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“A real leader would use this economy to explain how free markets work, and tell Americans, ‘It’s up to you. We’ll get out of your way.'”

“Sarah Palin makes ‘moderate’ Republicans nervous precisely because she inspired and revved up a Republican Party. There are people in the Republican Party who don’t want it to stand for the things that she stands for, and I think it’s her effectiveness that is making her a target.”

“Obama says we need to rebuild this economy ‘from the bottom up’, right? Well, if that’s the case, then why doesn’t he bring out some newly unemployed people and tell us how it is that they are going to cause an economic recovery?”

“It’s Thanksgiving, and the reason why stories about falling revenues in the radio business do not apply to the EIB Network, RushLimbaugh.com, or the Limbaugh Letter, is because of you.”

“Paul Volcker looks like a bald eagle. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with looking like a bald eagle — except when you’re not a bald eagle.”

“Drudge has a picture of Obama’s new OMB guy, Peter Orszag. I know we’re not supposed to comment on this, but he has one of the lousiest hair pieces I’ve ever seen. Take a look at it! There is no way anybody would style their hair this way! If there is, we’re in big trouble.”

“I’m telling you, folks: There aren’t going to be any budget cuts in our country for the rest of the time you and I are alive — the bailout has just seen to it. What are you freaking out over there for, Snerdley? You think I’m wrong about this?”

“You know, Roy, I would love to be you for a day — just to find out what it’s like to live a lie, to be so ignorant and be in so much bliss, to be so happy about an utter disaster that is about to swallow you and everybody in your neighborhood.”

“Capitalism, free markets, individual liberty — these are concepts that set people free, and the great leaders in American history are the people who talked about setting other people free: George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan. Of course, we hear none of this from the Obama team. Quite the contrary.”

“Obama has got to stop the stuttering when he speaks or it’s going to drive me nuts.”

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