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RUSH: Janet Napolitano, who was called on this program yesterday Janet Incompetano, last night on PBS, the Charlie Rose Show, Charlie Rose said to Janet Napolitano, ‘What does the Secretary think of the concern?’ She is the secretary. Why doesn’t he say, ‘What do you think of the concern?’ She’s sitting right there, he says, ‘What does the Secretary think of the concern?’

NAPOLITANO: Well, I can understand what — why people wonder what is this all about, what does it mean for me, I’m a traveler, does it mean I’m gonna be in a long line, am I really safer? And what I say is, look, the threat is real. We know that from last Christmas. The threat is to bring powders or liquids or gels onto a plane to use as an explosive.

RUSH: Right, right.

NAPOLITANO: The new machines give us a much better chance of finding those kinds of things, and the revised pat-down procedure helps us to make sure that if something appears as an anomaly that we don’t — the screener really can’t tell what it is, that we can’t resolve that anomaly. And the end result, what it means is that you are safer getting on the plane.

RUSH: Yeah, right. The bottom line here is that, and we had the sound bite, I don’t have time to get to it now before the break, but she claims what they’re really worried about is homegrown terrorists, like Timothy McVeigh all of a sudden identifying with Al-Qaeda. But the machines can’t, they do not detect powders. Charlie Rose is throwing softballs, he wouldn’t ask, ‘Madam Secretary, does the Secretary know that the machines don’t detect powders and liquids?’ And they don’t detect anything in a bodily cavity. If somebody’s got a bag of cocaine or whatever up the rectum the machine will not catch it, the machine does not catch it. They only detect hard objects. So, folks, this is not security. This is pure harassment.


RUSH: You know, whether she wins this or not, Bristol Palin has generated ratings for this show like no other contestant, liberal or otherwise has. You have to know that. Do you remember when Obama went swimming in the Gulf with his daughter to show it was safe during the oil spill? How about taking his daughter through a screening? How about Obama take his daughter to the airport and have a TSA grope her, go through the exact routines with Obama’s daughter that everybody else’s daughter goes through, just to show it’s safe for everybody, like he did in the Gulf with the oil spill, hmm?


RUSH: Bob in Queens, great to have you on the EIB Network, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Hello. I’d like to talk to you about something a couple years ago, a name comes up to me with this searching at the airport was called Abu Ghraib where people were so offended and it was morally wrong, and they even called it torture to strip-search terrorists.

RUSH: Yeah. So?

CALLER: People got court-martialed for it.

RUSH: So? What are we talking about here?

CALLER: We are talking about the airports. They think strip-searching is okay with Americans —

RUSH: Oh, you’re saying that what we did at Abu Ghraib people got prosecuted for but the agents here are being —

CALLER: Right, because they harassed a few terrorists and made fun of them and stripped them and it was a court-martial offense, it was considered torture, remember?

RUSH: Oh, yeah, yeah. So you’re saying that people at the airports are being Abu Ghraibed?

CALLER: Yeah, worse, because they’re not terrorists in jail.

RUSH: Well, you know, I —

CALLER: And another thing. Do they have a ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy or are they openly gay at the airports?

RUSH: They have — uh, uh, no, you’re talking about the agents?


RUSH: We don’t know. And we won’t know about that until they build the human pyramids like they did over there at Abu Ghraib. If they do that, then you never know. Open question.

Gene in Richfield, Illinois, give it your best shot here.

CALLER: Yeah, Richfield, Illinois. Anyway, I’ve been in law enforcement most of my life, and the spotlight seems to be on the pat-downs at the airports, and I believe that we need to watch the freight handling and what’s put in these airplanes more specifically, because I believe that that’s leaving us in a weak area by putting too much emphasis on the other thing that they’re concerned about.

RUSH: Well, what do you mean? The way I see it we’re looking for things, not profiling people.

CALLER: Well, that’s true, too, but you take the spotlight and put it on the pat-downs and so forth, and I think there’s a possibility that we may becoming weak in the area of checking the freight and so forth that’s going on to these aircraft.

RUSH: Oh, the freight.

CALLER: I think the Taliban probably knows that, and they might take advantage —

RUSH: Now, why are you assuming that we’re giving a half effort to cargo and baggage —


RUSH: — simply because of what’s going on at a terminal? Just because we’re patting down people at the terminal why does that mean we’re getting lax with baggage and cargo?

CALLER: Well, it just seems to me that they put too much emphasis on that and I think that it might be leaving the other area vulnerable. Just my thoughts.

RUSH: Well, I don’t disagree. As I said earlier in my opening-hour monologue, we certainly want hard security. Nobody’s opposed to that. But this is not. This is harassment. And clearly inspecting cargo — I don’t know that we’re not focusing much on this, I mean, maybe we are, but I don’t think you can tell that or ascertain that simply by what’s going on inside the terminal. So unless you just want to say that the TSA is generally incompetent and they’re focusing all their efforts here on people and thus being lax with cargo. Legitimate concern. I mean a lot of cargo flights carry four times as much freight as passenger planes, and that would mean massive expansion of the inspection system. I know that customs is heavily — if you’re trying to bring something in from overseas, you buy a piece of furniture or whatever, it can take customs weeks to clear it coming through. FedEx has similar problems, UPS, bringing packages across. I mean they have to clear customs.

I know the guy is suggesting we check cargo. I just don’t know that we’re not. I don’t know how just because we’re focusing on pat-downs how that means we’re not focusing on cargo. And even if we are focusing on cargo, we’re not making a big deal of it. We’re not showing it. We’re not showing pictures. There aren’t cameras showing us how the cargo is being inspected, but we are hearing all about the harassment of passengers, which is, as I said yesterday, there’s a reason for this, and it’s not about security. It’s harassment. It’s the regime saying this is what it’s gonna be like. It’s also to move us willingly into scanners.


