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“Just like Hamas, Obama believes Muslims should be allowed to build a mosque at Ground Zero, but that Israelis cannot be permitted to build houses on their own land.”

“If they build that mosque near Ground Zero, why not have the trial of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed there? I mean, that’s even more outreach. They could even pick the jurors from the congregants.”

“We thought Obama was our first post-American president, but we might have underestimated him — he’s our first anti-American president.”

“The administration might be in meltdown because Robert Gates says he’s quitting in 2011, Christina Romer jumped ship, and Peter Orszag left. Well, maybe he’s got some more illegitimate kids we don’t know about.”

“I think it’s going to be tough to find any self-respecting individualwillingto be secretary of defense after Gates. I mean, Obama might have to go as far as getting Cindy Sheehan to take the gig.”

“You think if our iPad contest was rigged, we’d pick somebody from Montana? Dawn, I can’t believe you just asked me the question. Now what? No, I love Montana. Snerdley, you’re distracting me.”

“I’ll tell you what the new normal is: the new normal is simply a construction designed to save Obama and the Democrats from any association with this economic collapse. The new normal is defining the Obama depression down.”

“Underneath every pile of crap in this country, you will find a union leader somewhere.”

“Women in a mosque have to be in a separate room or unseen. Now, I think that’s a great acknowledgement of the compassion and tolerance the feminists of New York have to accept something like that at Ground Zero. Why, who could find anything wrong with that?”

“People told Thomas Paine that he was the Rush Limbaugh of the future.”

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