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RUSH: When did you ever believe that you would see this headline, ladies and gentlemen? It’s in the New York Times: ‘Obama’s Economic View Rejected on World Stage.’ It’s all over the media how he failed over there. They even got body language experts saying he won. The body language expert says he was dominating Hu Jintao. It’s all a crock. Now, we gotta be fair, though. The New York Times seems to have edited their title, but everybody who picked up the story is still using it, that’s the original one, ‘Obama’s Economic View Rejected on World Stage.’ Obama’s economic view rejected on American stage. Obama’s economic view is rejected everywhere but Moscow.


RUSH: Obama says he’s not caving on tax cuts. He’s thrown Axelrod under the bus and nobody can make heads nor tails out of this. Nobody knows what the real position is. Axelrod tells the Huffing & Puffington Post, well, we gotta deal with reality as we find it, and we want these tax cuts for the middle class, but these dastardly Republicans are only gonna do that if they get continuation of Bush tax cuts for the wealthy. But we’re not gonna do it permanently, we are just gonna do a temporary extension. Obama says, no, no, no, no. He declared today that ‘his number one priority is preserving tax cuts for the middle class and sharply denied that comments by Axelrod suggest his administration’s about to cave in to Republicans who also want to extend the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy.’ Obama said, (imitating Obama) ‘I’m gonna study those carefully. I’m gonna consult widely, see what we can do on the spending side to make a dent in the deficit.’ Well, that’s comforting, you’re gonna study it, probably have more breakout sessions.

Meanwhile, there’s an undertone, there’s an undercurrent throughout the Democrat Party, this guy is gonna kill ’em, finish them off as a party. Larry Sabato has a column today about how Obama is not only gonna be a one-term president, that he’s one half of a one-term president, that he’s already the biggest lame-duck president that we have ever had, that there’s no hope. Pelosi is saying Obama is gonna have to be perfect to be reelected in 2012.


RUSH: You remember we told you this, this is back in April of 2009. A story from Pravda: ‘American Capitalism Gone with a Whimper — It must be said, that like the breaking of a great dam, the American decent into Marxism is happening with breathtaking speed, against the back drop of a passive, hapless sheeple, excuse me dear reader, I meant people.’ This is Pravda, Communist Party newspaper, talking about how Obama was destroying American capitalism in April of 2009. We’re not the only ones who noticed it.


RUSH: ‘Body Language Expert Says Barack Obama Runs the Show in Meeting with Chinese Premier Hu Jintao.’ This is from a New York Daily News quote, unquote, journalist. ‘President Obama was a cool customer Thursday during a high-stakes powwow with Chinese Premier Hu Jintao in South Korea. The leaders’ 1-hour-and-20-minute summit focused on currency rifts, human rights and the rogue regime in North Korea. More so than the words, however, it was the body language that showed Obama running the showdown with the Red leader.’ Are you kidding me? They have to descend to this level to show this loser in a good light: ‘Body Language Expert Says Barack Obama Runs the Show in Meeting with Chinese Premier Hu Jintao.’

‘Here’s how Patti Wood, author of ‘Success Signals: Body Language in Business,’ saw it: Obama: ‘President Obama is in a very relaxed body position and a less defensive body posture. That’s the best indication that this can be a positive communication for the President. ‘I’d say overall he has the upper hand.’ Hu: ‘Hu Jintao is defensive. That’s the defensive posture with his arms clutched and his legs spread. ‘His arm over the side is protecting himself from Obama.” So that’s the New York Daily News. Yet, in the meetings, Hu Jintao and Angela Merkel told Obama to pound sand! They told him his economic policies are nowhere. They’re not gonna sign on to ’em.

Yet the New York Daily News, ‘I’d say overall’ Obama, because of a body language expert, ‘had the upper hand.’ Yeah, the crease of his trousers, what was that like? Now, the San Jose Mercury News runs a New York Times story. The headline, however, in the San Jose Mercury News is not the headline the New York Times ran. Now, what did we just have? We just had here the New Daily News (to keep this in perspective for you), ‘Body Language Expert Says Barack Obama Runs the Show in Meeting with Chinese Premier Hu Jintao.’ San Jose Mercury News: ‘Obama’s Economic View Rejected on World Stage,’ and that happens to be right.

‘President Obama’s hopes of emerging from his Asia trip with the twin victories of a free trade agreement with South Korea and a unified approach to spurring global economic growth ran into resistance on all fronts yesterday, putting Obama at odds with his key allies and largest trading partners. The most concrete trophy expected to emerge from the trip eluded his grasp: a long-delayed free trade agreement with South Korea, first negotiated by the Bush administration and then reopened by Obama, to have greater protections for US workers.’

