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Rush’s Morning Update: Common Ground
November 8, 2010

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Well! Within hours of the 2010 Democrat beat-down, The Three Amigos –Dick Turban, Chuck-U Schumer, and Dingy Harry– held a conference call with reporters. Theyspelled out how they intend to find common ground and compromise with the Republicans, andthey warned Republicans not to get in the way.

Dingy Harry told reporters that Democrats will extend the Bush tax cuts for the middle class, but allowing them to continue for theupper income brackets “is not going to happen.” Sothe Democrats’ first order of business for the Senate is to raise taxes on small business owners and anybody else who dares to earn more money than Democrats think they ought to.

For his part, Chuck-U Schumer let it be known that Democrats will try to force through more spending on infrastructure. Translation: More slush fund payoffs to the unionsunder the guise of “stimulus” spending– a thank you for the millions that unions spent helping the Democrats keep the Senate.

So after one of the worst drubbings that Democrats have experienced in their political history, they come back with the same worn-out playbook: Talk compromise, but demand obedience from Republicans in order to raise taxes and spend money to reward their donors…while punishing small business owners.

The first wave took out the Democrat House. The second wavein 2012has to take out the Democrat Senate, and their leader in the White House –that is the only “common ground” Republicans should be interested in.

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