mention the Tea Party again in order to fulfill their own prophecies. That’s what’s shaking up.

In the process of trying to make this happen you’re going to get stories like this. This is from a couple days ago at TheHill.com, headline: ‘Boehner ‘Would Welcome’ Finding Common Ground.’ That’s a six-month-old quote. Boehner said it six months ago. They’re making it look at TheHill.com as though he just said it yesterday. ‘House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) has said –‘ See, they know that the headline is all that’s read here. The headline: ‘Boehner ‘Would Welcome’ Finding Common Ground.’ Listen to the first story, first sentence. ‘House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) has said he’s willing to work with President Obama to find areas of compromise, where possible, if the GOP wins back the House.’

Now, the people at TheHill.com know full well that that’s gonna tick you off. They know full well that you’re going to be calling Boehner’s office, ‘What the hell you talking about, wanting to compromise?’ That’s exactly what they want you to do. They’re reviving a six-month old quote here making it look like it’s yesterday. ‘NPR re-aired Boehner’s remaks Friday, a day after House Republican Conference Chairman Mike Pence (Ind.) said ‘the time to go along and get along is over.” So here you had Pence on Friday compromise. What’s there to compromise with? And he’s dead right. So The Hill and NPR go back six months, get a quote from Boehner, ‘Oh, yeah, we’d welcome finding common ground,’ and the story is Boehner’s the leader, Pence isn’t. So get ready for this. I mean it’s been going on for the past week or two anyway. It’s going to intensify this week.

Here’s another example: ‘New York Times: Obama’s Playbook After Nov. 2,’ New York Times, Sheryl Gay Stolberg. ‘It took President Obama 18 months to invite the Senate Republican leader, Mitch McConnell, to the White House for a one-on-one chat. Their Aug. 4 session in the Oval Office — 30 minutes of private time, interrupted only when the president’s daughter Malia called from summer camp to wish her father a happy 49th birthday — was remarkable, not for what was said, but for what it took to make it happen. Not long before the meeting, Trent Lott, the former Republican Senate leader, lamented to his onetime Democratic counterpart, Tom Daschle, that Mr. Obama would never get an important nuclear arms treaty with Russia ratified until he consulted top Republicans. Mr. Lott, who recounted the exchange in an interview, was counting on Mr. Daschle, a close Obama ally, to convey the message; lo and behold, Mr. McConnell soon had an audience with the president.’ And what are we hearing about this? McConnell says he’s willing to compromise. Boehner is willing to compromise. McConnell says he’s willing to compromise. Ranking Republicans are quoted as saying they expect Obama to moderate. He hasn’t yet.

You know, speaking of expecting Obama to moderate, let’s look at Mitch McConnell as an example here. The election in Kentucky, Rand Paul defeated McConnell’s first guy. McConnell’s guy was the chosen guy, the establishment guy, got beat by Rand Paul. Now, one would say that, okay, well, if that happened Mr. McConnell should realize that his guy lost, meaning his way of doing things was defeated, maybe McConnell ought to moderate a little bit and move toward Rand Paul. Has that happened? No. I’m not picking on McConnell. I’m just saying all the evidence that Obama’s going to move to the right isn’t there. Our guys don’t even move to the right when they get beat. Why is Obama gonna move to the right? But my point is this. Do not go wobbly on me here this week. Folks, I’m gonna report to you what’s reported in The Politico, but you’ve got to know that they are deeply now fully in the tank. I mean running a story last week that conservative radio hosts were mad that Sarah Palin had canceled interviews when she hadn’t. It was Beck, Hannity, and Levin. And it didn’t happen. Did not happen. They did not cancel interviews with Palin, as it was reported. This is, as they say, in football during the Oklahoma drill, it’s nut crackin’ time.