You know why it fell apart? It’s because Obama and the unions don’t think that the South Koreans have enough ‘green energy controls’ on their auto emissions and that kind of stuff. So we’re trying to dictate to them, ‘You guys are putting too many parts per million of pollution in your cars or in your atmosphere from your cars and until you get your emission standards down to where ours are…’ The South Koreans told him to pound sand. Hu Jintao told him to go pound sand. They don’t like what we’re doing. Angela Merkel, ditto. ‘Obama’s Economic View Rejected on World Stage.’ From the Washington Times: ‘Germany Rebuffs Obama on Trade Gap,’ and the ChiComs pile on over the economic reforms that the Fed is engaging in.

The ChiComs said, ‘If you’re sick, don’t ask others for the medicine,’ and that’s what they claim that we are doing by devaluing or dollar hoping to hamper their exports. So all this is hocus-pocus. Obama is ‘relaxed’ because he’s getting what America wants. He’s getting America’s decline. Mr. Bazinet (that’s the name of the author of the New York Daily News story), you go get your ‘body language expert’ and you have her tell the truth. Why is he relaxed? He’s getting what he wants! He’s getting a US economy in decline. What does the body language expert think of Obama’s bowing to all of these people? What’s the ‘subtle message’ there? ‘Germany Rebuffs Obama on Trade Gap.’

The Washington Post: ‘Obama, Weakened After Midterms, Reveals Limited Leverage in Failed South Korea Deal.’ This is a deal that began with Bush, and it fell apart because Obama inserted American union demands and Big Auto demands, and the South Koreans said, ‘To heck with it. We’re not gonna take a free trade deal with these kinds of demands from you,’ because these kinda demands end up hurting the South Korean economy just as they hurt our economy. So in effect, what the ChiComs are saying and what the Germans were saying via Angela Merkel and the South Koreans were saying, ‘Look, Obama, if you want to destroy the US economy, go ahead, we’ll deal with that, but you’re not gonna destroy ours directly.’

That’s essentially what they were saying. Let’s go to the audio sound bites. Obama’s not happy about the way he’s being portrayed here. This morning in South Korea there was a press conference. A reporter said, ‘Mr. President, I’m hoping to get you in a little bit of a reflective mode here. You spoke at your press conference in Washington about your relationship with the American people. You said then that it had built slowly. It peaked at this incredible high, and then during the course of the last two years, it had gotten rockier and tougher. I’m wondering if you think the same could be said of your relations with foreign leaders who maybe were just a teensy bit falling all over you when you first arrived on the world stage but now you’re really not that big a deal?’

OBAMA: That’s not how I remember it. I remember our first G20, you guys writing the exact same stories you’re writing now, about the exact same issues. So sometimes I think naturally there’s, uhhh, an instinct to focus on the disagreements ’cause otherwise these summits might not be very exciting. It’s just a bunch of world leaders sitting around intervening and so there’s a search for drama. But what’s remarkable is that in each of these successive summits we’ve actually made real progress.

RUSH: What progress? When? When has Obama ever succeeded at any international meeting or ‘intervention’? What do you do when you sit around ‘intervening’? That’s what he said. He’s complaining to the media here, he’s blaming the media for the perception his trip failed. Yeah, you’re just seeing a bunch of us sitting around intervening and you think there ought to be some drama here. Obama’s record is so bad it’s almost as if he doesn’t want to succeed at these things, folks! The other leaders are calling for deficit cuts. Obama was rejected at the G20 back in June. We haven’t forgotten this. The world has never embraced Obama.

There was a period early on when he had the rock star status and they all wanted to be standing next to him for the photo-ops but, once the guy started implementing policy, they didn’t want any part of it. Remember Sarkozy? Sarkozy was the first to break away, then Angela Merkel did. The Russians have been playing us for saps for who knows how long as have the ChiComs, and now the South Koreans have finally figured out that their economy is gonna go down the tubes if they listen to Obama. The press is finally reporting this and he’s blaming the press because all they’re doing is reporting he’s intervening. Now listen to this. Obama had a press conference, Seoul, South Korea, and he continued after that answer, he said, ‘It’s just a bunch of world leaders sitting around intervening … But what’s remarkable is that in each of these successive summits we’ve actually made real progress.’ Then he said this.

OBAMA: The United States obviously has a special role to play on the international stage. Regardless of who is president, we are a very large, very wealthy, very powerful country. We have had outsized influence over world affairs —

RUSH: Did you hear that?

OBAMA: — for a century now.

RUSH: Did you hear that?

OBAMA: Aaaand you are now seeing a situation in which a whole host of other countries are doing very well and coming into their own, and naturally they are going to be more assertive in terms of their interests and ideas, and that’s a healthy thing.

