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RUSH: Kent, Ohio, and Mike, thank you for calling, sir. You’re up.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush. I’m a proud member of the Portage County Tea Party.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: Rush, you were talking about firing up people to vote and not knowing what they want to do. I am so upset at these states who have not given our military personnel a vote. They know how they’re gonna vote. They don’t want ’em to vote. They’ve held their vote out. I’m asking people who have not quite decided or maybe who have decided: Please use your vote to give these military people a voice. They’ve given them to prisoners. Give ’em to the military.

RUSH: This is an excellent point out there, ladies and gentlemen. Military ballots in Chicago, Illinois, just weren’t sent in time. They had seven months, seven months, and they just couldn’t get the military ballots sent soon enough, and it’s happening in a number of places. It was a big contention point in the Florida 2000 recount, if you recall, because he’s right. They have a pretty good idea how the military is gonna vote so to counter the military in Chicago they send the same number of identical ballots to the prisons, and they got there on time. So Mike is saying if you happen to be apathetic, go vote anyway as a military person would — and we know how that would be. We know. I mean, nine outta ten times we know how to defenders of liberty, the pilots of freedom, the bombers of liberty are gonna vote. We know this.

That reminds me, the first time I was at a Super Bowl game it was the San Diego — Redskins versus Broncos. My first ever military flyover at anything, at a Super Bowl, Herb Alpert was on the trumpet playing the National Anthem. We could see the jets, there are four of them in formation getting ready to turn on base and then to head toward the stadium, and they tried to coordinate the arrival with the exact moment the last note the Anthem is played by the trumpet player and the jets were a little behind so the trumpet had to hold the note. That made it even more dramatic. Those jets fly over and it’s just a roar unlike you have ever heard. The patriotic juices, blood, everything starts flowing. I started pounding the guy next to me. I was just overjoyed. I could never remember being so euphoric about anything. I started pounding on his shoulder.

He’s actually frowning at me because I was hurting, and I said, ‘Did you see that? How can anybody vote Democrat after seeing that?’ I shouted it as loud as I could. There were two people who were Democrats sitting in front of me, from Washington, who turned around and scowled at me — and then a guy behind me tapped me on the shoulder, and I turned around, and he said, ‘That’s the sound of freedom, son. You just heard the sound of freedom fly over this stadium,’ and we know how they would vote eight-, nine-out-of-ten times. They are being denied in certain cities, precincts, states. Military deployed overseas, will not and have not received their ballots in time. And, remember: There’s no such thing as coincidence in politics.

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