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RUSH: This is Paul in Ipswich, Massachusetts, a great place to get a call from on Halloween weekend.

CALLER: (chuckles) Rush, it’s an honor. Thanks for taking my call.

RUSH: You bet, sir.

CALLER: The reason why I’m calling is I’m against Operation Reverse Chaos because I think in 2012, in our lifetime, this is our one and only chance to have a conservative third party that can win. I’ve always been Benson third parties because I think that’s just breaks up our voting base and we lose, but I think Obama will be so toxic that if we have a true conservative like a Sarah Palin or a Jim DeMint, we can win and destroy liberalism for generations.

RUSH: Yeah, but you have to do it within the Republican Party or make the Republican Party the third party. You don’t want to get elected as a third-party president. You don’t have any constituency in Congress, anybody else in your party. A third party is really not the way to go here. The thing to do here is what’s happening: A conservative ascendancy that creeps up and eventually takes over the Republican Party. Now, folks, I want to tell you something here. I saw that… Where did I see this? Oh! Oh! I didn’t have a chance to reply to it. I got an e-mail from Mike Allen of The Politico last night. They’re working on a story; they may have already run it.

Some Republican leader has told them that the Republican leadership is right now as we speak coalescing to find somebody to oppose Sarah Palin. They didn’t identify whoever this ‘Republican leader is,’ so I can’t tell you who it is, but they say that there’s a Republican talking to them at Politico that they are trying to find somebody to beat back Palin, from the Republican establishment, because they are convinced that if Palin is the nominee, the party loses. That’s, at least, what they say. It could also be they’re scared to death that Palin wins it’s the end of them: The Republican establishment.

Mike Allen wanted to take my reply, and I got his e-mail in the midst of a whole bunch other stuff. I just now remembered it so I haven’t had a chance to reply. But let’s see. This kind of thing, I think the reason I didn’t drop everything and reply is ’cause the little antenna go up. It could be a disinformation campaign before the election. Why write a story right now about Palin in 2012? What’s the point of running a story like that right now if not then to sow dissention in the ranks? But regardless of that, I don’t want to go third party. You don’t want to do it. It’s gonna be tempting. Third party, you had it right the first time: Guaranteed lose.

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