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RUSH: Listen to this. This is from last Thursday on MSNBC Hardball. The Democrat pollster Mark Penn was on there with Chris Matthews, and this is what Obama needs to do, or this is what needs to happen for Obama.

PENN: President Clinton reconnected through Oklahoma and —

MATTHEWS: Because of the bombing down there.

PENN: — the president seems removed, and it wasn’t until that speech that he re-clicked with the American public. Obama needs a similar kind of event.

MATTHEWS: You think this will work —

RUSH: Well, now, what was Oklahoma City? That was a terrorist attack, right? So here’s Mark Penn, Obama needs something similar to be able to reconnect with the American people. Now, you think this is strange, don’t forget after 9/11, people like Mark Penn were running around saying, ah, if only this had happened, if only this chance for greatness had happened when Bill Clinton was in office. And this is Hillary’s polster. Mark Penn is Hillary’s pollster. What Obama needs is another terror attack. I mean that’s how you analyze that one.

By the way, I would say to Mark Penn, Obama has had these moments, he’s had terror attacks. He’s had the Fort Hood shooter, by a Muslim. He’s had the BP oil spill. He’s had the Times Square bomber. He’s had the Christmas bomber. He’s had all kinds of chances to connect with the American people. He doesn’t care. You Democrats who are holding out hope Obama will connect with the American people, when are you gonna understand that he thinks of himself so far above the American people that a connection with them would be too big a step down for him. You know, asking Obama to connect with the public is like asking you to become a garbage man. You aren’t gonna do it. Obama needs to connect with the people? He can’t. Do left-wing intelligentsia types ever connect with the people? They hold ’em in contempt.


RUSH: To Chrissy in Navarre, Florida, great to have you on the EIB Network.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Thank you for taking my call. I just wanted to get your thoughts on how Obama, whenever he talks about his policies he always seems to go back to his first six months in office, really. He does not acknowledge everything else he has done in the past year and a half.

RUSH: That’s just denial. Let’s see. We’ve got some 60 Minutes sound bites here. Let me see if I can… Here’s one. Two. Which one are you talking about, specifically? What did he say?

CALLER: Well, when he was asked a couple of questions, he always seemed to go right back to, ‘Well, my first six months in office I did so much at once, I didn’t give the American people a chance,’ and it just seems to me that’s his copout.

RUSH: Oh, oh, that’s the messaging stuff. He’s just trying to say, ‘The first six months I tried to do so much. I care so much. I wanted to fix this country so bad that I didn’t take the time to explain to people what I was doing.’ That’s all that is.

CALLER: It also kind of seemed like to me last night that they didn’t really prepare him for some of the questions, that he was caught off guard almost about them, that he wasn’t expecting them.

RUSH: I don’t think he cares what the questions are. I think there is any prepping Obama for these things. I don’t think he cares. These interviews are perfunctory. He’s does them because the White House says, ‘We think you ought to go do this 60 Minutes, first postelection interview.’ His answers are just mumbo jumbo. I mean the bottom line is here, Chrissy, he cannot accept responsibility. He’s never going to be able to. Narcissists can’t. This guy has never had to accept responsibility for anything. He’s always had people covering up for him. I mean, he blamed the Republicans for the unpopularity of his health care reform bill!

It’s the Republicans’ fault that people don’t like Obamacare. The Republicans didn’t help him enough. So… I don’t mean to be dismissive. I’ve got these Obama 60 Minutes sound bites and I don’t even care to play ’em, only because there’s nothing newsworthy in them. I’m watching the National Football League games yesterday afternoon and they’re doing this promo for Obama coming up on 60 Minutes, and they’re telling us breathlessly, ‘Obama’s first postelection interview with Steve Kroft on 60 Minutes!’ Big whoop! If it were his first interview in months, interesting, but this is one millionth interview in 500,000 days or what have you. Sorry, 60 Minutes, no big deal. Why do I want to listen to gobbledygook? I just don’t. I’m sorry. I’m not trying to be dismissive. It’s just I don’t need to hear the guy who know who he is.

Edward in Shelby Township, Michigan. Great to have you on the EIB Network.

CALLER: Yes, it is. Hi!


CALLER: Mega dittos to you from Michigan, which is now controlled by all Republicans in both houses and the governorship —

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: — which is terrific. I didn’t think I’d ever see it in my lifetime. It’s been great. I think you’re one of the causes that have helped us and I’ve been listening to you since about 1990.

RUSH: Yeah?

CALLER: What I’m really concerned about, the reason I called today, is the fact that the government printing presses are printing money at breakneck speed. I listened to Paul Ryan and Darrell Issa on Sunday when they were on Fox. Paul Ryan knows this budget backwards and forwards, and he really, really is an integrity man, if he’s able to get anything through Congress.

RUSH: Right. You’re worried the devaluation of the dollar, right?

CALLER: Oh, it’s more than that, Rush. I’m worried about the country in general, if the dollar falls below where I think it’s gonna go. I mean, I’ve been buying commodities on the market, and they’ve been going up at ridiculous breakneck speed.

RUSH: All right, now, here’s the thing about this. Without going into detail of what it means, the bottom line is you know it and everybody knows it, and yet it’s being done, which means it’s purposeful, which means people are gonna have to square up and face the reason why.

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