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RUSH: From the Discovery Channel: ‘Climate change could one day affect the cost and quality of dishes traditionally served for Thanksgiving Day dinner, suggests a recent paper in the journal Food Research International. Pasty, dry turkey meat along with expensive fruits, vegetables and potatoes could be on the horizon if more variable extremes in regional weather patterns continue as a likely result of [the fraud of] climate change, indicates author Neville Gregory.’ Well, we do know that thanks to putting ethanol in the gasoline, turkeys will cost more, as well as corn, maize…

By the way, Obama pardoned the turkey today, and he had the little girls out there, his two daughters were out there, and they pardoned the Thanksgiving turkey. No word on whether or not the turkey pardoned Obama.

Now, the ‘usual star the Thanksgiving Day feast’ is a roast turkey, and according to this nutcase, it ‘could suffer in quality’ as a result of climate change. ”Climate change could affect meat quality in two ways,’ [said Neville] Gregory, a professor in animal welfare physiology at the University of London’s Royal Veterinary College[.]’ So here we’ve got a guy that teaches people how to be vets, and an animal welfare physiology professor, talking to us about climate change, how it’s gonna screw up turkeys. He said, ‘First, there are direct effects on organ and muscle metabolism during heat exposure which can persist after slaughter.’ So we slaughter the turkeys, but because of climate change, global warming, and all this heat, organ and muscle metabolism will continue and take what was juicy bird, make it dry and pasty.

‘Prior studies’ — yes, people have been studying this — ‘have demonstrated that heat stress can increase the risks of what’s known as ‘pale, soft, exudative’ (PSE) meat. According to Purdue University Animal Sciences, PSE meat ‘is characterized by its pale color, lack of firmness, and fluid dripping from its cut surfaces. When cooked, this meat lacks the juiciness of normal meat.” All of this on the horizon due to the fraud of climate change. ‘As a second climate change impact, Gregory believes ‘changes in livestock and poultry management practices in response to hazards that stem from climate change could indirectly lead to changes in meat quality.” I’m not kidding you! I’m not making it up! On Thanksgiving eve, here comes a big story from the Discovery Channel on how climate change will destroy Thanksgiving meals.


RUSH: Mike in Brownstown, Indiana. Great to have you on the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Mr. Limbaugh. I’d like to talk about the turkey.

RUSH: You go right ahead. It’s Thanksgiving eve.

CALLER: Oh, those turkeys. Anyway, I’m a Purdue graduate from West Lafayette, Indiana, and that was in the seventies. I’m 57 years old now, and I’m still in agriculture but no longer raising livestock.

RUSH: When you look back on your college years, how valuable to you was your degree?

CALLER: It really didn’t become that valuable until 20 years ago. I went back to the family farm, and whatever dad done, we just followed right along and I used that education to further the farm. He sold the farm 20 years ago, and I switched gears and went into the lawn business. And I’m a chemical lawn specialist. I’d like to say an environmentalist to some extent.

RUSH: Well, if you want to be called that, go for it.

CALLER: (laughing) I’m not a tree hugger necessarily.

RUSH: That’s what they all say.

CALLER: Yeah. But the point was I had some animal science classes, and this was in the seventies, and we all got the opportunity to watch ’em butcher hogs right there on campus. And they took this meat and laid it out, and they had five different hogs laying there, and they pointed out especially that light colored meat and explained the texture of it and how watery it was and some of us boys were gonna go back to the food industry —

RUSH: But why was this?

CALLER: Pardon me?

RUSH: Why was this?


RUSH: Why was it pale, why was it watery?

CALLER: It was a genetic issue. Some of the livestock was perfect.

RUSH: You mean it had nothing to do with global warming?

CALLER: Gosh, no. This guy who’s talking about that needs to do some research because this is in the seventies before any global warming was —

RUSH: Yeah, back then it was global cooling. An ice age was coming. Tell me, isn’t the biggest problem with raising poultry trying to keep them warm, like chicks, I mean you put ’em in an incubator, you want to keep them warm, right?

CALLER: Correct.

RUSH: Well, problem solved. It can’t be global warming then if heat is needed to keep them alive and surviving. I can’t believe that they would do this. The Discovery Channel, this is the place where that environmentalist wacko tried to blow ’em up, took some hostages in there. So this probably is a story designed to keep further wackos from bugging them. But to do a story on the day before Thanksgiving that global warming, climate change is gonna destroy the Thanksgiving meal, that’s preposterous. Now, you can attest to it?

CALLER: Yes. Yes. It was information to help us take back to the farm or those of us that were going to be in the meat industry —

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: — to pick these things out and see, you know, maybe the packer, our feeling as a farmer was to buy the meat as cheap as they could, and we would sell it to them on grade and yield. And then they would pick out the bad things, and then our price for our product, we’d get less for. So if we could upgrade our genetics, get a better quality animal, then we could make more money.

RUSH: Well, but then you gotta start playing God.

CALLER: (laughing) That’s true, but that’s the way ag has been to —

RUSH: I have a friend who raises tilapia fish, Steve Abernathy, and I call him the fish god because his problem is he needs is as many females as possible laying eggs. And he takes tilapia and he turns ’em into females, with genetic altering, I call him the fish god.

RUSH: Well, I’m a capitalist, and the key thing is I want to get better, want to try and support my family and I guess have to pay my taxes.

RUSH: Well, you know, Mike Ditka was on the ESPN pregame show recently, and they were talking about some team, something they had to do, and Ditka says, ‘There’s only two things in life you have to do, die and pay taxes,’ and that’s it. So you’re trying to do what’s right for your family. But I want to take advantage of your experience. You’re an agriculturist, you understand animals. You’ve studied them, right?


RUSH: Does a fish know it is wet?

CALLER: (long pause) It’ll die if it’s not in water very long, so I’m sure it does.

RUSH: A fish knows it’s wet? The fish knows it lives in water?

CALLER: (really long pause)

RUSH: We’ll be back. It’s a stump the caller day here.

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