Speaking of nut crackin’ time, speaking of football, what we’re hoping for on November 2nd is something tantamount to what the Oakland Raiders did to the Denver Broncos yesterday, 59-14. Raiders haven’t scored that many points in I don’t know how long, since the sixties. My point here is, and I can’t emphasize this enough, and I’m going to be finding examples for you throughout the week: Republican leadership doesn’t like Tea Party. Republican leadership thinks Tea Party unsophisticated. Republican leadership willing to find common ground with Obama. Tea Party candidates, stupid, odd, and weird and don’t understand Constitution. Christine O’Donnell, Sharron Angle, the guy Joe Miller out in Alaska. Because they’re panicking. They’re never gonna come around. Even after this win, they’re not going to say, ‘You know, the American people have spoken. I guess we had better reorient ourselves and get in line.’ That’s not going to happen. The opposition is going to become even more strident. The anger, the arrogance, the condescension, the contempt for conservatives is going to be ratcheted up. There will be no respect accorded any of the victors, only abject anger and an attempt to get rid of that new leadership as quickly as they can. I’m never wrong about these things, especially this kind of stuff. I am never wrong about it.

The ruling class, the big clique is not gonna all of a sudden say, ‘Okay, hicks and hayseeds, you know what? We’ve been wrong about you. Come on in and join the club.’ Well, that’s how they look at us, as hicks and hayseeds. They’re not gonna say, ‘You know, you guys have a better bead on all this than we do.’ Ain’t going to happen. ‘Hey, hicks and hayseeds, you may have won this one, but you’re not getting outta your pickup truck. We’re going to make sure you’re still in the church parking lot a year and a half from now. That’s as far as you’re getting.’ The media will be right in line. Don’t get depressed at this, folks, this is a great sign. I’m not trying to depress anybody. I’m just warning you, don’t get depressed. Understand it’s they who are disoriented, discombobulated, ticked off, and livid. They know they’re being rejected. They know it. But also be prepared for this. If they’re out there this week, don’t be surprised if Charlie Cook and the boys, all these other polls, ‘You know what? We’ve said a hundred seats are in play but we never really thought it could be that many but this week it’s looking like maybe the Republicans could take 70 seats,’ and then if they only take 65, it’s a loss. It’s a disappointment. Keep in mind the magic number is 39. That’s what’s needed. They’re already putting out , that’s 1994. Anything less than that, no big deal, sitting presidents always lose the midterms. Obama courageously taking on policies that few presidents would tackle, given our tough economics times. It’s totally expected to have this kind of opposition until the people get up to speed.

Oh. That’s another thing. Howard Kurtz has moved on from the Washington Post over to the Daily Beast. This is Tina Brown’s website, $10 million in debt, by the way, still. We’re not in debt at Rush 24/7. We’re not in debt at the EIB Network. The Daily Beast, $10 million in debt. How in the world can it take $10 million to do a website, I do not know. Well, I think I read that there were negotiations of trying to merge The Daily Beast with Newsweek, and somebody decided not to do it at the last minute because they didn’t want to take on the debt. I’m not being critical here. I don’t know how to lose $10 million on the Internet. I just don’t know how you do it. I mean I could probably do it if I tried, but it would take some effort. How do you do it? Maybe it’s worth losing $10 million to have your name in the game, your name on a byline on websites quoted by people like me and the mainstream media.

Anyway, Howard Kurtz: ‘White House Goes Into Bunker Mode.’ This is another thing. This is a continuing theme that in the White House they’re discombobulated. My gosh, if Obama can’t be great, nobody can be great. If Obama with all he’s got going for him and all of his majorities, if he can’t get his face on Mount Rushmore, who can? All this lowering-of-expectations stuff. Here’s how Kurtz begins his piece: ‘As the GOP prepares for a rout in November (The Daily Beast’s Election Oracle forecasts a 50/50 split in the Senate and a substantial Republican lead in the House), the Obama team seems powerless to stop it. Howard Kurtz on its fascinating belief that the bully pulpit has been downsized, forcing the leader of the free world to shout for attention.’ It’s an unfortunate turn of events, Obama happens to be elected president when all of a sudden events conspire in a totally coincidental way, that all of the New Media dwarfs the bully pulpit of the presidency. Damn, what a shame, who woulda ever thought this could happen, and what a rotten deal for our young President Obama to have to be elected president with this confluence of events.

