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Rush’s Morning Update: Snowe Days!
November 11, 2010

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While some shell-shocked Democrats are obviously not happy about their future, some Republicans are starting to rewrite their past.

A recent Washington Post article notes that last week’s elections were bad news for Maine Republican Senator Olympia Snowe, who’s now a “prime target” for conservative insurgents. Interestingly enough, the piece also points out that Tea Party favorite Paul LePage was elected governor –the first Republican governor of Maine since 1995. So yeah, you doubting liberals, conservatives can win in Maineand the rest of the northeast.

So would it surprise you to learn that this proud liberal Republican senator, who seems to delight in sticking her knife in fellow Republicans’ backs at the worst time, would campaign for a Tea Party-backed candidate? Well, that’s exactly what Olympia Snowe did when she stumped for the Governor-elect.

And get this. Snowe recently told the Wall Street Journal: “The Tea Party is right. We’ve lost our way on fiscal issues. I have always been a budget hawk.” Regardless, conservatives are ready to challenge Snowe in 2012.Recent polls show less than 30% of Maine Republicans want Snowe reelected; 63% want somebody more conservative.

Now, there are a few pundits, and even elected Republicans, still blaming Sharron Angle, Christine O’Donnell, and the Tea Party for the GOP’s failure to retake the Senate, but they’re dead wrong. What’s happening –evidenced by Olympia Snowe suddenly drinking the tea –is that conservatives are on the move. We are pushing RINOs to the right, or… out the door.

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