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RUSH: President Barack Obama was in Kokomo, Indiana, today at his Chrysler transmission plant — his Chrysler factory in Kokomo, Indiana — and he was speaking about the economy and said, among other things, this…

OBAMA: When people have a paycheck, as Joe said, they can go to the store, they’re able to spend, that helps the economy grow. And so on Main Street in Kokomo we’re seeing a revival with new businesses opening downtown. So for anybody who saaaaays our country’s best days are behind us, anybody who would doubt our prospects if the future, anybody who doesn’t believe in the Midwest, anybody doesn’t believe in manufacturin’, have ’em come t’Kokomo.

FOLLOWERS: (applauding)

RUSH: (laughing) He’s the only guy that believes all that! ‘If anybody says our country’s best days are behind us…’ He says that! He says we’re not gonna lead the world anymore economically. ‘Anybody who would doubt our prospect for the future…’ He’s doing that and we do because he’s in charge. ‘Anybody who doesn’t believe in manufacturin’, let ’em come t’Kokomo.’ Well, it’s his plant! Obama doesn’t believe we ever had any best days. Every day was a rotten day in this country as far as he’s concerned. But it’s his plant. That’s not the private sector there. This is a government plant! (laughing) It’s a government factory. He owns Chrysler. It’s a union factory. Whatever.

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