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One of the reasons I am constantly urging Republicans to fight philosophically and ideologically — we had a guy on the phone yesterday, we didn’t get to him, he was gonna say, ‘Rush, the mistake you always make after elections like this is you think the people voted ideologically, you think that they voted because of conservatism.’ No. I don’t think that. I wish it were true. I’m the guy who said the reason the Republicans ended up messing up in ’94 is because they stopped teaching conservative, they stopped articulating it. Marco Rubio never does. Marco Rubio wins because he articulates conservative.

There’s Rothberg up there on MSNBC right now. I wonder what he’s talking about. Oh, 2012 courting swing voters. How to go out and do it. I can’t see what he’s saying here, but he’s explaining how to go out there and win in 2012. We’re monitoring it. We’re rolling tape. We’ll see what he has to say.

We know that more independents are identifying themselves as conservatives. There’s a reason for this. There is more conservatism being explained every day in America here and throughout the New Media. There is an increase in people understanding things ideologically. It needs to continue. You can’t deny it. If people are gonna go out there and do polls of the independents and say, ‘Are you conservative-leaning or liberal-leaning?’ if the number of them that say they’re conservative-leaning doubles, then there’s something going on. Now, I’m not under the illusion that people who voted for Obama loved liberalism and two years later have discovered it’s a lie. They need to learn that so that they don’t make the mistake of voting Obama again. This is the thing the Republican Party needs to do and it won’t do it because it doesn’t want to be known as a Conservative Party.

What’s really going on here, folks, and keep this between us. I don’t want you to tell Trent Lott this, and I don’t want you to pass this on to Lindsey Graham. A number of you people have called here and said, ‘Rush, we need to go third party.’ No, no, no, no, no, no, no. We’re going to turn the Republican Party into one without actually forming one. We don’t need a third party, but we’re effectively gonna make it one. We’re still gonna be the Republican Party. The current GOP establishment does not want to be known as a Conservative Party ’cause conservatives are laughed at, made fun of, and thought of as hicks and hayseeds by the ruling class Democrats. The ruling class Republicans are happy to be losers as long as the ruling class Democrats will let ’em into the ruling class. Their entree into the ruling class in Washington is as losers. Oh, they’ll get the White House every four years now and then, but at the end of the day they are losers, and they’re happy.

Lindsey Graham’s perfectly happy to be in the ruling class as a loser. He was elected as a freshman in 1994 of the House? He was in that freshman class and he was one of the House managers in the Clinton impeachment. And that’s what did it, the treatment that the House managers got on that impeachment of Clinton, that’s why he’s gone 180 and become effectively a bootlicking liberal Republican. So what needs to happen is people need to be educated to understand that no matter what an Obama says about lowering the sea levels, no matter what an Obama says about unity and working together and getting rid of the partisan divide, it’s not true. He’s a liberal, and liberals lie. The more people are educated to know, not to believe, but to know that liberals lie and that liberalism fails, that it does not work, that liberalism harms them, the greater the odds liberals will lose. So what I want to effect is, yeah, I know two years ago liberals, they didn’t elect Obama ’cause he was a liberal, and they didn’t vote against him because he’s a liberal. But that needs to start happening.


RUSH: Yeah, I’m gonna explain this in more detail when we come back, when I have more time, gonna have to ramrod it into 25 or 30 seconds because we did have a call, he was gonna challenge me: ‘You think conservatism won yesterday, but it didn’t.’ And to an extent that snot-nosed caller was right, but I want to explain why and how that must and can change, and when it does, that’s when liberalism’s finished.


RUSH: I want to expand on this. I wish we’d have gotten to this caller yesterday because it was a snot-nosed caller who thought he was gonna really put me in an embarrassing situation. He was gonna say — it was up there on the monitor, I could see it — he was gonna say, ‘You guys always think conservatism wins in elections like this, but you know people didn’t vote because of ideology.’ I was gonna say, ‘For the most part, you’re probably right. That needs to change.’ I’m convinced, folks, that the vast majority of people who elected Obama didn’t do it on the basis that he’s liberal, and there are two reasons for it, two reasons for knowing this. If they had voted for him because he’s a liberal they would not have abandoned the Democrat Party this week. They’d have hung in there. That energy for Obama would not have waned, it would have been there.

