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Rush’s Morning Update: The Desert
November 1, 2010

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One unfinished item sitting before Congress is a new entitlement program supported by First Lady Moochelle Obama:the “Healthy Food Financing Initiative.” It uses taxpayermoney to create government supermarkets in places Mrs. Obama calls “food deserts”.

Here’s the rationale. Seven million American kids risk obesitybecause their parents find it impossible to buy fruits and veggies. These families shop at local convenience stores or gas stations. No healthy food; hence, fat kids.

The study that was used to support this premise found that low-income people travel almost 20 minutes to get to a good grocery store,compared with 15 minutes for the average American. Well! I mean, you can see why parents won’t feed their kids properly:they’d have to spend 40 minutes round-trip travel time to acquire the good food,while the rest of us only have to spend a half hour.

So obviously, if the uncaring private sector will notbuild supermarkets in the “food deserts”,it’s up to the Obamasto spend a mere half-billion bucks in order for parents to become responsible. With government grocery stores nearby, these parents will spend their government food stamps on healthy beer — er, vegetables –and fruit for their young-uns,instead of junk food.

Now, my friends,even if it takes you 40 minutes to travel to your polling place, please:take the time. Starve these liberals of their political power. Send them to the political desert. Give them their just desserts on Tuesday.

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