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RUSH: If you are paying attention to any media today or if you paid any attention to any media over the weekend, you are looking live at panic. You are seeing panic personified. You’re seeing it from the State-Controlled Drive-By Media. You are seeing it from the Democrat Party. And you are seeing it from the elites in the Republican Party. Sheer, utter panic. Let me first give you a general review (followed by specific stories and audio sound bites) of what I am speaking of regarding the Schieffer panic that is there. There is newfound cynicism, media cynicism about Washington all of the time. Now, to put this in perspective, two years ago, three years ago, starting in the 2007 through the 2008 campaign, the people selling us Obama sold us on changing Washington.

It was going to be — stick with me on this, I know it’s redundant, but it’s important — postpartisan, postracial. We’re gonna be almost utopia-like. People who have never gotten along before were gonna get along. The races were finally gonna bury the hatchets, the sexes and genders were gonna bury the hatchets, the rest of the world was gonna love us. A lot of the people went to the polls thinking this was possible. One man was going to be make it possible. Barack Obama was going to change Washington. Starting at the end of last week through this weekend and into this morning, story after story after story (and I’ll show them to you when we get to that point in the program) say you can’t change Washington. There is so much cynicism in the media today.

You can’t change Washington. Two years ago it was all about hope and all about change, and they tried to stick with that up to even the beginning of last week. Now all of a sudden the conventional wisdom is, ‘You can’t change Washington and the proof is that Obama couldn’t change it. If Obama couldn’t change it nobody can.’ That view is from inside the Oval Office, by the way: ‘If Obama can’t get his face on Mount Rushmore, nobody can. If Obama cannot be great in America, nobody can. If Obama can’t change Washington, nobody can,’ and now they’re even saying, Obama supporters, that he was an idiot to try. The thing is he didn’t try. He has not tried to change Washington. What Obama’s done is grow it, and he has succeeded in growing it.

And the opposition to Obama is not so much rooted in changing Washington as it is rooted in shrinking Washington. That’s what this is all about, and anybody who gets in the way of this — in terms of the Tea Party and the people gonna show up in droves tomorrow and vote, anybody who gets in the way of the effort to shrink the government — is going to find themselves at political risk the next opportunity there is to vote on them. Now, as I told you last Monday on this program and I prepped you for it all last week and today and tomorrow: The effort is on to demoralize you. The effort is on to dispirit you. ‘Sharron Angle can’t pull it out, Dino Rossi can’t pull it out, John Raese can’t pull it out. It ain’t gonna happen.’

The House is gone. The Democrats are admitting the House is gone by 50, 60, who knows how many seats but the Senate? Forget it, you don’t have a chance. Dingy Harry has just called Sharron Angle… What did he say? She’s ‘mentally disturbed.’ Harry Reid has said Sharron Angle is ‘mentally disturbed.’ Las Vegas. Barack Obama told people, ‘Don’t go there.’ Remember? Early on in his administration: ‘The days of getting on your plane and going to Vegas, days are over.’ Guess who is flying in to Las Vegas and swelling the population of this town at geometrically progressive numbers? Hundreds of Democrat congressional aides, operatives, and lobbyists have descended on Las Vegas, as well as the gaming industry in Nevada is getting ranked up and in gear to save Harry Reid.

Obama says don’t go to Las Vegas, Nevada, and now practically anybody who has any time on their hands is there flooding Las Vegas. In Delaware, Christine O’Donnell bought two 30-minute ads on a local TV station. The station ‘forgot’ to run it both times. They simply ‘forgot’ to run Christine O’Donnell’s 30-minute ad. One last night, one this morning. Thirty minutes, bought and paid for. They say they forgot. As someone in broadcasting, there’s a thing called the Traffic Log of each day’s program with the commercials that are supposed to run. Computers do it these days. Maybe in Delaware they’re not that far advanced in this TV station, there’s no ‘forgetting.’ There’s no ‘forgetting’ to run an ad, believe me. There’s no forgetting to run an ad. There’s only a purposeful omission. There’s only an active decision not to run an ad.

So everybody is flocking to Las Vegas to try to save Harry Reid. They’re scared to death of Christine O’Donnell in Delaware. Out in the state of Washington, Dino Rossi in the poll that counts is up by two. Something also to keep in mind about Dino Rossi in Washington is most of the voting in the state of Washington is done by mail. Public Policy Polling, the lib bunch in North Carolina, has gone out and they have polled people in the state of Washington who have already voted. The early voters. Among those who have already voted, it’s 52-47 Rossi. Among the early voters, it’s 52-47 for the Republican over Patty Murray. Now, if that’s true, if the Public Policy Polling data is true, it means a lot of ground that Patty Murray is gonna have to make up.

Now, as I say we’re not gonna know Washington for quite a while because most of the balloting is by mail. After they finish in Las Vegas all these people, consultants and lawyers, are gonna be going to the state of Washington to deal with that recount. To deal with that count, period. Okay, so Obama was foolish to try to change Washington. The Tea Parties, they’re trying to tell you people, ‘Don’t even worry about voting because you’re not gonna change anything. You can’t change Washington. If Obama couldn’t change it, you can’t. Don’t even worry. Don’t even worry to vote.’ The media is even running stories today saying, ‘The elite GOP, as typified by Karl Rove and Trent Lott are just waiting to sabotage any effort, any idea you have of changing Washington. They are willing to co-opt the Tea Party freshmen.

