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RUSH: Do Lisa Murkowski and Pelosi go to the same Botox guy? Maybe they share needles. There has to be some explanation for this. Did you hear what Murkowski said? She said that Jim DeMint cost us the majority. No, what cost us the majority, people like you, Ms. Murkowski, voting with Democrats.


RUSH: Ben in Rockville, Maryland, as we go back to the phones. Great to have you on the EIB Network, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Thanks, Rush. This Lisa Murkowski situation, I remember about a year and a half ago when you started this huge controversy over saying that you hoped Obama failed so that the country could succeed. I wrote a letter to the editor of my local newspaper defending that statement and clarifying it because I found it ridiculous that people didn’t know what you were trying to say.

RUSH: They knew. They knew. They knew all along. They were just astounded that I would say it and they were trying to discredit me. They knew exactly what I meant.

CALLER: Well, we were early on in the Obama debacle at that point. Now, two years in, when it’s clear to everybody what his agenda is and the effect it’s having on destroying the country, how can someone even consider themselves a Republican, like Murkowski, and even run as a Republican when she’s saying that if he succeeds or the things that he wants to do will succeed, then that will be good for the country? Did she mean health care passing was good for the country or that cap and trade would be good for the country if he succeeds, or card check or any of the above?

RUSH: Okay, well, answer your question. You want to know how can somebody consider saying what Murkowski said?

CALLER: How could she consider running as a Republican with that view? Why doesn’t she just run as a Democrat?

RUSH: That would not be my answer. She’s stupid!

CALLER: (laughing) I didn’t want to be that rough on her, but she can’t even consider herself a RINO. Even self-respectable RINOs wouldn’t say that they’re gonna go along with everybody Obama wants because it would be good for the country.

RUSH: She’s smart enough to know that if she ran as a Democrat she would lose in Alaska. But she’s not a Republican, RINO, whatever you want to say. Really, that’s the explanation. She’s not a Republican. She just says so.

CALLER: She’s not even a RINO.

RUSH: Well, yes, she is a RINO by definition, Republican-in-name-only. Exactly. There’s no other way to explain it, other than my original definition, which is valid as well. But people don’t like hearing that said about other people. I understand that. It’s not the person’s fault. It’s not something you can do anything about. That’s the sad thing about it. You know, it just is. I mean, there’s no brain exercise, you can’t make yourself smarter than you are. You just can’t do it. Now, you can gain knowledge, but that doesn’t guarantee that you’re going to raise your IQ. And, in fact, the ability to gain knowledge and have it be useful is limited by the IQ. And experts all agree on this. Your IQ is your IQ. There’s literally nothing you can do about it. And one of the problems with most people who are IQ challenged is they don’t know it, they’re not even smart enough to know that, and that makes them arrogant and conceited, which just doubles the height of the obstacle in their way.

So we really need to be compassionate. It’s difficult at times. It’s not something you can fix. You just have to vote it out. You can’t fix it. The program observer has a question. Hm-hm? It’s two different things. Snerdley wants to know if the ugly know they’re ugly. I first proposed the banning of the ugly from shopping malls and so forth in the daytime in order promote economic activity, people said, ‘How you gonna do that?’ I said make it voluntary. I mean the ugly know who they are. But that’s totally different. Stupid people, you ever heard of stupid people admitting it? They don’t. By definition they are not smart enough to know that they’re stupid. I think it’s one of the problems at MSNBC, frankly. I know this kinda talk makes people uncomfortable. But we are constantly in search for explanations for this, and the simple explanation is almost always the right one.

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