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RUSH: The United Nations is calling today for ‘increased taxes on carbon emissions and [international] transport to raise 100 billion dollars a year to combat climate change.’ You see, they never stop the full-court press. They never stop coming at us. Here we are, just a couple of days after an election where liberalism has taken it on the chin huge — and make no mistake, liberalism was rejected. Marxism, socialism, Obamaism, Saul Alinskyism — it was all rejected throughout much of this country on Tuesday. And so here’s the United Nations, $100 billion in higher taxes to combat global warning, and yet over here from the Associated Press… See if this doesn’t surprise you.

‘People around the globe are healthier, richer, and better educated than ever, with most developing countries registering huge gains over the past 40 years.’ This according to a UN report released yesterday. ‘Asia progressed fastest in terms of human development since 1970,’ with the ChiComs and Indonesia ‘leading the way. Some Arab countries, especially Oman, and many Latin American nations showed marked progress as well, it said. ‘In its annual report on the quality of life worldwide, the United Nations Development Program said such strides often go unnoticed because development traditionally has been measured only by income… ‘Growth alone does not always lead to human development,’ said Jeni Klugman, the report’s lead author.’

Well, try it without growth!

‘[S]uch strides often go unnoticed.’ Correct. You know why? Because it would hurt fundraising to put out good news like this. Have you ever realized, folks, one of the number one reasons that every day is filled with crisis is that people behind the crisis news are fundraisers? If you put out news, ‘The World’s People Healthiest Ever,’ what’s that gonna do for the UN effort on the other side of the building to tax everybody a hundred billion dollars to save the climate? How can the world’s people be the healthiest ever if we’re destroying the climate? How can the world’s people be healthier and richer and better educated than ever if, on the other side of the building, the UN says we are destroying the climate? ‘Growth alone does not lead to human development.’ Try it without that. So it’s always follow the money. Keep in mind.

‘Obesity is Contagious Among Friends, Study Suggests.’ This is in USA Today, by Nanci Hellmich. ‘The more obese friends you have, the more likely you are to’ also become a fat slob, according to a new study. ‘This confirms previous research that gaining weight may be socially contagious. The research also shows if nothing changes significantly in the environment and culture in the USA, about 42 percent of adults will be obese in about 40 years and then the obesity rate will level off.’ Obesity is contagious. What would that mean? Quarantine? Gonna have to start quarantining people, ladies and gentlemen, to contain this rampant contagion sweeping our society?

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