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RUSH: Oh. Oh-ho. The Christmas tree bomber in Oregon, folks, I’m laughing at what’s being reported about the guy. Wait ’til you see some of the stories. He’s such a poor guy, disorganized, confused. Look at this in the New York Times: ‘Suspect in Bomb Plot Called Confused.’ He wasn’t confused. He was lying to people as he dropped out of school to focus on his plot. He even stopped attending mosque, and that was all to hide what he was doing. The only thing this guy didn’t do is go to any strip joints in Vegas like the 9/11 guys did. That was all part of their supposed cover. No, they were just trying to get in a little living here before the 72 virgins.


RUSH: I don’t know, folks. It just wouldn’t feel like Christmas without an attempted Muslim bombing. We had one last year, we got this guy out in Oregon, was just confused. ‘Suspect in Oregon Bomb Plot is Called Confused.’ Boo-hoo. ‘[T]hose who know him say he changed in recent months. He dropped out of school and stopped attending mosque. And, perhaps most telling, he began lying about his plans for the future. ‘He seemed to be in a state of confusion,’ said Yosof Wanly, the imam at the Salman Al-Farisi Islamic Center in Corvallis, which Mr. Mohamud attended while at college. ‘He would say things that weren’t true, ‘I’m gonna get married,’ for example. But he wasn’t going to get married.” He was just confused. But it’s becoming now a standard thing here at Christmas, an attempted Muslim bombing. Can’t have Christmas in America without one of those.


RUSH: Back to the Christmas tree bomber in Oregon. Somebody will have to tell me because I didn’t start paying attention to this until last night. Did Mayor Bloomberg pipe up and say the guy was just upset about health care or something? He hasn’t yet? Why would somebody think a 19-year-old named Mohamud would want to blow up something at Christmas? Profiling is not identity politics. It’s criminal intelligence. But everybody thinks it’s identity politics. This is how political correctness is destroying us. Profiling is not identity politics. That’s what Democrats and liberals do. But good law enforcement people, for example, folks, there have been eight attempted terror attacks on US soil since Obama has been president. Well, the eighth attempt we know about. Imagine what the number would be if Obama hadn’t improved our relations with the Muslim world, I shudder to think. I mean there weren’t any of these types of attempts when Bush was in the White House, but eight of them that we know of since the Bamster was immaculated. I shudder to think how many there would be if Obama hadn’t improved our relations with these people all around the world. Snerdley, you’re right, there’s only two kinds of Muslims in the world, exploded Muslims and as yet unexploded Muslims, but they seem to be, at least terrorist Muslims, headed in this direction.

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