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Rush’s Morning Update: Flying High
November 12, 2010

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Do you believe this? News outlets actually devoted considerabletime to the response John Boehner gave when he wasasked how hewould travel. The incoming House speaker said he would continue to fly commercially, like he’s donefor 20 years.

In its coverage, the Washington Post notes that House speakers historically have flown commercial,as do rank-and-file members of Congress. (Unless you’re Barney Frank and youhave pals with deep — if you know what I mean — pockets.) But after 9/11, the speaker– No. 2 in presidential succession, right after the VP –has been allowed to use military aircraft. Then came this line: “In 2007, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (Democrat-California) came under fire from Republicans for flying in an aircraft larger than the one” her predecessor Denny Hastert used. “Officials contended that it was necessary to have a larger plane so that Pelosi would not have to stop for refueling mid-trip.”

Yeah,Pelosi came under fire when she first demanded the larger aircraft, but thereal firestorm came when it was later revealed that her office was using the military like a private fleet:demanding military aircraft for her family and guests, getting snippy over what kinds of planes were available, abruptly canceling flights,and running up huge catering bills –all on the taxpayer dime.

Apparently, somebody at the Post has amnesia, butwe don’t –which is why Pelosi will be flying commercial again… unless she has friends with deep pockets,or, heaven forbid, decides to reach into her own deeppocket for a change and pay for it herself, which she easily could.

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