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RUSH: They censured Charlie Rangel yesterday. Part of censure is reading all the charges, all the transgressions. Pelosi does this after six o’clock. She didn’t even read the entire list. This is the first censure in 30 years, although I should say that Randall ‘Duke’ Cunningham is in jail for doing essentially that which Rangel did. The only difference is that Duke Cunningham, a war hero, is a Republican — and unlike Rangel, Duke Cunningham didn’t constantly run around talking about and reminding everybody that he was a war hero.

Pelosi read just one charge, after six p.m. yesterday so it would not make the traditional Nightly News. She read one charge out of 11. The penalty calls for having all charges read. After she read the charge — and you’ll hear this on the sound bites coming up. After she read all the charges against Rangel, he got a standing ovation from the House. Well, it might be a stretch to say a standing ovation, but the Democrats in the House gave him a resounding ovation. I don’t know if they stood up or not. That would require energy. But he got a lot of applause.

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