The people that voted for Obama, or the majority them, voted for other reasons, feel-good stuff. He was new. He was black. He was gonna get rid of racism. He was gonna assuage our guilt. He was gonna lower the sea levels. He was gonna make everybody like us. He wasn’t George Bush. He was gonna bring about unity. It was gonna be kumbaya. He was gonna fix the economy, everybody was gonna get a job, everybody was gonna get a new car, all of those things, hope and change, yeah, all that meaningless platitudinous stuff. If it was really liberals that had elected Obama, the Democrats would not have gotten shellacked Tuesday because the liberals would not have changed. They’d have shown up in droves just to keep conservatives from winning. By the same token, you have to be honest and say that you cannot chalk up the Republican victory on Tuesday strictly to conservatism, although a greater emphasis can be placed on it. Tea Party is conservatism. There is a conservative ascendancy and I believe that because of this conservative ascendancy we had the shellacking defeat that Obama and the Democrats experienced.

Now, people ask me all the time, ‘Well, how do you get past this, Rush? How do you keep people from constantly being fooled by smooth talkers like Obama?’ Well, there’s one thing that we’re never gonna be able to change in this, and it’s very simple. One reason Obama got elected and why so many Democrats get elected is that the watchdog media simply refuse to tell us anything about them. Democrat candidates are not vetted. And the to the extent that things are discovered about them that would harm them, they are covered up. They’re ignored. They are not reported. And when the opposition tries to bring them up and report them — i.e., Reverend Wright — you know what happens to the people that bring it up. ‘That’s racist!’ Or, ‘That’s paranoia, going after Reverend Wright, he doesn’t have anything to do with Reverend Wright, Bill Ayers, barely knew him.’ So the people that find the damage, find the baggage and bring it up are assaulted while the watchdog media ignores it and covers it up.

We’re not even asking the media to do any investigations. We simply would like them to tell us how the candidates stand on an issue, and they would not even do that about Obama. They are the ones that promulgated this hope and change crap. They’re the ones that promulgated a new era of bipartisanship and the sea levels lowering, a new era of postpartisanship and a postracial America, the media promulgated all of this. They refused to explore the issues of Democrat candidates because they know it will hurt Democrat candidates. The media will refuse to identify the ideology of any Democrat candidate, other than in Boston or in California, case of the Kennedys or well known liberal enclaves, they’re happy to identify them as liberals, but that’s an exception. They know that calling a candidate a liberal will always hurt them. Look at Dukakis. The Bush 41 campaign ran against a liberal, Mike Dukakis, look what happened, he lost, plus the Willie Horton ad.

The media spends all of its time reporting on the horse race, who is ahead, who’s behind, what’s the latest poll say. Fox News is as guilty of the horse race aspect as everybody else is. Everybody talks about the horse race, day to day. Do you realize how meaningless a poll is? We’re gonna get polls starting tomorrow on the presidential race in 2012. Do you know how meaningless it is? Look at the Sharron Angle, Dingy Harry race. All of the polls up until Election Day had her up three to four. How meaningless were those polls? In the Dingy Harry race, the votes really were the last thing that mattered. It was how they were bought, how they were coerced, and where they were found. You have a state of Democrats and people who admit they hate Harry Reid, and yet they voted for him. You have a state with the highest unemployment, the highest foreclosure rate, they don’t like Harry Reid, yet they voted for him. Did they really or did they find votes for Harry Reid? When you got the culinary union from Harrah’s management forcing the rank and file, ‘You get out there and you do what you can.’ In Washoe County, that’s Reno, they despise Reid. He wins it.

It’s like I said the other day, you’re gonna have tornado go through town and it’s gonna take a swath of town away and it’s gonna go right by a house and leave it undamaged. You know, how did that happen? And nobody can explain it. Well, how do you explain Reid? Nobody can. My only point in all of this, the media is not gonna do its job. The media is never, ever going to identify a Democrat as a liberal. Hell, there’s a story today, Bobby Rush in all kinds of problems in Chicago, some sort of ethics problem or, I don’t know, financial, you won’t find the word ‘Democrat’ in the story. And we know that that’s commonplace. So the question then becomes, how is it that if the media is not gonna do its job, who’s gonna have to? That’s where the Republican Party comes into play, and I’m telling you, everybody that asks me, ‘Rush, how can we defeat an Obama when you got the media not telling the truth about him, and when you have all these platitudinous things being called, he’s The Messiah, how you gonna beat him?’ You simply identify him as a liberal, and you teach what liberals are.

