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RUSH: I have a note here for Heritage Foundation members, proof positive that your membership dollars are at work. Again, last week, I mentioned that Heritage took notice of Obama’s pledge to try to pass the New START Treaty with Russia. Remember, that came out of the blue in the middle of nowhere last week. We had a story on the START treaty with Russia, I said, ‘Where did this come from?’ No one had really reported on it or even took notice at the time. It becomes a story for about 24 hours’ time and then moves along. Typical Drive-By Media example, except the Heritage Foundation people stuck with it and continued to follow it. When they see the Obama regime suggesting that they will support a massive budget increase in our country’s nuclear complex but only if the Republicans support Obama’s New START Treaty with Russia, this is where Heritage comes in.

Now, the Washington Post reports today that a Heritage grassroots lobbying firm is sending out direct mail warnings in several states that the New START Treaty does severely weaken our national security, and I’ve got the story right here in my Stack of Stuff. What other think tank can you associate with as a private citizen where you can rely on their constant vigilance? Only the Heritage Foundation, and what they do is so profound it makes the news. And this is how your membership dollars are spent. Now, for those of you who are members like me — and I wasn’t comped, folks, I don’t take comps, as you know. I don’t want to be obligated — reassure yourself that you are aligned with a smart group of well-intentioned individuals looking after our country’s best interests and security. If you haven’t become a member, you can, doesn’t cost very much. AskHeritage.org. That’s where you go to join. AskHeritage.org.

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