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RUSH: Certifiably insane Alan Grayson, Democrat congressman from Florida who was defeated in November went to the floor of the House yesterday to speak out against extending the Bush tax rates. He led off by having a big picture of me on an easel. The picture was of me out at Pebble Beach in the golf tournament, big smile on my face with a giant stogie coming out of my mouth. And then after me he did Beck and Hannity and he went on down the list. And here’s what he said leading off this discussion about me.

GRAYSON: Let’s take a look at the people who are really in charge, the ones who actually run the Republican Party. Let’s start with this gentleman here, the man with the cigar, Rush Limbaugh. Doesn’t he look happy? According to Newsweek he makes $58.7 million a year and extending the Bush tax cuts for the rich will mean that he’ll have another $2.7 million. Mega dittos, Rush, and mega money.

RUSH: Now, ladies and gentlemen, I play this only for the opportunity to correct a popular misconception about all this, Newsweek’s figure, $58.7. I don’t know where they got the .7. It’s actually .9, but who’s splitting hairs? The bottom line here is the Bush tax rate maintaining them doesn’t mean I’m getting anything additional. It means I’m not gonna lose any of it. (interruption) What are you laughing at? This is a serious point that I’m trying to make here on Open Line Friday. This is a popular misconception. This is how these guys are doing it. These guys are suggesting that any of you who are, quote, unquote, rich are gonna somehow get a windfall of new money thrown in your lap if the Bush tax cuts are extended, and that’s not the case. Nothing is gonna change. The only thing that’s gonna change is I won’t lose the $2.7 million. If the Bush tax cuts are not extended, I will lose that. It’s not that I’m gonna gain that much, it’s not that the so-called $58.7’s gonna become 63 or whatever, it’s not the case at all. What’s at stake here is the $58.7 is gonna become 55. I’m just using the number Newsweek used. Forget the number. It’s not the point. (interruption) Now what are you laughing at? Now what is so funny? I’m the man in charge of the Republican Party? Well, that’s just Grayson. But you understand my point here?

You guys are sitting in there laughing. This is a very serious subject. We’re talking about the Bush tax rates. You’re sitting in there laughing and I’m trying to make a brilliant point here to people. (interruption) Yeah, we’ll put the picture up. The picture’s been up on the website countless times. It’s an AP picture. You’ve seen it. It’s not a new picture. But, at any rate, for anybody over $250,000, the idea that if the Bush tax rates are extended somehow we get a windfall, it’s not the case whatsoever. This is all about whether or not the government’s gonna get that $2.7 million, as they say in my case. This is how the Democrats have always used this class envy stuff as a means of securing opposition to the whole notion that — and wait ’til you hear the sound bites coming up, folks, about unemployment and tax cuts — wait ’til you hear it. I mean it’s getting more absurd by the day, as the Democrats keep talking about it.

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