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“The queen has invited a number of dictators to the royal wedding, but left out the Obamas. It really has to offend them to have some other dictators there but somehow they didn’t make the cut.”

“I want to know where $4.09 a gallon of gas says, ‘Reelect Obama!’ Where does it say that? Where does $4.10 gas say that Obama’s a shoo- in? It doesn’t. It says, ‘Vote Republican.'”

“We have a president who is excusing sloth, who wants to reward it, and who wants to convince everybody that the people who are working and paying taxes are the problem.”

“There were several stories in the news over the weekend that claim that drilling for oil in the US will not help lower gas prices, but the same media ensures us that raising taxes on the rich will solve the deficit. How does this work?”

“Every Muslim holiday that’s come down the pike, Obama’s had a proclamation for it, but he didn’t have a proclamation for Easter. I’m just saying.”

“We have stories: ‘The American Era, Over.’ Sorry, that ain’t gonna happen on my watch, and a president worth his salt would not let that happen on his watch. But we have a president engineering it, and don’t for a moment believe the American people don’t see that.”

“Don’t forget, folks: The gasoline price is the one data point that the government cannot fudge. The Commerce Department can’t fudge it, and the Labor Department can’t do anything about it. Reality bites sometimes.”

“A traditional question: Are you better off now than you were two and a half years ago when Obama took office? No matter how you ask it, we are worse off.”

“If the private sector doesn’t have the jobs, that’s when the hell’s going to start. That’s when things are going to get dicey, if you ask me, and so the only solution to this is going to be self-reliance.”

“The only way liberalism, socialism, and communism is sustained is at the point of a gun.”

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