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Rush’s Morning Update: Acceptance
November 24, 2010

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Incoming Republicans got a lecture from Sherwood Boehlert, who was a New York Congressman until 2007. He was also Chair of the House Committee on Science, and is apparently a firm believer in the global warming fraud.

In a Washington Post op-ed entitled, “Can the Party of Reagan Accept the Science of Climate Change?”,Boehlert argues thatRonaldus Magnusembraced “scientific understanding of the environment and pollution.” Boehlert claims Reagan “didn’t deny the existence of global environmental problems but instead found ways to address them.” Thus, Mr. Boehlert finds it “incomprehensible” that anyone would “discredit” scientists and their findings. He calls on Republicans to “open their minds” and stop “denying that climate change and global warming are occurring and that they are largely due to human activities.”

He warns the new Congress against any debate “featuring unsubstantiated attacks on science,” asserting that good global warming scientists should not get “their names dragged through the mud in order to win a political argument.”

Hey, Sherwood:Republicans aren’t “against science” –that’s justa liberal talking point, which you’ve obviously mastered. Republicans are against junk science; most Americans are, too. And to the extent that scientists have been discredited, it’s because their own e-mails were exposed outlining the lies and fraudulent practices used to concoct their so-called proof that manmade global warming exists.

So will the party of Reagan accept the junk science of a fraud? Short answer: no. Not now, not ever… at least not if I have anything to do with it — and I do!

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