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Rush’s Morning Update: Road Map
November 17, 2010

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Beth Reinhard of the Miami Herald reports election results you won’t hear much about. She writes: “Overlooked amid all the good news for the Republican Party on November 2nd: After losing the Hispanic vote in 2008 and 2006 in Florida, the GOP got it back in 2010.”

Well now,this bears some examination. So, what do we discover? Well, this. Although Marco Rubio captured 55 percent of the Hispanic vote, Florida’s governor-elect Rick Scott picked up 50 percent of the Hispanic vote.

We also discover that Cuban-American Representative Luis Garcia of Miami Beach was one of the few Democrat candidates who won tough races in what he called a “disastrous year for Florida Democrats.” We learn that Garcia told the chairwoman of the Democrat Party the election results concern him greatly “because the future” of Democrats rest with the ability to win the Hispanic vote. Keep in mind, Obama carried the Hispanic vote handily in ’08.

And then there’s this nugget: “Defying conventional wisdom,” writes Beth Reinhard, “both Rubio and Scott won over Hispanic voters despite tough stances on immigration.” Rubio opposes the Dream Act– that’s an amnesty measure for illegal immigrants who serve in the military or go to college– and Scott promised to bring an Arizona-style immigration law to Florida.

Marco Rubio and Rick Scott have this in common:they ran as unabashed, unapologetic, proud and fearless conservatives;they didn’t pander. It seems to work. Perhaps it’s worth emulating? Maybe?

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