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RUSH: I have people in California, friends of mine begging me to move there to help California fix itself. My friends think that my presence in California could go a long way toward reversing the fortunes of that state. (interruption) It didn’t help in New York? Yeah, but I haven’t lived in New York since, what, 1996, 1997. When I was there Rudy got elected. When I was there Giuliani got elected and crime was dealt with. When San Francisco bans the Happy Meal and starts talking about ‘food justice,’ you have to figure at that point, just saw the state off and let it float out there. It’s over. But there are still people who live there, folks — friends of mine, very good friends of mine — who are asking me to move out there, if not for the full year, for six weeks, eight weeks. I keep telling them, ‘You think I’m an idiot? Why don’t you people leave there?’

I don’t want to go out there and face all that confiscatory taxation, and now they’re accusing me of having tax phobia. ‘You gotta get past it, Rush. You gotta get past this tax phobia of yours. Rush, why don’t you take the money that you were gonna sink into the St. Louis Rams and buy a little place out here? What does it matter? I’ll bet the money you were gonna spend on the Rams would cost more than whatever house you would buy in California and whatever taxes that would accrue,’ and in strictly dollars and cents calculation, that would be true. (interruption) Well, no, they didn’t specify a place. They did actually make some suggestions. They suggested Montecito, Malibu, Santa Barbara, Newport Beach — the northern part of Malibu, the stately side. This is the last couple of days. I’m being inundated with e-mails. I could buy Rio Linda, but nothing’s changed there. I don’t want to live there.


RUSH: Before you pooh-pooh the idea of moving to California, I won Florida. I live in Florida and we won Florida. You could even say that I won New Jersey without even going there — Chris Christie and so forth — and Virginia, Massachusetts. We’re on the air in all these places, and you would not believe the entreaties that my friends are making. I mean, it’s a serious push that they are making. I’m thinking I could maybe get a three-bedroom house in California for the money I was gonna put into the St. Louis Rams. That’s right. Maybe I could get a three-bedroom house (maybe a two-car garage, I’m not sure) for the money that I was gonna put into the Rams.

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