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Rush’s Morning Update: Stamps
Original Airdate: October 11, 2010

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Almost two million of the eight million residents of New York City are on food stamps. So Democrat Governor David Paterson is joining with liberal Mayor Bloomberg to ban recipients from using their stamps to buy sugar-sweetened drinks –they’re worried about obesity.

When Obama took office, 32 million Americans were on food stamps. Now there are almost 42 million, a historic high. But you might be surprised to learn how widespread the poverty is. The Brookings Institute,a liberal think tank,says the number of poor people in the nation’s suburbs has jumped 37.4 percent –a number higher than our national growth rate.

Scott Allard, University of Chicago professor who co-wrote a Brookings report, says: “As a result, Americans who never imagined becoming poor are now asking for assistance, and many are not getting the help they need.” And as bad as things are in the suburbs,they’re still worse in large urban areas. More than half of the top 100 large metro areas have seen dramatic increases in poverty– under the Obama regime, under Pelosi, under Dingy Harry Reid,and under Democrats — while the top priority for Democratsis to make sure that food stamp recipients,whose numbers are swelling by the day,aren’t allowed to purchase sweetened drinks. In case you haven’t heard, 14.3 percent of Americans (1 in 7)now live below the poverty line –under Obama, Pelosi, Reid, and Democrats.

But in New York at least they won’t be drinking soda. Thank God.

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