Get this next paragraph — they’re feeling sorry for Obama — ‘Imagine if the Chilean mining disaster had happened here in the States. President Obama would have been hammered for 69 days for failing to rescue the men, right up to the moment the first one was pulled to safety.’ We have been in the mine. We’ve been in the mine almost for two years. We’re still in the shaft. He hasn’t brought us out. Nobody has rescued this country at all. (imitating new castrati) ‘See how unfair it is? The bully pulpit, if Obama were president, he woulda been blamed for 69 days.’ If Obama were president, they’d still be in the mine; the mine company would be facing three lawsuits; Obama would be on the air daily ripping the mine company. Don’t give me this garbage. Poor little Obama can’t stop it. Now, if this landslide doesn’t occur… See what they’re setting up here? Be vigilant, my friends, and do not go wobbly on me.


RUSH: There’s something even more devious going on at the New York Times than simply trying to depress your voter turnout with stories like ‘Obama’s Playbook After Nov. 2’ by Sheryl Gay Stolberg, a story about how it took 18 months but finally, finally, finally Obama got together with Mitch McConnell and even though it was talking about nuclear arms reduction treaty, still there was dialogue. This is all about, the New York Times. This story was aimed at Mitch McConnell, praising McConnell. ‘Hey, finally! Finally, Mitch, you went in there, had a meeting with Obama. Keep it up, Mitch! Keep it up, Senator — and, Congressman Boehner, learn from this.’ The New York Times is pushing for Republicans to work with Obama.

Remember the White House line is that the Republicans are going to have to move to Obama to work with him, and Obama’s willing to work with Republicans after this election. ‘Cause he’s tired of trying to work with the Democrats who were such obstacles in what he wanted to do, so maybe he’ll have better luck with the Republicans. Meanwhile, Obama, at all of his campaign rallies, keeps saying that the Republicans plan on undoing his reforms. The Democrats running for office must be wondering: What side’s he working for here? Undoing Obama’s reforms is what everybody wants! So Obama running around telling everybody that Republicans want to undo his reforms is a positive message for Republicans and everybody else who wants to undo Obama’s ‘reforms,’ which is a clear majority of the American people.

But this ‘Obama’s Playbook After Nov. 2’ by Sheryl Gay Stolberg in New York Times, all about pushing for McConnell, Boehner, Obama to work together. In other words, to make permanent Obama’s destructive policies over the last 20 months, and then no doubt to proceed to other areas of compromise, say cap and trade. That’s what this New York Times story about: Yeah, Republicans are gonna win but you know how you can be liked? You Republicans, yeah, you’re gonna win but we also know that you want to be loved by the New York Times. We at the New York Times know and our compadres at the Washington Post know that you Republicans want favorable press from us. We know that you want to be loved by us. We know that you can’t wait for positive Style section pieces in the Washington Post on you.

So, how do you do it? You work with Obama, work together. Go ahead and cement what Obama’s already done and then proceed on other areas of compromise — such as cap and trade, eliminating the home mortgage interest deduction, the VAT tax. And Trent Lott, always the compromiser, now the lobbyist, is appreciated for his wisdom and maturity in putting Mitch McConnell together with Obama. Trent Lott, the most hated and reviled guy in Washington after that Strom Thurmond birthday party — Trent Lott, against whom both Republicans and Democrats lined up to get him kicked off his leadership position in the US Senate after the Strom Thurmond birthday party comment. Now all of a sudden, Trent Lott is ‘much appreciated for his wisdom and maturity in working with Tom Daschle to get McConnell and Obama together in the White House after 18 months.’

