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RUSH: Does anybody doubt now that the Clintons are on board for Operation Reverse Chaos? Ha-ha! Ha-ha-ha-ha! Oh, yes! Operation Reverse Chaos, Bill Clinton is fully on board. This boondoggle with Kendrick Meek and Charlie Crist. Gosh, we love it.


RUSH: I guess we can now add Kendrick Meek to the list of Obama’s shovel-ready jobs. You know, what’s interesting about this? Snerdley, all of you, you live in Florida. I want you to confirm something for me here on this. I don’t mean this to be insulting. There are a lot of Florida Democrats, including African-Americans, which is the core Democrat constituency here in the Sunshine State. Many of them are not newshounds. I mean, the Florida Gore-Bush recount caught ’em off guard. They were stunned. They only learned about it two days after it happened. I will wager you that a number of core Democrat constituency group people are just now learning that Kendrick Meek doesn’t have a chance of winning.

You have to understand, the core Democrat constituency here believes the Democrat on the ballot equals a victory. Now they’re hearing for the first time that Kendrick Meek is gonna lose. And what is it about the Democrat Party and black candidates? Once again here’s Clinton sent down to tell Kendrick Meek (doing impression), ‘Hey, hey, Kendrick? You know, ha, you remember Bob Torricelli? Yeah, old Torch? Yeah, well, he had some great ambitions out there but he got in a little bit of trouble and I had to tell him that, if he had any future at all of walking, if he didn’t want to just have to crawl the rest of his life he get out of the race and he listened. You remember Andrew Cuomo? I told him, ‘Get out of that race.’ Carl McCall?

‘I said, ‘Get out of that race for governor of New York. Your time’s coming later,’ and they all did it. Kendrick, it’s your turn. It’s your turn to do one here for the Gipper. You gotta get out of this race.’ Now, Meek says it never happened. Well, he says he never told Clinton that he would quit the race. The story is he told Clinton twice he would do it. Now, Meek says that it was Crist who asked him to quit. That’s the latest this morning, that Charlie Crist asked him to quit — and for anybody in this state who thought that Charlie Crist was a Republican, this ends it. This is Reverse Operation Chaos played out to a T.


RUSH: This is not about Kendrick Meek, but it’s quite interesting that in order for the Democrat Party to get what it wants in the state of Florida, the black guy has to leave. Not Crist! The black Democrat has to leave. Crist starts out here as a Republican and then moves to the ‘moderate center,’ he says, at least on social issues. He maintains that he’s a conservative fiscally. Now of the two guys, who is it the White House was talking to? Crist was on Greta Van Susteren last night admitting that he is speaking to people in the White House, although he wouldn’t identity who in the White House he speaks to. So here’s Kendrick Meek, the Democrat, wins the Democrat primary. Everybody in his party from Bill Clinton to Obama, is conspiring with the ex-Republican, Crist, to get Meek out of the race.

Meek, the black Democrat, has to get out of the race in order for Marco Rubio to lose. ‘The Meek shall inherit the earth.’ It may actually eventuate in this case. They won’t win Florida but they will inherit the earth. What this is really about is denying Marco Rubio. The Democrat Party just can’t live with the possibility that a bright, young, vibrant, intelligent winner in the US Senate is Hispanic. The Democrats claim to own that ethnic group. This is, in fact, reminiscent of the way they dragged Anita Hill out of the forest at the last moment to try to declare Clarence Thomas. Same reason: The civil rights coalitions, the Democrat Party simply could not abide that the most powerful black man in America, an associate justice of the US Supreme Court, would be conservative and black.

That wasn’t gonna happen. That’s why Anita Hill was dragged out of the woods; that’s why all of that happened. It’s why this is happening. It’s why they’re asking the black Democrat to get out in favor of the perpetually tanned, gray-haired Charlie Crist who’s not a Democrat but doing a great job of acting like one. He’s on with Greta Van Susteren last night, Kathryn and I sitting there watching this, and obviously they were having some delays in the audio, because there were a number of times Greta would ask him a question and he looked like an absolute deer-in-the-headlight idiot. I am sure there was a delay, probably some cross-talk. He thought she was talking when she wasn’t. It served to make him look stupid, and that’s what counts on television: How you look. He wouldn’t identify who he’s talking to.

As often as he could he said, ‘Well, Greta, what this is really all about is preventing a right-wing fanatic, a right-wing extremist who wants to roll back Roe v. Wade and so forth from winning election.’ He turned it into an attempted campaign appearance. I don’t think he pulled it off.


