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RUSH: McLean, Virginia, this is Dave. Great to have you on the EIB, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Mega dittos, Rush, from a Navy pilot, cigar-smoking airline pilot. How are you?

RUSH: Very good, sir. Thanks very much for calling.

CALLER: I sort of swerved into a parallel going back to another ESPN note for you with Donovan McNabb. In the local area here he was removed from the game at two-minute warning and benched, and the media now is talking about how he’s just not living up to being a great quarterback, and it sort of vindicates you. But also this is just like the media is a parallel with the media with Mr. Obama. They just long to have a successful black president but they didn’t get the right guy.

RUSH: Well, in the case of some media people you’re right, but other media people are launching on Shanahan. Folks, let me dovetail since Dave brought it up because he’s comparing Donovan McNabb and what I said about him — and the media, really — and the media and Obama. Yesterday in the Redskins-Lions game in Detroit in the last two minutes the coach Mike Shanahan pulled McNabb for Rex Grossman. Rex Grossman, people who follow the NFL were curious about this. Rex Grossman, he did play for the Chicago Bears when they lost in the Super Bowl to the Indianapolis Colts but he’s been a journeyman. He really never really amounted to much or hasn’t. He’s now second string quarterback for the Redskins obviously.

So Shanahan pulls him and the excuse given, the reason, was (paraphrased), ‘Well, he’s got a better grasp of our two-minute offense than McNabb does because he worked in Houston last year with the offensive coordinator,’ Shanahan’s son Kyle who is the offensive coordinator in Houston. So to set the table here, Mike Shanahan says: You gotta look at what’s happened the previous weeks here in the fourth quarter with the Redskins. You just have to look at this. It’s not me saying it. It’s on tape. So you get to two minutes, you pull McNabb and you put in Grossman on the theory he’s more familiar with the offensive coordinator’s two minute game plan. Now, the media is all over the board here today.

‘Why, this guy Shanahan, he’s gonna lose the locker room! Why, how dare you do this to Donovan McNabb?’ and others are wondering, ‘Well, why would he do this to McNabb?’ because Shanahan, some are saying this is two coaches now with a lot of credibility here: Andy Reid in Philadelphia who traded McNabb and now Shanahan who pulled McNabb. A lot of people are saying, ‘But, Rush, look at what Mike Shanahan said. He said McNabb hasn’t grasped the two-minute offense.’ Now, McNabb has been there since spring training. Now, if it were me, can I say, ‘What does he not grasp? What is the coach talking about here? Doesn’t grasp the playbook? Is that what the coach is saying? Doesn’t grasp the two-minute strategy, the game plan for two minutes?’

This has me kinda going in circles here. This is Mike Shanahan. This is not some rookie head coach. But (sigh), anyway, the media is complaining, ‘Shanahan shouldn’t have done this. He’s lost the locker room now. You don’t pull a veteran like this. You just don’t do it,’ and now we know why they hadn’t given McNabb a contract extension for next year and so forth. The media is wondering a lot of questions, but really, he doesn’t know the two-minute offense? That would make me curious if I were a sports journalist. We know Obama is way in over his head. Obama’s the least qualified guy in any room he walks into. We’ve known we’ve been had with Obama, and he’s been there two years and he’s in a two-minute offense and he is clueless about what to do with it!

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