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RUSH: You hear about what happened to the guy in San Diego? He had the presence of mind to turn on his cell phone and at least get the audio of what happened at Lindbergh Field, San Diego International Airport. This is a portion of an exchange between the passenger, John Tyner, and an unidentified TSA screener about a security pat-down before boarding the airplane.

TSA MAN: We’re gonna be doing a groin check. That means I’m gonna place my hand on your hip, the other hand on your inner thigh, slowly go up and slide down.

TYNER: Okay.

TSA MAN: I’m gonna do that two times in the front and two times in the back.

TYNER: All right.

TSA MAN: And if you’d like a private screening, we can make that available for you also.

TYNER: We could do that out here, but if you touch my junk, I’m gonna have you arrested.

RUSH: So, after he said that, they called the cops and further additional number of agents because he became the provocateur. You touch my junk and I’m gonna have you arrested. And here came the authorities. The authorities were on this guy faster than they’ll ever be on any illegal immigrant. I don’t know, H.R., shoulda just charged ’em a couple bucks? Now, this guy left the airport, and he was escorted out. He was supposed to go to Montana someplace and go hunting or fishing or something with a friend, he said the hell with it. Another hero of the republic. If you want to get to where you want to go, no jokes, no back talk, that’s just the way it is, you let ’em feel you up. Meanwhile, there’s Mohammed walking straight through ’cause it’s discrimination to think Mohammed might be a problem, or Abdul or Osama. Just right on through. Now the minute they start doing this to Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, any other elected official or federal official, fine. But of course they don’t. Here’s Janet Napolitano, Big Sis, defending the pat-downs today at the Department of Homeland Security. She got a question, ‘Where do you draw the line given the concern of the travelers about the invasive nature of the procedure?’

NAPOLITANO: There is a process. You can go through an AIT, if there is a ping this tells an officer where they need to search, where something does not pass through the screens that are set. If you refuse the AIT machine altogether, then you can go to a separate area for a same gender pat-down which is conducted as a law enforcement pat-down should be in a very professional way, again, same gender, and if there are adjustments we need to make to these procedures as we move forward, we have an open ear.

RUSH: Well, it’s comforting to me, that voice, soothing, comforting, confidence inspiring. Makes me want a pat-down, makes me want to fly to San Diego and get in a line to fly commercial and get felt up. That’s how inspiring it is. Makes me want to go out there and say, ‘Hey, touch my junk, you guys have my best interests at heart.’


RUSH: I wonder if we can request opposite gender pat-downs at San Diego international airport, Lindbergh Field? Try that, folks, request opposite gender pat-downs. El Al doesn’t do this kind of thing and they got a pretty good track record of safety. They’re allowed to profile. Oh, yeah, and where’s the ACLU on this? I mean unless there’s a Muslim being patted down, they don’t seem to care about the Fourth Amendment or anything else. And let me ask, you leftists out there, remember how panicked you all got over the Patriotic Act, George W. Bush? Ask yourself, is what you’re hearing about at airport check-in, is this worse than the Patriot Act? Is it worse than checking your library books that you’ve checked out? I mean, here are these great civil libertarians, the Democrat Party led by the great Obama. If this happened to Pelosi, you would see a change (snapping fingers) like that. Guaranteed.


RUSH: Casey in Tucson, Arizona, nice to have you on the EIB Network.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush. I appreciate your comment about the TSA. It’s just outrageous what they’re doing. My question to you is it appears to me that they’re trying to destroy the airline industry, and I see no push-back from the airline industry. Do you have any thoughts or —

RUSH: That is a fascinating point about all of this because there is an economic harm to this. There is a tremendous economic damage done, and that is the airline business. Imagine that you are a CEO of an American airline, and you saw Obama fire the CEO of General Motors after disappointing him at mandatory congressional hearings and then buy the company, all for the sake of giving it to the unions. You wonder why there’s no push-back? How did Stalin get away with it?

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