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Rush’s Morning Update: Ugly Truths
October 28, 2010

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According to the Christian Science Monitor, Hispanic and pro-illegal immigration groups are furious with Sharron Angle over a new ad that features Hispanic looking men in police mug shots carrying weapons. The ad says that millions of illegal aliens swarming acrossthe border are joining violent gangs, forcing families to live in fear. It correctly points out thatHarry Reid is soft on illegal immigration.

Well, the criticsare upset,the ad is racist, they say. Frank Sharry, of the immigration group America’s Voice, accuses Angle of running “one of the ugliest anti-illegal immigrants ad campaigns in history.”

Just this week,Imam Obama appeared on a Spanish radio program to urge Hispanics to vote against their enemies who oppose illegal immigration. Namely, the American people. Obama told Hispanics that Republican opposition prevented an immigration bill– a blatant lie; the GOP didn’t have the votes to stop Democrats. The ugly truth is theDemocrats didn’t want immigration on the table during an election year. They just want Hispanic anger as a wedge issue.

Here are more ugly truths: illegal aliens committing violent crimes is a growing law enforcement problem. And many Americans are justifiably worried that the brutal drug war in Mexico is spilling across the border. And a very ugly truth that we’re supposed to ignore: every illegal immigrant has, by definition, already committed a crime.

Now it isn’t racist to speak truth, no matter how ugly some become when hearing it. Liberals are just livid that Sharron Angle isn’t afraid to speak it.

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