RUSH: Now, the Democrats are reeling. Clintongate has been exposed in Florida. This is going to help Marco Rubio. It is not going to help Charlie Crist. At all. Now, a guy like Marco Rubio can do the same for Hispanics with a conservative message that liberals knew Clarence could do for African-Americans. They know this. They have co-opted Charlie Crist, which it’s not a tough thing to do with Crist’s ego. But dropping out of the Republican Party, going moderate. Remember the early polls in this race? Rubio in a two-man race over Meek wins big. The early polls: If it goes three ways, Crist wins. It’s not eventuating. Rubio is winning no matter how you slice it. Ergo send Clinton down there to get rid of Meek. Meek spoils it all by saying, ‘I never said I would quit,’ after it’s reported he’s gonna quit twice.

Now Meek is out there saying, ‘No, it’s Crist that came to me and actually asked me to quit. So Meek is trying to save Clinton’s bacon. Meek is trying to save Clinton’s bacon while Clinton’s trying to get rid of Meek, and in the process Crist and Meek are being aced out. Rubio is gaining from all this. Reverse Operation Chaos is on display right in front of your face! Gosh, I love it. And this stuff in Delaware? She’s moved to within ten points, leading independents by five points. Obama back in there tomorrow.


RUSH: We have some audio sound bites coming up from Clinton and Meek on this business. I don’t want to give this up yet. I think it is important to point out that Rubio is the key here. They’re really trying to derail Rubio. That’s the point of the whole thing going on. They just can’t stand Rubio. Democrats ‘own’ the Hispanic vote. This is Miguel all over again. Here’s the party that claims to be the party of minorities, to stand up for you. Look what this party does to black politicians: It gets rid of them! In this case it knifes them in the back, and the list is long. Maynard Jackson wanted to be head of the DNC. They took care of that, they got him out of the way for that, former mayor of Atlanta. Carl McCall wanted to be governor of New York. They wouldn’t fund him.

The list is long. And now Kendrick Meek. Kendrick Meek is denying… He went on television last night on deny that he ever agreed to quit. The story is that he almost quit twice because of the strong persuasive pitch that he got from Bill Clinton. But Clinton and Crist and everybody else are publicly putting out that he did agree to quit. Twice. They’re in the press with this. They’re not letting Meek change the agenda here. They’re not backing off of this. So it seems to me that they’re gonna take Meek out regardless, whether he decides to get out race or not. He’s not gonna get out. What did I read, 1.7 million Floridians have already voted in early voting. But just the story is why it was such a big deal last night.

Just the story breaking of an attempt to get Meek to step down is a signal to Democrats in Florida, particularly blacks: Don’t waste your vote. Putting out a story that Meek agreed to quit says, ‘Don’t waste your vote. He agreed with us. He agreed with us twice. He was gonna quit. He agreed that voting for him would be a waste,’ which totally demoralizes any voter support that Meek had. This is a knife in the back. This is the Democrat Party again, with the first black president being utilized to take out another black Democrat in place of a white ex-Republican. (Well-tanned, but nevertheless white ex-Republican.) It would be interesting to find out who leaked the Meek story. Of course, we could pretty much guess about this.

But I wonder how many blacks notice this. I wonder how many. Because Meek is not a Clarence Thomas in their minds. He’s not a conservative. He’s the son of a congresswoman. Carrie P. Meek, I think, is her name. He was a loyal Democrat all along. He’s the one who gets knifed in the back by his own party, by the first black president. Not the first time. And apparently it doesn’t matter in the African-American population in this country. It doesn’t affect ’em at all. ‘We love you, we care about you, we’re gonna make sure Republicans don’t put you in the back of the bus. We’re gonna make sure Republicans don’t initiate slavery again. Just vote for us every four years. We’ll remember you. Yeah, and you get in our way, and we’ll take you out faster than a slave owner in the 1800s ever could.’ If you don’t fit in a Democrat liberal plantation, they’ll kick you out of it — and they don’t give you a mule. In fact, not only do they not give you a mule, it is a jackass leading the party that’s knifing you in the back and sending as an emissary the first black president — and, again, all for what? The benefit of a white guy, a former Republican, Charlie Crist. Let’s go to the audio sound bites. This is last night, Anderson Cooper 210. He was talking to the first black president, Bill Clinton. It was actually Susan Candiotti on Anderson Cooper 210. She said, ‘What did you talk about with Congressman Meek?’

