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Rush’s Morning Update: Fear
November 10, 2010

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Well,a few days have passed. Reality is setting in. New York Times headline: “Now in Power, GOP Vows Cuts in State Budgets.” You can smell the fear.

Republicans taking over state capitols around the country have promised to deal with massive budget deficits in draconian ways. In Wisconsin, there are proposals to reduce public workers’ benefits. In Maine, there’s talk that Republicans will scale back social service programs. Even more horrid, in the formerly blue state of Pennsylvania, those dastardly Republicans might even sell off state liquor stores, “endangering the jobs of thousands of state workers”who sell liquor.

Making matters worse, these cold-hearted Republicans have taken tax increases off the table. That leaves only cuts– deep cuts– in state spending on the table.Why, that’sunthinkable!But the horror goes beyond money. Those stinking Republicans are also talking about “loosening regulations facing businesses.” Illegal aliens are also in deep doo-doo– they’re going to have maybefewer rights –and those evil Republican cretins might even try to slow down Obamacare.

How real is the threat? It’s too real. The Times notes: “All sorts of candidates make all sorts of promises along campaign trails, but there is a difference after last week’s election: in many states, Republicans have gained such control that when they take office they will have a much easier time” carrying out their agenda. God save us all!

It’s a liberal nightmare on steroids:real hope and change coming to a neighborhood near you. Enjoy the sweet smell of raw,nakedfear.

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