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RUSH: You want to talk golf? I could spend the rest of this show telling you about the two days I spent in the Bahamas.

Actually it was three days. I was videotaping, filming the latest episode of The Haney Project. (interruption) Well, I’m not gonna give it away here, Snerdley. I’ll just tell you this: I flew over there on Friday after the program, flew into Marsh Harbor and had to take a boat over to Baker’s Bay, which is where the episode was shot for the weekend. And on the boat over with the Golf Channel crew, I said, ‘You and Haney are in for a shock. You and Hank Haney are in for a surprise,’ and I said, ‘When we get there, the minute this boat docks, we’re heading straight to the range. We have 20 minutes of sunlight left. We’re heading straight to the range. We’re not going to this social thing tonight. We’re not going to the cocktail party, we’re not gonna go to dinner, we’re going to the range,’ and I went to the range for an hour after sundown.

They pulled a couple of Jeeps out to light the range for me with the cameras rolling. They. Were. Shocked. I went on a limb. I went on a limb, told ’em, ‘You guys are gonna be stunned. You’re gonna be surprised.’ What if I didn’t have it? What if Saturday comes and I don’t have it? But I had it. (interruption) Yeah. Well, that’s the objective. The previous two students didn’t. (laughing) So it was about time. We’re on episode four here of eight. So it’s about time. And, bammo! Magic happened. Magic. And I knew it was gonna happen, and I told ’em, ‘You guys are in a for a surprise.’ Haney was not there on Friday night. It was just the camera crew and me. They got tape of it. Damn right. There’s tape on the boat going over there.

I’m looking right in the camera, ‘You guys are going to be surprised.’ I told them, ‘We’re not messing around with any social stuff tonight. I couldn’t care less about a cocktail party or dinner. I’ll do that afterward. We’re going to the range and we’re staying there ’til I’m through,’ and that was an hour after dark, which woulda been 7:30. We got there six p.m. 5:30. No! We got there five o’clock, 5:30, we had a half hour, 45 minutes of light left, that’s right. No, I could spend the rest of the show telling you about that, but the minute I go to my e-mail, I’m gonna have five more of them, ‘Well, I don’t want to hear about golf. I’m gonna turn you off for the rest of the week. You coulda a wasted five minutes on it, that’s all it woulda taken, but now you’ve spent ten. I’ve had it with you.’ I just got one of those after doing the diet story. It happens all the time.

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