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RUSH: Spokane, Washington. This is Joe. Thank you for calling, sir. You’re next.

CALLER: Yeah, God bless you and your family, Rush, on these holidays coming up, but I want to take you in a direction. I have a question for you. I would like to know how…? We have a very serious issue in the world right now called North Korea. I would like to know how you would handle that situation that has not been handled, and then if you want to hear my opinion of it, I’ll give it.

RUSH: Let me hear yours because I’ve got a minute and 15 seconds before the break.

CALLER: Okay. My opinion is we should have had the IBMs — or not the IBMs. We should have had the cruise missiles already locked in, did something similar to Libya where we go over and kill the families and the rulers of that country, and I’m gonna respond to it this way. I have a career. I worked in the prison system. When you keep warning somebody and telling them, ‘Oh, you have gotta quit doing this,’ eventually it’s gonna escalate into violence where people get hurt, and we can’t just keep scolding them and warning ’em. We have to take decise (sic) action there, and that would be because of my experience in counterterrorism in southeast Asia and having fought with the ROK Marines. I say we take very decise…. We make a strike. We kill these people. Not the people themselves, the ruling class and the leaders, and that’s what my response would be.

RUSH: Well, in the old days that’s what we would have done but the old days go back a long time. Look, the North Koreans hijacked a ship of ours, Lloyd Bucher and the boys.

CALLER: That’s right.

RUSH: But the problem now is one of diplomacy, and that is the Norks are a client of the ChiComs, and we are owned in part — a large part — by the ChiComs. So we have to take into account the ChiComs’ retaliation in anything we might do.

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