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RUSH: Today is Thursday and the Democrats in the House led by Pelosi — oh, and I love this. Boehner is going to get rid of Pelosi’s climate change committee. Now, Sensenbrenner, who is on the committee, a Republican, he didn’t want to get rid of the committee because he wanted to use the committee to expose the Obama administration and the Democrats in how they’re utilizing this whole thing as a fraud and a hoax. And Boehner said, no, no, no, don’t worry about that, we’re gonna shut it down and we’re gonna put you on the science committee and you can do your work over there, we’re gonna get rid of the committee. Also, I cannot believe this. With all that’s gone on, do you know that there is not a women’s room off the floor of the House of Representatives? There has not been a women’s room. Female members of Congress have had to walk a long hallway to some nether region of the Capitol building to use the restroom. The men, of course, have a restroom right off the floor.

Now, the women do have a breast pump room. Pelosi did set up a room where you can go in there and breast-feed or breast pump. But all of this time, all of this focus on equal rights, all this focus on how women are being discriminated against, and no women’s room. Now, a lot of Democrat congresswomen coulda probably used the men’s room and nobody would have said anything, might not have really noticed anything. But still. So Boehner announces that they’re gonna get rid of the parliamentarian, they’re gonna move his office some other place and gonna turn the office of the parliamentarian into a ladies’ restroom off the floor of the House of Representatives. And there are some leftists who are just mad as they can be over this, demanding what ought to be unisex bathrooms anyway. I kid you not. I’ve seen a Politico story on this. I’ll have that coming up.

Anyway, Pelosi and the Democrats and their big vote today on preserving the middle-class tax cuts. Now, this is one of the most partisan votes in the history of the United States, Nancy Pelosi’s going-away present, ultrapartisan vote on tax policy, a vote that will have no purpose other than to give liberals political cover, provide ’em with attack ads for the next election while the job creators have waited a year for tax policy so they can start creating more jobs. Even the IRS commissioner has sent Congress a letter saying, (paraphrasing) ‘You guys, whatever you do, don’t wait ’til next calendar year to do it. Our computers are already set up. If you make any changes retroactive to this year, if you don’t make the changes ’til January, you’re gonna screw up our computers, you’re gonna delay people’s refunds.’ So the IRS is saying, ‘Please do whatever you’re gonna do by the end of the year.’ More and more Republicans are starting to come out and say, ‘He’s gonna go for it,’ meaning Obama. He’s gonna cave. They’re not using the word, very careful. Not using that word. ‘We’re finally getting through to him on not taxing job creators.’ This is what Cornyn is saying and DeMint has said this. They’re saying it publicly and the Democrats are angry that Obama is gonna cave. Democrats in the House are livid that Obama will cave too soon. So a split is taking place.

But in the midst of all of this, here you have Pelosi with this big for-show-only vote today on extending the Bush tax rates for the middle class. Now, I would describe this as bipolar partisan. She’s nuts. There’s no other way to describe her, bipolar partisan. How else do you explain this? For seven years Pelosi and her posse have trashed the Bush tax cuts as tax cuts for the rich. For seven years Pelosi and the Democrats have been critical of these tax cuts, the Bush tax rates because they only gave tax relief to the rich, who don’t need the money, who don’t want the money, who don’t ask for tax cuts, it is said, and now all of a sudden today Pelosi and the Democrats are going to vote on extending what they have said for seven years never existed, tax cuts for the middle class. And they’re doing this for TV ads. They’re doing this for campaign ads next year, as the defenders of the middle class. Somebody’s gonna have to put tape together to remind the people of this country that there weren’t any tax cuts for the middle class as far as Pelosi was concerned. It’s just the height of hypocrisy. I know there’s nothing new about it. It’s just on firm display here today and I could not let this program get started without pointing all of this out.

Also, it’s amazing how history repeats itself.


RUSH: This afternoon John Boehner held a press conference. Today’s the big day where the Democrats are going through this sham motion of voting on extending ‘the middle class Bush tax rates.’ Now, again, what I would love for Boehner to say — and of course I’m not Boehner and I’m not their writer. I would love for them to say, ‘I thought there weren’t any middle-class tax cuts, Ms. Pelosi? For the last seven years all I’ve been hearing about from you is how the Republicans cut taxes for the rich, ‘for millionaires and billionaires,’ how the Bush tax cuts left everybody else out. Now all of a sudden you’re voting on extending ‘the middle class tax rates’? We didn’t think there were any based on what you’ve been saying.’ Boehner called the whole thing ‘chicken crap.’ Here’s the sound bite.

BOEHNER: The last thing our economy needs to right now is a job-killing tax hike, and that’s what this plan of theirs would mean. I’m trying to catch my breath so I don’t refer to this maneuver going on today as, uh — as chicken crap, all right?

GALLERY: (chuckling)

BOEHNER: But this is nonsense, all right? The election was one month ago. We’re 23 months from the next election, and the political games have already started trying to set up the next election.

RUSH: (laughing) He’s exactly right. I told you, all this vote today is for TV footage for some campaign ads coming in the next election two years from now. But it’s good to hear Boehner exercised like this. It’s good to hear these guys get outside ‘our friends the Democrats’ line. ‘Our good friends the Democrats are wasting the House’s time…’ It’s good. It is chicken crap, and he wanted to say more, and he started losing it here. ‘It is nonsense, all right? The election was a month ago.’ (laughing) I love it.

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