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RUSH: Hey, did you see that the femi-WikiLeaks guy, Julian Assange has called for the resignation of President Obama? Well, it just goes to show there’s good in everybody. Greetings, folks, nice to have you. El Rushbo and the Excellence in Broadcasting Network. Merry Christmas, happy holidays and all of that, looking forward to talking to you on the phones today. 800-282-2882 is the number if you want to be on the program. E-mail address, ElRushbo@eibnet.com.

Julian Assange is now promising to release files. If we nab him, if we arrest the guy he’s got some encrypted stuff out there that’s not redacted, he’ll flood the world with it, and some of these files supposedly will list the factories and sites that are essential to our national defense so as to make them easier targets for terrorists. Now, to think there are still some people who don’t realize his entire purpose is to bring down America’s standing in the world. In fact, I think we ought to call him Barack Hussein Assange because they have some things that they share in common. But, stop and think of this now. Look at all these State Department cables. These are the people who want to digitize our health records. These are the people telling us they will not leak any of the nude photos they take with the scanners at the airports, and we can’t even keep track of our own State Department stuff. Well, he can’t flood the world if his servers are down everywhere. These things are already out there on people’s computers. All he’s gotta do is release the encryption key and the encryption key ostensibly is 256 characters, making it veritably impossible to check.


RUSH: All right, WikiLeaks. WikiLeaks. Did you notice something? Up until recently, this WikiLeaks guy was a ‘whistleblower.’ Julian Assange was a whistleblower. But now? Now that some of these leaks involve Hillary and the fraud that was global warming, now this guy is not a whistleblower. He’s a muckraker. He’s a guided missile! You know what the real downfall of this is gonna be? There’s gonna be a tightening on Internet freedom. You watch. Because of this, somebody in this regime is gonna propose tightening down on regulations and ‘net neutrality’ is gonna come along and so forth. That’s gonna be the upshot of all this. It’s not a good thing.

But I want to know, in addition to all these stories that we’re getting now about Hillary and spying on UN people — which, by the way, is the job of people at the UN. It’s the job of nations to spy on each other. The Soviet Embassy in Washington is in the highest part of this city with the best antennas. The Soviets… (chuckles) I’ll tell you a little story, to show you. Back in 1986 or ’87, when I was in Sacramento, they were frustrated that I didn’t do guests on my show. So they sent me to Washington for a week to do guests. I did the program out of the ABC Bureau on DeSales Street right across the street from the Mayflower Hotel. I was scheduled to have Vitaly Churkin, who was a Soviet spy who routinely appeared on Nightline.

He worked at the embassy and so forth. I called him and I made the arrangements. Then the night before the interview I start talking to the ceiling in my hotel room, begging him not to cancel (laughing), knowing full well that he was listening in on my room and the Soviet embassy was spying on me. We spy, too. That’s just what they do. That’s what the UN is for. If we’re not spying on those thugs then there’s no reason to go there. So this is not news, but it doesn’t look good. You know, Mrs. Clinton is in the process of rehabbing her image here. You know, from the Nurse Ratched days she’s rehabbing — and now all of a sudden she’s a spy? Liberals don’t like that, and now ‘climate change’ we’re finding out how bogus the whole thing always was.

So now they’re really gunning for the Julian Assange guy. All of a sudden they don’t like this guy. What I want to know is where are the WikiLeaks documents to prove that 9/11 was an inside job by George Bush and Dick Cheney? Let me ask you liberals: Where are these cables? Where? I mean, if Julian Assange was worth his salt, why didn’t he produce that? Produce all this stuff that you kooks believe! Where are the documents that prove Bush intentionally lied about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq in order to invade the country? Where is the WikiLeaks document — the State Department cable, whatever — that Rove leaked Valerie Plame’s name to the media? Where’s all this good stuff?

Where is…? I want to ask this to the Reverend Jackson: Where are the WikiLeaks cables proving that the CIA invented AIDS? Where is Obama’s birth certificate? Where’s the real good stuff? How about all the hundreds of other left-wing lies we’ve been hearing about for years? WikiLeaks is covering up for the United States? I got a kick out of this lead paragraph from the AP concerning the WikiLeaks stuff. ‘Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton knows how to try to get a laugh from a public embarrassment.’ (laughing) I’ll say she does. (laughing) She’s been doing it for decades! (laughing) The headline is: ‘Clinton Uses WikiLeaks Disclosures to Draw a Laugh.’ Well, she’s got plenty of experience in that! I don’t know, I just get a kick out of all this stuff.

Where’s all the good stuff?

This Assange guy is just not worth his salt.

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