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RUSH: Obama is back to Delaware tomorrow. There is a new poll. The Monmouth University poll. Christine O’Donnell is within ten points. Two weeks ago she was down 57-38. She is within ten points. Coons has backed out of the final two debates, and in the Monmouth University poll, Christine O’Donnell is winning independents 47 to 42. In Delaware, there are a lot of Democrats fed up with the direction of the country who are going to vote Republican or who aren’t going to vote. Christine O’Donnell may pull the big upset. If she gets within, say, five or four points, you really think that it’s gonna be our guys who have ultimately killed off her chance to win? If she loses by three to four or five points, it’s our fault (well, guys on our side) for what was happening to her, what they did to her after she won the nomination and beat Mike Castle.


RUSH: That senseless, dirty trick that they played, Gawker, the gossip site claiming some anonymous guy had a sexless one-night stand with O’Donnell? What’s a ‘sexless one-night stand’?

Making out and drinking? What is? At any rate, there’s no corroboration, there’s no proof, and the source is anonymous. People have been looking into the, and this story is the falling apart. Then they found out Gawker paid this guy. So if you are a Democrat and you can’t run on your record, what do you do? All you can do is go negative. That is all in the world you can do. What do you do when you’re a failure and a loser? What do you do when you’re about to get shellacked and you can’t run on your agenda and you can’t run on your agenda and you can’t say, ‘Give us two more years to keep doing what we’ve done’? You have to go negative, you have to destroy, impugn — and with a 19-point lead over Christine O’Donnell they have to resort to this?

And the supposed brilliant Coons backs out of the last two debates because the more he shows up, the worse it gets for him? The internal polling must really have them scared to death, for Obama to go back in there, to go back to Delaware tomorrow? So, folks, this is shaping up to be interesting, shaping up to be huge.


RUSH: Gawker had that story for 11 days on Christine O’Donnell, that made-up story fed by an anonymous guy. They paid for it and sat on it, so it would do the maximum damage and she wouldn’t have time to fight back. But the standard old page from the playbook — October Surprise, go negative — I don’t know that this stuff is gonna work this time around. I think the psychology, the mood of the electorate, the impatience and anger for the status quo includes a refusal to put up with the tactics of old. ABC News, Jonathan Karl story: ‘Democrat Closing Argument: Personal Attacks — Democrats’ attack over personal issues, Republicans are attacking Democrats over policy.’

In other words, Republicans are attacking the substance of the Democrats; the Democrats don’t even try to attack the coming Republican policy. All they’re doing is going negative on personality, personal attacks. Nobody… Let’s look at Christine O’Donnell as an example. If she is the neophyte dunce, the inexperienced little twit that everybody says, why not go after what she says she will do as senator? Because she is running a top-to-bottom, issues campaign. She is explaining to the people of Delaware how she’s gonna vote on things, what she thinks philosophically and ideologically.

Why not attack that? If the liberals are so convinced the country doesn’t want what conservatism is or what conservatives stand for, why not attack that? Why rely so some made-up story by some anonymous goofball about a woman who they make jokes about regarding masturbation? Here’s a woman supposedly having a ‘sexless one-night stand.’ What is that? (interruption) No, no, no, no! Look, don’t… (interruption) This is why the staff doesn’t have microphones. ‘The broadcast engineer said, ‘What is a sexless one-night stand? A date with your wife.” Don’t say that. That’s not true. No, no, no, no.

A sexless one-night stand, I guess she spent the night with a gay guy. What does it possibly mean? Well, they just talked. But big whoop! They’re out there trying to paint this woman as unqualified because she’s Miss Goody Two-Shoes? And then they try to (ahem) ram this story down everybody’s throat? It doesn’t even have any believability.

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