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RUSH: Bourbonnais, Illinois. Zack, welcome to the program. Am I pronouncing that right?

CALLER: Yes, you are, Rush. Yes, you are.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: Mega dittos from Adam Kinzinger country. Happy Friday to you. I called in five weeks ago. You probably don’t remember; that’s okay. I just wanted to ask, I think it’s so obviously fishy why none of the mainstream media is covering the diversity that was elected into the 112th Congress from the Republican Party — Marco Rubio, Allen West, Jaime Herrera, Tim Scott, Raul Labrador, Susana Martinez — and not one of them ran as a RINO, Rush. Not one.

RUSH: I know. They ran as Republicans.

CALLER: It’s awesome. It’s absolutely awesome, but you will not hear it covered on any of the major networks.

RUSH: Of course not because the Republicans don’t believe in diversity and therefore when there is diversity displayed in the Republican Party it’s gotta be ignored, just like the media will ignore negative aspects of a Democrat candidate like Obama and what he really believes.

‘Diversity’ doesn’t really mean diversity. When the Democrats say or the media says that they want ‘diversity’ someplace, they don’t want diversity. They want no Republicans. When the Republicans end up electing an Hispanic mayor, an Hispanic senator, a black member of Congress, that doesn’t fit the narrative or the template, and it will be ignored. That just doesn’t happen. Republicans are all angry, rich white people like Jay Rockefeller and Ted Kennedy and John Kerry.

If you look on the Democrat side, it is people of color who get shoved aside. If you look on the Democrat side, it’s always the white guy who ends up winning — including the Klansman! It’s always the white guy, the rich white liberal plantation owner that ends up winning. Because the rich white guy and plantation owner happens to speak about being concerned about racism and poverty and so forth, he’s thought to be a massive-compassionate-great liberal. Diversity of thought is not what’s wanted. Diversity of ideas is not what is desired.

They just want diversity of skin color, and only when it suits ’em. They don’t want a black Supreme Court justice if he is a conservative. They don’t want an Hispanic senator if he’s conservative. They don’t want an Hispanic female as governor if she is conservative. They don’t want Allen West in the Congressional Black Caucus. (chuckles) Allen West might not want to be in the Congressional Black Caucus, and they might not let him in. We just have to wait and see.

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