CLINTON: I told him that, uhhh… We went through everything, we talked about it a couple times, and I said in the end, you know, he would have to do what he thought was right. He’d have to do what he felt best about, felt right about; and I think in terms of what I said to him and what he said to me — since he’s my friend and he’s the candidate, and he wanted for us to talk as we always have — I — I have to let him say whatever he wants to say about our conversation. It would be wrong for me to discuss it.

RUSH: (laughing) As you discuss it! (impression) ‘It would be wrong for me to discuss this while I’m talking to you about this, but I think it’s up to him to say whatever he wants to say. He’s my friend. We’re best buds. He doesn’t mind whatsoever I stabbed him in the back. He doesn’t mind whatsoever I’m trying to get rid of him. He doesn’t mind whatsoever that I’m sending a signal that a vote for Meek is a wasted vote. He doesn’t mind ’cause we’re friends and he knows that I’m the first black president. So basically I said, ‘Meek, you better just get back down on porch. Head back out to the porch, boy. That’s about what you’re worth to us.” Now, Clinton’s dodges here in the sound bite just like he did with Sestak.

Can there be any doubt now Clinton was lying about Sestak when it emerged that Clinton had offered Sestak a job to get out of the Senate race? Remember that? Clinton said (doing impression), ‘I never offered him a job. I never did. I didn’t have the power to offer him a job. I never told Meek to get out. I left it up to him. He can say anything he wants out there. I don’t care what he says (chuckles) because I said, ‘Kendrick, that porch over there, that’s yours, bud.” Last night on Countdown, Keith Olberdorkk talked to Charlie Crist. Question: ‘The Meek campaign’s been in touch with us, wanted to ask by proxy a question: ‘How would you know there have been conversations about Meek dropping out?”

CRIST: How would I know? ‘Cause I had numerous phone calls of people very close to President Clinton.

RUSH: Yeah, ‘very close.’ He wouldn’t say who. He did say Doug Band but he didn’t identify ‘people in the White House.’ He’s also been talking to people in the White House. Kendrick Meek, you Democrats in Florida, Charlie Crist has been conniving with the Obama White House to find a way to get rid of the Democrat primary winner in the state of Florida. You have Crist, the sour grapes loser, just like Murkowski sour grapes loser. Crist lost his primary; Meek won his. The Obama Democrat Party is trying to get rid of who? Their own black guy! Van Susteren said, ‘Did you speak to anybody at the White House, Governor Crist?’

CRIST: Yes… I did.

VAN SUSTEREN: Who did you speak to?

CRIST: Subsequent to conversations with those close to Mr. Clinton, President Clinton.

VAN SUSTEREN: Who did you speak to at the White House?

CRIST: I’m sorry?

VAN SUSTEREN: Who did you speak to at the White House?

CRIST: There were several people that he spoke with.

RUSH: He would not identify the people in the White House. They can say whatever we want. She gave him a list of names: ‘Well, did you talk to Axelrod?’ No. ‘Did you talk to David Plouffe?’ No. ‘Did you talk to Robert Fibbs?’ No. He talked to somebody in there, but he wouldn’t say who. Last night in Miami Gardens, Kendrick Meek for Senate headquarters, Meek held a press conference and said this…

MEEK: The press report that’s out there from Politico is inacc’rate, at best. Any rumor or any statement by anyone that says that I made a decision to get outta the race is inacc’rate. At best. At best it’s inacc’rate. President Clinton did not ask me to drop out of the race. No one from the DNC. And of course there has been rumors going on, the White House. No one has called me and said, ‘Hey, you need to get out of the race.’

RUSH: Kendrick, come on, Clinton just is out there telling everybody he met with you and that you can make up your own mind. Why would Clinton meet with you? I mean, they’re trying to take a job from a black guy and give it to a cracker — and, by the way, the definition of a ‘cracker’ is a southern Floridian. So Crist is a cracker. And the Obama White House and the DNC are siding with the cracker over Kendrick Meek. There’s no question about it. Here’s Meek this morning on CNN. The co-host Kiran Chetry said, ‘Well, who ultimately broke the story? The New York Times, Politico? They said Clinton himself made clear that he did speak to you about the issue. He left it up to you to make the decision. Are you saying none of that happened?’