RUSH: Our last caller from Richfield, Illinois, this business about the cargo, this is where the Dubai Ports deal comes into play. Everybody was worried about the Dubai Ports deal because that was Arabs, and they’re gonna let terrorists get terrorism equipment into the country because they ran the ports, it’s what everybody was afraid of. The 9/11 Commission recommended that we screen 50% of cargo on passenger aircraft by February of 2009 and 100% of cargo on passenger aircraft by August of 2010.

Now, we aren’t anywhere near those numbers, and this is passenger aircraft. True cargo flights carry much more cargo than the cargo that’s on passenger jets. I don’t think we do a hundred percent screening on cargo of passenger planes anywhere. Ed Markey of Massachusetts is pushing legislation for that. But the airlines say it would be prohibitively expensive and slow down the system tremendously. So that is a vulnerable area, but see, even in light of all this, what is going on? Innocent Americans are being humiliated, and what’s the message? The message is: We own you. The message is: Your government controls you. Your government can make you do whatever we want you to do. There is a conditioning taking place. This is the regime showing what it’s gonna be like. This is the regime testing what kind of resistance there will be. Not gonna catch any terrorists. All this rotgut about homegrown terrorists they’re worried about, let’s go to Janet Napolitano. Charlie Rose: ‘What’s changed, Madam Secretary, in terms of the attitude of people who want to engage in terror acts against the US? Are they more intense? Are they having new methods and means? Are there more of them? Are they using more people who have US passports, or, you know, all of that?’

NAPOLITANO: The growth in homegrown terrorists, US citizens who become radicalized to the point of violence, they may go over to the Fatah to Somalia to Yemen, learn trade craft, learn how to build some of these things, learn how to perform one of these operations and then return to the United States, all of these things are now in the mix. What is the process by which a young man in the United States goes from becoming radicalized to becoming radicalized to the point of leaving the United States, going to a camp somewhere for six months —

ROSE: Pakistan, for instance.

NAPOLITANO: — and whatever and then coming back with the intent of murdering his fellow citizens.

ROSE: So what do we know about that now?

NAPOLITANO: I think that’s where we need and can do more work.

RUSH: So there’s the explanation for this, homegrown terrorists, you people are leaving here, you’re going over to Pakistan and learning jihad and then coming back. Yeah. I don’t know how many of you are hanging around mosques after you’ve gone over and learned jihad. But I mean this is their excuse. Now, here’s the problem, though. Obama told us that people only become terrorists because they’re so poor. Remember he said that. This has been a favorite theory of the left, that terrorists become terrorists because they’re poor, and they’re poor because of the United States, that we have raped the land, that we have stolen the oil and the resources from their Navy plants and made them paupers, and they are rising up in anger and disgust out of poverty at their oppressors, and this is why we must understand, they don’t have any opportunities. They don’t have any opportunities. Terrorism is their only way out.

It’s like the left says about dumb white Americans. ‘Well, they know they can’t get educated, this country’s economy’s gone to hell so they join the military.’ That’s what the elite left says makes up the American military, a bunch of dumb white kids that have no future. And they say about terrorists, ‘Well, they’re just a bunch of Arab kids, they don’t have any future because of the United States.’ Here’s Napolitano saying that we’re worried about homegrown terrorists. They leave the US, go to Pakistan, learn jihad, and come back. Now, you can’t have it both ways. They’re either terrorists because they’re poor, or terrorists because they’re being recruited. How many domestic terrorists are gonna be set off after seeing the way women are treated at the airport? Well, look, let me read to you again this note that I got from a friend of mine that inspired our opening-hour monologue.

Dear Rush:
The effect of the TSA groping policy is to convince the Islamic — the effect, not the purpose, a key word here, the effect, the end result of this — world where even touching a woman is a great insult to a family’s honor, that Americans are dishonorable, degenerate, and cowardly. That we will sit around and let our women be treated this way? Now, remember, in the Middle East, women are, you know, half a human. They’re half human. I mean they are the lowest of the low. But if you touch one, because they’re so low, if you touch one, and look what we’re doing to ours. Look what we’re doing to our women.

The message being sent here is that we are dishonorable, degenerate, and cowardly. The fact that they will allow their women and children and elderly — this is what they see — to be treated this way, the fact that we will allow our women, the fact it can be accomplished by merely launching a few bombers with TNT in their underwear or in their car trunks shows the entire Middle East that America is a society ready to do anything to avoid any conflict or even the smallest risk. This is how they see what we’re doing. And then they watch the media treat this as a sensational tabloid curiosity. The media missed the point. What’s going on in airports probably does more to weaken American credibility in the Muslim world than anything that’s happened since 9/11, ’cause they see us in the process of surrendering. In the eyes of Islamic fundamentalism, this is surrender. We’re not defending ourselves, we’re not defending our honor; we’re blaming ourselves. What a coup these people have pulled off, in their estimation.


RUSH: Okay, Janet Napolitano, she said that she was concerned with homegrown, radicalized young men in the United States. You just heard her. We just played the sound bite, right? So, my question is, why the molestation of children? Why the molestation and humiliation of women, nuns, silver-haired grandmothers? Why remove prosthetics if it is young American men going over to Pakistan and learning jihad? Why the sexual assaults on women? She said she was concerned with men. So she molests everybody else, in addition to that.

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