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RUSH: So I’m watching Fox News this morning, and they have an interview with Bob Shrum. Now, Bob Shrum is the architect of many Democrat losses. He ran the John Kerry campaign into the ground. He’s run a lot of Democrat campaigns that have lost. He’s a very aggressive, sort of mean, typical angry Democrat, member of the ruling class, part of the Washington intelligentsia. He’s on Fox, and they’re asking what he expects to happen. (paraphrasing) ‘You know what? I’m actually thinking that the Democrats can hold the house.’ He said the enthusiasm being generated by the Tea Party is also creating great enthusiasm for Democrats. All of this enthusiasm by the Tea Party is really firing up Democrats. And I’m listening to this, and — (laughing) — I said, ‘What a crock.’

So Bob Shrum is out doing his best to tamp down the enthusiasm that’s happening and to try to gin up some enthusiasm for Democrats. Depending on the polls you look at, eight seats to ten seats in the Senate. If it’s ten, end up 50-50 there. And the smart money continues to move north on Republican seats in the House, now up to 60 or even more in the House of Representatives. It’s understandable the Democrats would send out their big guns in an attempt to tone this down. But the voter fraud — remember, now, in all of this that’s happening the Democrats do not have one thing, not one thing they can ask for your vote and say, ‘Look what we have done. Look at all of our accomplishments. Look at our achievements.’

Now, I think we should start a list of things that people need to remember before voting. In addition to everything else that has you fired up, in addition to everything else that has you motivated and inspired to go vote, and it’s going to be hard to remember everything because the media is doing their best to avoid mentioning all of these so-called achievements, but just to get the list started in no particular order, the things that you are not hearing about, the things that the Drive-Bys are not telling you about: amnesty for illegal aliens and the status of the Arizona lawsuit; Iran’s nuclear weapons program; the Ground Zero mosque. None of these issues are front and center. Not even are they front and center, they’re not being talked about at all. None of the things that Obama supports are being talked about, none of them. The Ground Zero mosque, amnesty for illegals, Iran’s nuclear program, his bowing to dictators, taking away the lightbulbs, all of these things that are coming down the pike, the 1099 paperwork in the health care bill, doing away with school vouchers, the abortion funding that has been snuck into Obamacare. And I’m sure you could think of other things that have killed the Democrats politically, all the reasons people are voting against them, you will not find them at all being talked about.

What do we get? We get sex gossip and rumors about Supreme Court justices. We’re getting conservatives are kooks and wackos stories. It’s all predictable. As I told you yesterday, it’s going to be very frustrating, they’re doing everything they can to depress you, to dispirit you, to suppress your turnout. But they don’t have one thing, not one thing they can say, ‘Vote for Democrats because we did this.’ Not one positive. They have to ignore all of the things Obama has achieved and wants. I have to laugh when I listen to people talk about how Obama’s not getting any credit for all of his legislative victories, like Obamacare. Not getting any credit? It’s just the opposite. Nobody dares talk about it. Nobody wants to remind anybody that it actually passed. So we need to keep the stories fresh in our mind about how people are losing their coverage and their premiums are skyrocketing. But it’s not just about health care. It’s about the overall assault on the freedom of this country, and particularly the economic engine, the private sector, capitalism.

The Democrat Party has led a two-year assault on this, and all of their success is being ignored, all of their efforts have been ignored. They’re reaching out friendship to militant Islam, the Ground Zero mosque, all of these things that have caused all of this energy on the Republican side are not being talked about at all, on purpose.

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