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“The government has the power to collect money, redistribute money and print money. It’s the one entity that can do whatever it wants, and never pays taxes itself.”

“Yeah, we have a spending problem; there’s no question that we have a spending problem. But the problem we really face is how the money is spent. What we really have is a redistribution of wealth problem.”

“Obama’s reelection doesn’t depend on American economic recovery. Contrary to what everybody believes, his reelection depends on making sure the people he’s giving money to stay loyal and vote for him.”

“There’s nothing good that happens from raising taxes — other than liberals getting to convince the idiots that vote for them that the rich are getting screwed.”

“Next Trump’s going to be talking about David Rockefeller and New World Order and the Trilateral Commission and how they picked Obama.”

“I’m thinking about this union-flavored ice cream they want to make with Ben & Jerry’s…. Does intimidation have a flavor? Cement swimsuit-flavored ice cream? There’s any number of potentials here.”

“The simplest thing to do when you hear an apocalyptic, cataclysmic prediction by a liberal is, just don’t believe it.”

“When you have a story that says that the credit of the United States is subject to question, then all of a sudden people start paying attention. I mean, this is S&P telling the world Obama’s a disaster.”

“I’m really not trying to be provocative, but I wonder if there are any sane Democrats anymore, or are they all just a bunch of pure, radical ideologues who are totally animated by their hatred for conservative Republicans?”

“We don’t expect you to be honest about what you’re doing, Goolsbee!”

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