RUSH: The US ‘had outsized influence over world affairs for a century now.’ This is our president at an economic summit of the 20 most powerful economic countries, and he’s telling the world that we have had ‘an outsized influence over world affairs for a century now,’ and it’s been time that stopped! It’s good that these other countries are ‘coming into their own, be more assertive in terms of their interests and ideas. It’s a healthy thing’ that we are in decline. It’s a healthy thing that we are no longer the number one influence. Could he put it any plainer? Who among you can still doubt that Obama is secretly pleased with America’s diminished position in the world, that he is happily presiding over the decline? He is thrilled at having our wings clipped! You can’t say it any plainer. He can’t say it any plainer than emphasized said it in this meeting and in recent meetings.


RUSH: Bloomington, Illinois. Mark, nice to have you on the program. Hello.

CALLER: Great to talk to you, Rush. Long-time fan.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: Rush, I was just calling in after listening to you talk about the Bamster with the Chicoms, and I just kinda got to thinking, I think it was Ronaldus Magnus that said the biggest problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: And do you think that what could be happening here is a rejection of that? Obviously there are socialist countries all over the world that are obviously getting money from the United States, and they see the writing on the wall that if obviously we start to fail, ultimately their way of life is gonna go down as well?

RUSH: Well, anything is possible. I like the theory that the communists and socialists of the world are upset that we’re not capitalist enough to provide them any money. That sounds entirely plausible to me.

CALLER: They can’t afford for us to be a socialist nation.

RUSH: No, they can’t, and it doesn’t sound like they’re happy with us destroying ourselves. Well, sorry, with Obama destroying us. It’s clear that the powers of the world are not happy. I mean you have a point. Somebody has to work in the world. Somebody has to pay for all of these freebies. If we’re gonna have system of freebies, if we’re gonna have a system where the New Castrati think they get to go to school for free, if we’re gonna have a system where the New Castrati think that whatever they want is not gonna cost them anything, somebody’s gonna have to pay for it. Global warming, all of these UN deals are nothing more than an attempt to fleece the United States. The rest of the world has sought to fleece us. The rest of the world has said, ‘Well, you know, you guys have all the money, and we’re gonna tax you. We’re gonna try to get to you pay your fair share.’ Finally we’ve elected somebody that agrees with the UN, that we have stolen from the rest of the world, and we need to give it back, and he’s in the process of doing it. Now the world sees what happens if we’re in the process of getting destroyed and they’re not happy with it. They don’t want to us to become Greece.

I think the guy’s onto something here because somebody has to pay for all the sponges. And if we don’t, guaran-damn-tee you there’s nobody else that’s gonna do it. If we’re not capable of disaster relief; if we’re not capable of producing food to feed the world; if we’re not capable of either producing or consuming the high-tech advances in the world, who else is going to do it? And at some point the dependent always figure out who it is they’re depending on and realize the people they’re depending on have to stay solvent. The world always hoped that we would implode, but I don’t think they really thought we would do it to ourselves, and now they see it, and they obviously aren’t happy. You know the Germans are not happy, you know the French aren’t happy, and that’s saying something. You know the Brits are not happy. And fundamentally the ChiComs themselves aren’t happy with what’s happening to our economy, and for a whole lot of reasons, chief among them is that they own so much of our debt. And the more inflation, if we devalue the dollar the worse their holdings become. They’re not happy about this any way, shape, manner, or form.

Meanwhile, Obama sits up there with the great body language and the body language experts say he looks like he’s in control over there with Hu Jintao because Obama gets to sit there and preside over all of this. I guarantee you, these students, these long-haired, maggot-infested, dope-smoking students in the UK, they know the ChiComs are not gonna pay for ’em; they know the French aren’t gonna pay for ’em; they certainly know the Iranians aren’t gonna pay for ’em; they know that Hugo Chavez isn’t gonna pay for ’em; they know that their own country’s running out of money to pay for ’em; they know the Russians aren’t gonna pay for ’em. All of these dependent nations with their dependent people, they all know upon whom they are depending. And they know they don’t have the guts to go protest in China. They don’t have the guts to go protest in Venezuela. They don’t have the guts to go demand all this in Russia. They don’t have the guts to go protest and demand all this in France. They don’t have the guts to go anywhere and demand, but they’ll come here and demand it and they’ll go to the UN and demand it or they’ll go wherever we happen to be around the world and demand it.

Can you imagine what would happen if these — I’m looking for a different word than sponge. Can you imagine if they actually bought transportation tickets to Beijing to protest Hu Jintao? Can you imagine what would happen? The bottom line is, ‘Mr. Limbaugh, Mr. Limbaugh, are you standing up for the communist Chinese system?’ No, no, no. I’m just suggesting to you that the sycophants, the worthless, the incapable of the world like you, Mr. New Castrati, know who you’re feeding off of and who you can’t feed off of. And the thing that’s amazing and humorous is who do you attack? You attack who feeds you. You attack and try to tear down who supports you. I mean, put very simply, the left knows the ChiComs are not gonna give ’em any handouts. Ask the ChiCom people if they’re getting any handouts. It isn’t gonna happen.

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