We’ve got golden opportunity. Do you realize the squandering opportunity that the Republicans are engaged in right now? Let me illustrate this by going back to the Politico piece of yesterday. Here you have a giant, a huge, huge beat-your-chest victory, a total wipeout. Sixty-three seats in the House, six seats in the Senate. What does the Republican establishment do? They make a beeline to their friends at The Politico to destroy the Tea Party. They make a beeline to the Politico to say, ‘We woulda won the Senate (crying) if it hadn’t been for the Tea Party. If it hadn’t been for Sarah Palin, if it hadn’t been for Sharron Angle, if it hadn’t been for Christine O’Donnell, we’d-a won.’ We get a story in The Politico authored by the Republicans, they wanted it. The Politico sitting around minding its own business and they get a call from somebody, ‘Would you like a story about how the Republicans really lost?’ And of course The Politico’s gonna say, ‘Oh, yeah!’ ‘Okay, well, we’ll let you talk to Lindsey Graham and Trent Lott and they’ll tell you how we lost,’ and the Politico says, ‘Ooh, we’d love that.’

Instead, here you have a sweeping victory, a victory brought about because people have seen what liberalism does to their lives, is the Republican Party out taking advantage of this? Is the Republican Party — I’m talking about the GOP establishment and the old guard — are they out there looking forward to 2012 and wanting to recapture the White House, say, ‘Okay, folks, we warned you, this is what liberalism does to your economy. We had a Democrat House, Democrat Senate, Democrat in the White House. Look at New Orleans, look at Michigan. You had liberal total control, unchecked in all these places. Look at it. Look at what happened to your economy. Look what happened to your job. Look what happened to the value of your house.’ Instead of the Republicans running around and saying, ‘This is what liberalism does,’ instead of going out and saying, ‘George Bush did not do this to you, the Republican Party didn’t do this to you, Democrat Party did, Barack Obama did, Ted Kennedy did, Nancy Pelosi did, Harry Reid did, liberalism did.’ Instead of the setting the stage now, instead of taking the steps necessary to make sure another Obama doesn’t happen, what are they doing? Running around trying to destroy Sarah Palin. Running around trying to destroy Sharron Angle, Christine O’Donnell, and Joe Miller.

This poor woman in North Carolina, Renee Ellmers, a congressional race in North Carolina, they found a bunch of ballots. This Etheridge guy was on the ropes, the RNC is not going in to help her because she’s Tea Party, that race might flip to Democrat. The RNC’s not going in to help her because she’s Tea Party. Renee Ellmers in North Carolina against Bob Etheridge, the incumbent Democrat, she was ahead and now of course they found some ballots after the election somehow and they’re all gonna go to Etheridge, and the RNC, the Republican campaign committee is nowhere near there to help her. It’s just frustrating, it’s maddening. But more than that, it’s disappointing.

It’s an opportunity being totally squandered here. If you and I ran the Republican Party from Tuesday night to Wednesday morning through today, we would be telling people, ‘Yep, you see what happened when the public finds out what liberalism is, when voters find out what liberals do, when voters are told who liberals are and what happens.’

Such gold mine opportunity. Even before the election, such an opportunity here to educate and inform and to teach, to contrast who we as conservatives are with liberals. Liberalism has destroyed. Liberalism has spent this country into generational debt. A golden opportunity to teach, to explain it, to say, this is what liberals do when unchecked. But no. I’m just telling you if we did that, if we made these elections turn on philosophy and ideology, then we wouldn’t elect an Obama again. Not after what we’ve seen liberals do. No matter how smooth talking they are, no matter how much the media ignores the truth about them. But this Republican Party’s not into that. They wanna savage Sarah Palin right now.


RUSH: She’s Tea Party. Ellmers also says that the GOP NRCC refused to help her with her campaign. In fact, their spokesman told the press that the campaign wasn’t ready for primetime. Her campaign didn’t deserve their help because she wasn’t ready for primetime which made it even harder for her to raise money in the first place. She said all this in an e-mail to supporters.

Now, these lost votes, these somehow newly discovered votes, they’re always found by Democrats. In the case of Renee Ellmers, three out of four early voting sites, unreported totals, imagine that. In Bridgeport, Connecticut, a bag full. In Bridgeport, Connecticut, a bag of uncounted votes. This is how Al Franken ended up in the Senate from Minnesota. See, the Tea Party can’t have the Tea Party. The Republican Party can’t take the time to explain to America, ‘Yeah, the reason the reason you don’t like Obama, the reason you don’t like Democrat policies is because that’s what liberalism is. Liberalism is why your house value is nonexistent. Liberalism is why you don’t have a job. Liberalism is why we are in debt up to our eyeballs for generations. It’s liberalism. This is what liberalism does. This is what they believe.’ No instead, what are we doing? We’re running to the Politico with Lindsey Grahamnesty and Trent Lott to savage Sarah Palin and blame Sharron Angle and Christine O’Donnell and Palin for the fact that we didn’t win our precious Senate, and telling Renee Ellmers to go to hell.

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