‘In fact, they’ve already started by hiring their insider staff for them.’ This is meant to dispirit you. This is trying to tell you that you don’t know the ways of Washington; you don’t have anybody who’s gonna get there who does. You’re being out flanked and outspent by the insiders, Karl Rove and Trent Lott. ‘Don’t even bother to vote. They’ve got more money than you do. They have more insider-way knowledge, experience than you do. Washington can’t be changed. If Obama can’t do it, nobody can.’ It’s all over the media today and I’m gonna give you the examples of it as the program unfolds. ‘You can’t change Washington. You Tea Party people, you’re so silly. You’re so silly to even try to change it.’

On this Friday night television show in Washington, I think it’s called Inside Washington, Nina Totenberg was on that show along with Evan Thomas, and this is funny. ‘This election, it’s like a circus. I’ve never seen it this bad. Never, ever seen it this bad.’ The elites are runnin’ scared. The elites, both parties inside Washington are running scared. And all this talk about changing Washington… I may be splitting hairs here, but ‘changing Washington’ equals ‘shrinking Washington.’ That’s the objective. Now, that is ‘change,’ but it’s a specific change. If the Tea Party can’t change Washington, then why is everybody so damned afraid of them today? If the Tea Party can’t change Washington — if these new arrivals, the newbies, if the new conservative ascendancy (and let’s call it what it is) — if the new conservative ascendancy cannot change Washington then what’s everybody so damned afraid of?

They are afraid because they know the Tea Party, the conservative ascendancy can change Washington. Just not in the way they want. That’s why they’re afraid. They are genuinely afraid. Government spending has increased 22% since Obama took office. Where is the rage of outside money with Harry Reid? Reid has tried to say that all of Angle’s support has come from outside Nevada. Look at who’s flooding Las Vegas today. Everybody going to save Harry Reid is from outside except gaming industry. The Drive-By Media, the insiders in Washington — I would include the elite GOP in this — are in panic mode. You are seeing it up close and personal. The next 24 hours, you are going to see ratcheted up even more. All of it designed to dispirit you and panic you. All of it designed to make you think that what you know is coming really isn’t coming.

It’s going to be to confuse you. It’s gonna have you scratching your head. On one report you’re gonna hear how it’s gonna be a GOP Republican sweep. The next report, ‘Eh, ain’t gonna be as big.’ They’re already setting the table, as I mentioned to you last week. If you look in the right places you will find stories about how big, how sweeping this victory tomorrow is going to be. The reason for that is so that they can take the actual result and call it a disappointment. All these stories about how big the win will be? Anything short of how big — I mean they’re talking 60, 70 seats in the House now, folks. Last Friday it was 50. Now it’s 60 or 70. If that doesn’t happen, it’s going to be a disappointment. It’s going to be, ‘Hey, the Tea Party is not what everybody thought it was,’ because what’s taking place right now is the setting of the table for after tomorrow.

What’s taking place now is the setting of the table for the rest of this year and starting next year. They know they’re going to get skunked so they’re setting their agenda, setting the table for what’s going to happen and how they’re gonna affect your attitude and your behavior. They’re doing everything they can, and they have to, to delegitimize the election even before it has happened. The usual accusations: ‘We’re having a temper tantrum; we’re angry. We have no money and no clout. Karl Rove and Trent Lott and the insiders have far more money, they have far greater ties to the lobbyists and the insiders who actually make things work. You Tea Party people really can’t do anything. You are embarrassing us and you are embarrassing the country. You’re turning this election into a circus.

‘The rest of the world is looking at this country, and they can’t believe it. After electing Obama two years ago and what promised to be such a sweeping, positive change for the entire world, now two years later, the American public has been consumed and taken over by sheer insanity. And the rest of the world is looking on with great fear, great trepidation.’ They are going to say it’s just a fluke that so many Democrats got beat tomorrow. ‘Cause what is going to happen is that you’re going to show up and you’re gonna vote in droves. You are going to get rid of the popular kids. You are going to bust up the high school clique for perhaps the first time the high school clique has been busted up. The point of the program today is to give you details, forecasts, prognostications, as well as not be distracted by other news that’s happening.

Such as: ‘US small business owners believe a US economic recovery is unlikely to accelerate before the second half of 2011 amid worries about issues such as health care costs.’ ‘US Small Business Say Recovery Months Away.’ Translation: ‘Small business: No confidence in the Democrat-run government to fix the economy. No confidence in Obama.’ CNN: The number of Americans who say things are going badly in the country is at 75%. This is the old question: ‘Are you better off than you were two years ago? Are you better off than you were four years ago? Seventy-five percent of Americans say things are going badly. That number is higher than it has been on the eve of any midterm election since the question was first asked in the mid-1970s. This is a CNN/Opinion Research Corporation survey released today.

It ‘indicates the economy remains by far the top issue on the minds of Americans. Fifty-two percent of people say the economy’s the most important issue facing the country,’ and who is it that doesn’t dare talk about what they’ve done to ‘fix’ it? Who is it that has no message? Who is it that cannot call one dime’s worth of attention to its own achievements and accomplishments, which they have. They passed health care, they did the stimulus, they did TARP, they did TARP 2, they have gotten even with Wall Street, they took over the car companies, financial regulatory reform bill. And yet they don’t point to any of it with a smile on their face and say, ‘Give us two more years to do even more.’ They want us to forget they had anything to do with it. It’s blame Bush again. It’s trying to scare you. John Boehner. Imagine this: Obama says, Boehner is a little ‘cocky;’ I don’t know if I can work with him. Boehner is a little cocky? Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. Cocky? How about cocky, aloof, elitist, and incompetent? Newsweek. Newsweek trying to distract me with their story on me today. Newsweek tried to distract me from this program by putting a picture of me on their cover and making me number one in the top 50 pundits in a number of ways. They are not going to distract me. This is all part of the media two-minute drill. It isn’t gonna work. We’re focused, and we are disciplined and don’t go anywhere else for the next two and a half hours.

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