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RUSH: Everybody is freaking out over this WikiLeaks stuff. And, frankly, the WikiLeaks guy bugs me because he looks like a waif. He looks like he ought to be in a Peter Pan stage play rather than on the world stage affecting things. He’s a little wuss, Julian Assange. Need to find this guy and string him up. Frankly, I find what’s in this stuff interesting. I think it’s more interesting than the news the networks come up with each and every day. Give me more of this stuff. For example, we have learned that the Saudis, our friends the Saudis, they’re all ticked off at us because we won’t go take out Iran. Apparently, prior to the big Cairo speech, Obama went over there, met with King Abdullah, and Obama’s going on and on and on about how important it is to find peace with the Palestinians and the Israelis. Apparently King Abdullah couldn’t care less about any of that. He’s worried about Iran and its nukes, and he wants to hear from Obama what we’re gonna do about that.

Now, what I woulda said if I were Obama, ‘Hey, if you’re worried about Iran, go hire and pay Al-Qaeda to do it since you guys are in charge of Al-Qaeda,’ because we’ve learned that, too. Not that it was any big surprise, frankly, but we’ve learned that the Saudis are behind the funding and all that of Al-Qaeda. So if you want to take out Iran, go call Bin Laden, go call Ayman al-Zawahiri and have them do it, you know, do something yourself once. I mean you gotta know Obama isn’t gonna do it. Obama’s too worried about people in his office being fat. Apparently Obama was wandering around the White House one day and he came across some super fat aide or employee in there, and Obama, as a gesture of humanity, gave the guy a salad, said, ‘Here, eat this.’ And the aide said, ‘Look, I’m gonna eat what I want to eat. I know where the salad bar is, but I’d rather go to Wendy’s.’ And Obama just shoved the salad at him.

Now, here we are, we’ve got all this stuff going on in the world and Obama is worried about whether or not his aide is eating a salad. If you don’t think Michelle is running this show, folks, ha-ha, you got another thing coming. Then we got the New York Times. What’s worse, the New York Times leak of all this stuff, or this hopelessly banal, introspective blather, 850 words about why they released the stuff and the justification for it. Now, if the New York Times really wanted to be as thoughtful as they claim, if they really wanted us to think that they agonize over all this kind of thing, that they are as ethical, as responsible, driven by the people’s right to know, then they would do this. They would release all the e-mails between their editors and reporters, between their management and their circulation department, between their publisher and the financial people, between their feuding family factions. The people’s right to know is not a slogan, it’s an ethical standard, or it was when the Times were the Times. If they’re really worried about what’s in the WikiLeak stuff, they’re gonna tell us about the internal debate they had. It’s okay for us to learn about every detail of everybody else’s private affairs, but the Times won’t tell us what they went through to get all this.


RUSH: Did you hear Lindsey Graham? Well, what do you think I’m gonna say? I only know one thing that Lindsey Graham said and I’m laughing myself silly. I wrote it down. Over the weekend he called ’em WilkeyLeaks, WilkeyLeaks, and he is on the Senate Armed Services Committee, and until last year he was on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, and he doesn’t even know who we’re dealing with, WilkeyLeaks. It’s WikiLeaks, and that’s another thing, folks, you are gonna have to deal with me today. If you had four blissful days like I did and come back to this rotgut, you’d be in as cynical a mood as I am. I hate the word Wiki. I know what it means. Wiki is a website where anybody can add to it, WikiLeaks, Wikipedia, Wiki, Wiki, it does not sound like a manly word. Wiki. I think of candles. Wiki. Wiki. And then you look at this waif, Julian Assange, WikiLeaks, and it just all kinda goes together, just does.

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