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RUSH: I just checked the e-mail for the first time in a while because, frankly, e-mail has been down here. We haven’t been receiving e-mail since 12:25 and the flow just started. Man, Snerdley, people are ticked off at me over what I said about earmarks. They think I’ve sold DeMint overboard, under the water. They think I’ve been bought off by RINO Republicans. Ha! When’s the last time the audience was mad at me over something? It’s happened before. (interruption) I didn’t defend who? Well, no, I didn’t defend them. I said there’s a bigger issue. But what people are saying is, ‘Rush, Rush, come on, now earmarks, if they can’t get rid of earmarks, that’s by your own admission, Rush, that’s piddling. It’s not a serious amount of money at all, and if they can’t get rid of those then they’re never gonna do anything serious.’ That’s what I’m hearing. People are really, really ticked at me. I think the last time they were this ticked was when I didn’t endorse Perot.

I’m being accused of having sold out to some RINOs. They think some RINO called me on the phone and talked to me about this. All of a sudden now my thoughts are not my own. Are you getting that, Snerdley? Are you getting phone calls? You only got one or two? (interruption) Yeah, the ports deal, the Dubai Ports deal, they were mad. That’s what I was trying to remember. Well, the audience was mad at me on Wednesday for trying to raise taxes in California, but that’s nothing like this. You ought to see it in there. Jim Inhofe, Senator from Oklahoma, he’s sending a thing out about earmarks saying it’s the biggest waste of time. He said if we don’t spend the money Obama’s going to — I don’t understand what he’s saying. He’s sending e-mails out and he’s got an op-ed that if Congress doesn’t spend the earmark money, Obama will, and better us than Obama, but he doesn’t explain how Obama gets hold of it if they don’t spend it. My only point about earmarks was it’s tiny compared to how big the whole objective here is. I’m not saying don’t. Jeez.

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