Keep it up, guys! I’m just warning you, you’re going to see this — and more intensely — all week long. You’re gonna get sick of it. You are gonna get livid. If you’re not careful, you’re going to be calling here and asking me, ‘What are these Republicans doing, Rush? We’re on the verge a big victory and all we’re talking about is working with Obama.’ That’s what the media is saying that they’re going to be doing. The media… This New York Times plot. The media is trying to do to McConnell and the Republican leadership what they did to George H. W. Bush after his ‘Read my lips: No new taxes’ pledge. The media promised in endless articles that they would say understand if Bush 41 had to go back on his promise and raise taxes. They’d understand; they sent the signal.

He wouldn’t be excoriated by the New York Times, the paper professional ruling class politicians all want to be appreciated by. ‘So Mr. President, we will not hit you. Your own party will hit you, but we will support you,’ and once Bush did reverse himself, they never stopped reminding us what a liar he was. It never works. They dangle the carrot. They promise all these Republicans, ‘We’re gonna treat you nice, we’re gonna let you become a member of the club, we’re going to give you favorable stories,’ and then after all of it happens they still continue to run after them. This is what you and I at a distance have trouble understanding why Republicans don’t see, that no matter what they do they’re gonna be ripped to shreds.

You know, we’ve always said: ‘Just do the right thing because they’re gonna rip you anyway. You can’t curry favor with them.’ Look at McCain. At the end of the day, after McCain made mention of the fact that the Mainstream Media was his base, after McCain had gone out of his way to make those people love him, when it came time to pay him off, what happened? They endorsed Obama. And they ran around with story after story making McCain look like a senile old man who had botched his campaign. You cannot buy a permanent place of favor. And yet the media knows that it’s all too possible to affect Republican movement this way, so they’re going to keep it up.


RUSH: I pointed out the New York Times, ‘Obama’s Playbook After Nov. 2,’ the New York Times pushing the Republicans to work with Obama, to make permanent Obama’s destructive policies over the last 20 months and then to start working together on more destructive policies. The pressure is being brought to bear. ‘Obama’s Playbook After Nov. 2,’ New York Times.

Here’s the USA Today version: ‘Obama Preps for Post-Election Presidency.’ Yes, he does. ‘Preparing for political life after a bruising election, President Obama will put greater emphasis on fiscal discipline, a nod to a nation sick of spending and to a Congress poised to become more Republican, conservative and determined to stop him. He is already giving clues about how he will govern in the last two years of his term. Obama will try to make gains on deficit reduction, education and energy. He will enforce his health care and financial overhauls and try to protect them from repeal should Republicans win control of Capitol Hill.’ I don’t see anything here about Obama moderating. I don’t see anything here about Obama moving to the right to meet Republicans halfway, as ranking Republicans think that he’s going to do. I don’t see any of that here. He will enforce his health care and financial overhauls, try to protect them. He will put greater emphasis on fiscal discipline. You know what this means, hello tax increases.

The deficit reduction panel, don’t forget, they’re working. In December they’re gonna come forward with their recommendations. You know what it’s going to include? Wall Street Journal story today: home mortgage interest deduction is on the table. In fact, what better time than now to remove the home mortgage interest deduction when nobody can afford to buy a house in the first place? What better time to do it. From their perspective, now, they want to get rid of that, they do, they have for the longest time, what better time. There’s going to be less caterwauling than ever. I mean, I’m sure they’ll grandfather current mortgage interest deduction, if you have a mortgage, you will continue to be able to deduct your interest on it but new buyers will not, and what better time when nobody can buy a house anyway.

Foreclosures are up, nobody’s working, no wage increases, no new jobs on the horizon. Who’s buying houses? I mean the housing industry is already in big trouble. Why not just really lay ’em into waste when the damage would be big but not nearly as big as if you did this at a time of prosperity. And then the VAT tax is coming. That’s what is meant by Obama put greater emphasis on fiscal discipline. Don’t think it’s gonna mean Obama’s gonna get responsible about spending. No. This is now going to focus on paying for all of his spending and paying for even more spending. Obama pushing for fiscal discipline translates to Obama will try to get the Republicans to raise taxes and impose new ones so that the government can be saved. It will be positioned as, ‘Look, I inherited this mess, and it was a mess that you Republicans, with your president, created, and I’m willing to work with you, but we’re going to have to start raising taxes, we’re going to have to get serious. The world is going to have to see that we’re serious about getting rid of our debt. Raising taxes will be the simplest way to show the rest of the world we’re serious.’ This is what fiscal discipline means.