MEEK: President Clinton and I talked about it. Yes, we did. But he didn’t say, ‘Hey, listen, this is my recommendation to you,’ because that’s not his place. He asked me about reports of last week and the week before. President Clinton and I had a discussion. No spokesman — and no one was in the room. We talked head-on-head about this issue. There was no agreement.

RUSH: They ‘talked head-on-head.’ Hmm. Okay. They t’alked head-on-head.’ So Meek says Clinton and I ‘talked’ about it but they didn’t ‘discuss’ it. They talked about it ‘head-on-head’ but they didn’t ‘discuss’ it. So last night on CNN’s John King USA he had this exchange with Gloria Borger, their senior political analyst, about the report that Clinton did try to work a deal to get Meek to quit.

KING: The question I have is: If you’re already having trouble with the Democratic base, what is an African-American voter — whether they in Miami, Florida, or Philadelphia or Chicago or Los Angeles or anywhere else in America —

BORGER: Right.

KING: — to think about this?

BORGER: Well, it’s a real problem and that was one of the considerations, I think: First of all, do you upset the African-American community? Secondly, you have a governor’s race going on there. Alex Sink would not want you to depress the African-American vote.

RUSH: Alex Sink doesn’t know what day it is. She wouldn’t have the slightest idea any of this is going on. At any rate, once again — and not to be redundant, but I think it’s important — here’s the Democrat Party openly shafting a loyal African-American, asking him and suggesting in public that he quit. They’re undermining this guy no matter whether he quits or not. They’re guaranteeing his base is depressed. They hope will abandon him, in exchange for voting for Charlie Crist, the ex-Republican. He has got the pipeline to the Obama White House, not Kendrick Meek. At some point, folks, African-Americans, the Democrat Party gonna say, ‘Wait just a second. What are we doing?

Where is the, uh, Reverend Jackson? Where is Reverend Sharpton?’ I’ll tell you where they are. The only reason the Reverend Jackson and Reverend Sharpton have any clout at all in the Democrat Party is ’cause they follow orders. They deliver. They have a seat at the Democrat table of power by virtue of getting the vote out for Democrats every four years. If that means making sure that Kendrick Meek gets out of the race or Carl McCall gets screwed, so be it. Their loyalty is to themselves, not the racial movement, the civil rights movement or what have you. They know full well that if they do not fulfill their role and promise, that they are just as discardable as Kendrick Meek is.


RUSH: Now, ladies and gentlemen, proof that this is Reverse Operation Chaos is that Kendrick Meek this morning is trying to blame Charlie Crist for initiating this and not Bill Clinton. I find that very telling. Now, of course, Crist wouldn’t go Meek directly. That wouldn’t make good copy. You know this is a Clinton thing. You know this is a Clinton-Obama thing. This is right out of either DNC or White House. They call up Bill Clinton, he is the guy that goes in with this message — and now after all this, who is Meek protecting? He’s protecting Clinton. He’s not protecting Crist. He’s claiming that all this was Crist, but we know what really happened. We know this is Clinton for sure. And let’s break this down.

In the Florida Senate rate, who is the whitest guy in the race? This is how the Democrat Party looks at things, folks, not me. They’re the ones that groups people by gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, what have you. Who is the whitest guy in this race: Charlie Crist, Marco Rubio, Kendrick Meek? Charlie Crist, hands down, despite the tan, is the whitest of these three candidates — and who is it the Obama White House and the Democrat Party are arranging to win this thing? The white guy. Can you say ‘civil rights’? Can you black African-American Democrats say ‘civil rights’? Can you give me a ‘civil rights,’ say what it is? Who is your party supporting? The white guy in Florida! Who is your party trying to destroy, knifing in the back?

The black guy! In exchange for what? The white guy! All because they’re scared to death the Hispanic guy is going to ignore, totally blow their effort for amnesty. The most powerful Hispanic in the US Congress would be a Republican, in the US Senate would be a Republican who opposes amnesty. There goes that whole voter registration drive out the window. So guess what? Guess what matters most? Hispanics. You African-Americans, they already have you. You’re in the palm of their hand. They know you’re not going anywhere. They can’t afford for Rubio to get in there. So the white guy — and Crist is probably the richest of these three people!

He’s probably the whitest. No question he’s the whitest despite the tan. He is the richest. Who’s the Democrat going for? Can you say ‘civil rights’? This is not an insignificant development, ladies and gentlemen. This is Reverse Operation Chaos played out before our very eyes in the result of sheer panic.

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