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RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, the Democrat Party is a mess. In addition to everything else that I have postulated today, you must also realize this — and don’t doubt me on this. There are many Democrats who think they lost because they weren’t left wing enough. There are many Democrats who think they lost because Obama failed to get the public option. Now, they’re crazy, they are silly and stupid, but that is what they believe. They think that the independents… Get this, now. The people who believe that the Democrats botched it because Obama didn’t get the public option, didn’t get single-payer health care, believe that independents abandoned Obama and went and supported Republicans because the Democrats didn’t get the public option.

Now, this is as illogical as anything I have ever heard. Here you have a bunch of hard leftists who want the public option — independent, hard leftists who want single payer — but Obama didn’t come through, and so in a snit they vote for Tea Party people. (laughs) Right. Sorry, folks, it doesn’t work that way. Just as I’ve always told you about this notion the Democrats have always told Republicans, ‘Don’t be critical, don’t raise your voice, you’re just gonna send the moderates running to the Democrats.’ Well, what sense does that make? The Democrats are the most vicious, the angriest, most over-the-top, deranged people in the world. To claim that being critical is gonna send independents who want harmony and peace to a bunch of lunatics is lunatic itself.

But there are Democrats who believe that independents abandoned Obama because he didn’t get the public option. They’re out there. I don’t know how many of them there are but a lot of them were elected in Congress in a safe seat, safe district. There are a lot of them who believe the reason this happened is because they weren’t left wing enough. So the Democrats are gonna be pulled in a whole bunch of, lotta different directions. The bottom line is that Obama can’t ‘move to the center.’ There is no ‘center’ among Democrats on Capitol Hill. There might be a few who add up to nothing. The rest were just defeated. The so-called centrists, the Blue Dogs? Bye-bye. (kissing sound) Nice knowing ya. Obama’s election in 2008 occurred because the Republicans nominated a weak candidate.

The same people who claim that Christine O’Donnell was so terrible backed John McCain. Also, Obama benefited from the economy tanking last September and last October. Millions of Obama voters voted for that reason, not because they rejected their open country the way Obama has most of his life. And the first chance that people had to correct the course, they did, and big, because they didn’t vote against their country. They did not think they were voting to send the nation into decline in 2008. They didn’t think any of this would happened. They thought they were being magnanimous: First black president, end racism! They thought they were doing a wonderful, God-given thing — and now they realize the mistake. The lesson to the Democrats is, ‘If you allow the radical left to run your party, you will not have a party.’

This is what the adults in that party know, if there are any left — and some of them, whoever they are, leaking to the Politico, know this. The lesson to the Democrats is, ‘If you allow the radical left to run your party, you don’t have a party.’ The lesson to the GOP is: ‘If you hand your party to ‘mavericks’ and ‘moderates’ and all the rest, you’re gonna lose, too.’ The election was between the radical left (that’s Obama) and the mushy center, which was McCain, and the result was a disaster. Radicals, mushy Republicans were elected last week. That’s what this all means. The lesson for the Republicans is Tea Party. The lesson for the Republicans is unabashed conservative constitutional values. That’s what won. Radicals and mushy Republicans were tossed away last week. Radical leftists. That’s the lesson. If anybody wants to take the lesson, that’s it.


RUSH: Jack in Worcester, Massachusetts, nice to have you on the EIB Network.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. You know, in an important sense, I think Christine O’Donnell, in that respect Sarah Palin, won in Delaware, even with O’Donnell losing to Coons in the general election. Because effectively O’Donnell, by campaigning against tax increases and promoting free enterprise with reduced government regulation, et cetera, you know, as the main issues, you know, the Tea Party line, with national attention drawn to Delaware, she really forced Coons to come out against tax increases and essentially embrace the Tea Party’s positions. Everyone’s gonna be watching, and that’s something Castle would never have done on his own. So I guess what I’m saying is in Delaware, O’Donnell and Palin win by losing. And the same thing in West Virginia. Manchin is outed now and forced to the Tea Party side.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: So the bottom line is even the two or three Senate races where the Tea Party didn’t win, they really won just by the campaign, and a lot of credit goes to Palin.

RUSH: Well, I can’t say that you’re wrong because you and I are on the same page. Remember it was last week when Republicans were saying the lesson of Delaware is that you can’t nominate candidates flaws and so forth. No, the lesson is that we can move the Delaware electorate to the right. The lesson is there is a conservative ascendancy. The lesson is what if the Republicans had gotten behind her? They got out the turnout. Angle, Palin, O’Donnell, so I agree with the guy in a sense, win by losing. You rather win when you win rather than lose when you win, but I understand what he’s saying.

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