‘Reports are –‘ in the Wall Street Journal, this is the Alan Simpson and Irksome Bowles commission ‘– that both the home mortgage deduction and dependent child deduction are on the table.’ Home mortgage interest and the dependent child deduction are on the table. We don’t need any more children anyway. We’re already bursting at the seams here. The planet can’t support the number of people we have now. If we need more people we’ll just import ’em from Mexico. But we don’t need any more American births because we can’t support the people that are here now. Don’t doubt me on this, folks. This is why this election only begins the real heavy lifting. Anybody who thinks Barack Obama’s gonna moderate and become less radical and less intent on moving his agenda forward does not understand the man, does not understand why he’s president, why he wanted to be president, and who’s running him. Fiscal discipline means getting rid of tax deductions, popular ones, and including the dependent child credit deduction. Who needs more kids anyway?

Remember now, global warming, environmental destruction, the United States is destroying the planet. We have too many people who are living too wasteful a lifestyle. If we need any more people we’ll just get ’em from Mexico or from around the world. You know, people born in this country tend to vote the wrong way anyway. We need people from outside the country. They’ll vote more reliably Democrat than people born here. Don’t doubt me. ‘Obama Preps for Post-Election Presidency.’ Let me ask you this, if you doubt me on this. If you’re Obama and the Democrats and the media, and you’re facing these big losses, are you really that intimidated? You know because of history, recent and long term, that you can force the Republicans into doing anything you want ’em to do. You can entice them into a budget battle where you accuse them of starving kids and they’ll actually debate you about it, rather than pooh-pooh the premise. The Tea Party bugs ’em, but the Republicans don’t. The Tea Party they fear, the Tea Party and the new people in politics and the conservative ascendancy. That they fear. Republican leadership they don’t fear. They think the Republican leadership, they look at it and, ‘We can turn ’em all into a bunch of McCains. All we gotta do is call the Washington Post and the New York Times and get a couple favorable profiles on these people, we own ’em. How would you like to be credited with Obama for saving America, Senator such-and-such?’

Look at what’s happening in Alaska. I got a bunch of e-mails, ‘Rush, Rush, what’s going on in Alaska? Lisa Murkowski write-in, she looks like she’s gonna win. How is this happening?’ Very simple. Who wants Murkowski to win? Who wants Lisa Murkowski to win? I’ll give you the names: Barack Obama, Harry Reid. Take a look at who hopes she wins and you’ll understand why she better not. Take a look at who hopes Lisa Murkowski wins and you’ll understand why it better be that Joe Miller wins. Why do we want a Republican running for office that Harry Reid wants, that Obama wants, people like Arlen Specter want. Why? How does that move the conservative ascendancy even higher? It doesn’t. You just need to take at look who’s supporting this. Look at who’s funding her effort. Is it not — dadelut dadelut dadelut dadelut dadelut — union types in Alaska?

You don’t see Sarah Palin campaigning for her, do you? No. You see any Tea Party people out there for Lisa Murkowski? No. But you know Barbara Boxer would love to have her back in the Senate, if Boxer makes it back. You know Dianne Feinstein would love to have Lisa Murkowski back. Susan Collins, Olympia Snowe would love to have her back, and Mike Castle in Delaware, ‘Oh, well, if I can’t win, at least Lisa can and represent our class. ‘ Just take a look at who wants her to win and you’ll find out which way to go on this. Not complicated. So fiscal discipline, Obama, post-election presidency, playbook after November 2nd. Here we’re setting up a major Republican sweep and the focus is how will Obama continue to get his agenda? And they’re laying out the blueprint. Well, here’s how. We know there are certain Republicans we can mold and shape, bend, flake, and form to work with us. And you’re going to see more and more of this as this week intensifies.

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