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RUSH: This is about a new electric car and what they’re gonna have to do to get people to buy the damn thing because nobody wants it. Here it is. What’s this? CNNMoney.com: ‘Juicy Tax Breaks for Electric Cars — The Nissan Leaf will carry a price tag of $32,500, but some California residents could drive one for just about $17,000 — roughly the cost of a typical gas-powered compact sedan. That low, low price is thanks to incentives from the federal government, which offers a $7,500 tax credit to buyers of plug-in cars; the state of California,’ they don’t have the money to give away, ‘which offers a $5,000 rebate; and local governments in California’s San Joaquin Valley, which offer another $3,000 in rebates. …

‘The incentives are designed to encourage car buyers who are willing to do their part to help the environment — provided it doesn’t cost them anything.’ So here we have a total hoax, mankind global warming, propelling the manufacturer of a worthless piece of crap car that nobody wants. Proof that nobody wants it is, it’s gonna cost twice what a similarly price or manufactured gasoline car costs, and to get people in one, they’re gonna have to reduce the price with incentives and give-backs and rebates and all that, basically bribe people to drive these pieces-of-crap cars that they really don’t want — and the only people that are gonna get in them are these New Castrati types, these idiots who have had their testicles cut off and are eating them every day thinking they’re saving the planet.

We have a bunch of people that have lost their manhood, have lost their guts, they’re falling prey to all this hoax garbage, and we’re making policy to appease these people who produce literally nothing! They contribute nothing to the overly growth or functioning of the country. All they can do is sit around and call a radio show, ‘Mr. Limbaugh! Mr. Limbaugh! What are you giving back?’ Only thieves ‘give back,’ anyway! So in light of this: ‘Juicy Tax Breaks for Electric [Piece of Crap] Cars.’ When’s the last time you bought an iPhone on sale? When’s the last time somebody paid you to buy an iPod? When’s the last somebody gave you a rebate to buy a Mac? Is Apple having any profit problems? Is Apple making crap that nobody wants to ‘save the planet’?

In fact, Apple’s got a bunch of New Castrati types that buy their products. But these New Castrati types are willing to pay for it. I wonder why that is. It’s ’cause it’s good stuff, and it works. It does what it’s advertised to do, and it gets better every time they make a revision in one. What’s happening in the car business is they’re making crap, they’re inventing and selling crap that they can’t sell, and they’re enticing people to buy it and they’re going out to these deadbeats who think they’re ‘saving the planet’ by buying the piece of crap, and all they’re gonna be doing is raising everybody’s electricity rates because you plug in the damn thing to charge it, guess what? You’re using coal, which does what?

According to these creeps, pollutes the world and destroys the climate! So, these deadbeat New Castrati people being succumbed into buying crap cars to ‘save the planet’ are actually causing more of the substance they believe destroys the planet to be used. Which it doesn’t destroy the planet anyway! The whole thing is a crock and a hoax. Then, after all of this, I have a story from Allison Linn, senior business writer at LifeInc.TodayShow.com: ‘Here’s a crazy idea for reviving the economy: Employers, give your workers a great big raise. Maybe it’s actually not that crazy. After all, it worked out pretty well for Henry Ford. John T. Landry, a contributing editor to the Harvard Business Review blog, proposed the idea in a blog post earlier this week.

‘According to Landry, in 1914 Ford decided to double his workers’ salaries from $2.50 a day to $5. The move had the effect of making workers more loyal, and it also made Ford’s primary product — the Model T — more affordable to them.’ So on the basis of that, this Harvard guy says (summarized): ‘You know what, you employers? The simplest way to save the economy is just give everybody a raise.’ (sigh) Okay, with what? What do you need to give everybody a raise? Well, you need profit. You need profit. Capital, revenue, money, revenue stream, whatever. You need profit. This is Harvard Business Review: ‘Yeah, just double everybody’s salary.’ Now, Google is doing it.

Google is giving everybody what a 10% raise, their entire workforce a 10% raise and a $1,000 bonus. Why? I’ll tell you why. They’ve got the money, and B, they got a lot of competition. Silicon Valley, Facebook, and other places are trying to steal Google employees. So Google is having to pay to keep them. Google is not doing it to help the economy. Google is not doing it to be nice guys. They’re doing it to keep the quality people they’ve got ’cause their business is working. When’s the last time Google had to entice you to use anything they offer by paying you to do it or giving you a discount or whatever? Never. It doesn’t happen. But put Obama and these boys in charge of the car companies, and lick lick lick wahoo! Guess what we get?

A bunch of absolute manufactured crap that nobody wants, based on a hoax, leading Harvard Business Review people to blog that what we need to do is simply give everybody raises. Oh, that’s easy! Henry Ford mighta done this. You know why he did it? Henry Ford had a startup. Henry Ford had to make sure the people making the damn car could own one. If it was ever gonna become a mass-appeal product, he had to make sure that the people making it could buy one, and so he did. It was part of his overall business investment strategy. He didn’t do it out of the goodness of his heart. He wasn’t doing it to revive the economy. He was doing it to sell his brand-new product, to make it appeal to the masses.

He knew it was gonna make it if only the super rich like the Kennedys could afford one. So you have these people like this New Castrati guy that called (and believe me, there’s a lot of them) that think there’s a guaranteed super lifestyle in this country. All you have to do is be born, that you’re gonna get a brand-new and better iPod or iPhone or iPad every year, a brand-new newer computer every year. A new car, it’s just gonna happen, without the slightest bit of understanding how it happens. It’s just an expectation. Now, Henry Ford’s $5-a-day salary is equal to $111 a day in 2008 dollars. I got this website that does this inflation calculation, this figuring stuff. You can put in there any number for any year and find out what it would be equivalent to.

Five dollars a day in Henry Ford’s day is $110 a day. You think you could buy a car for $111 a day today? Well, you could buy a car, but I don’t think you could buy a top-of-the-line car, what have you. You certainly couldn’t buy the state-of-the-art, which the Henry Ford car was at the time. It’s basically $700 a week. It’s not chump change, not chump change, but my point is a lot of people are already earning that anyway (those that are still working) and if you work at the government it’s even more than that. By the way, another thing I should point out that this Harvard business guy said: Henry Ford had to pay ’em five bucks a day because he was having trouble finding people to work for $2.50 a day. That’s what they don’t tell you.

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