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RUSH: Last week we told you about this poor kid riding his bicycle to school with the American flag on the back and a school in California made him take the flag off because it would cause feelings of contention or some such thing, cause strife. He had to take the American flag off of his bicycle because it would cause racial uprisings. Of course the Supreme Court ruling won’t. But a flag on the back of a kid’s bicycle will. This morning on KCRA-TV Channel 3 Sacramento morning news, the anchor Mae Fesai, reported this about the boy who was prohibited from riding his bike to school while flying the flag.

FESAI: A fuss over flying the American flag is over in Stanislaus County. This comes after the story went nationwide. A couple of nights ago we told you about Cody Alicea, who was told by school officials in Denair that he could not fly the American flag off the back of his bike at school. That’s because some students complained. The story made it onto Drudge Report and Rush Limbaugh’s show, then yesterday after complaints and nonstop phone calls, the Denair school superintendent reversed the flag ban.

RUSH: That was Saturday morning on Sacramento TV, KCRA-TV. So it’s over. The controversy is over. The kid can fly the flag on the back of his bicycle. The kid had to take it off because some people were offended. Why do the offended always win? Whoever wrote that the offended are somehow holier-than-thou?

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