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RUSH: Mark Halperin. There’s a line in Mark Halperin’s piece at TIME Magazine. The headline: ‘What Obama Needs to Come Back: Nothing Short of Luck,’ and there is a line in this piece toward the end of it. ‘No one wants the country to suffer another catastrophe. But…’ [repeats] ‘No one wants the country to suffer another catastrophe. But when a struggling Bill Clinton was faced with the Oklahoma City bombing and a floundering George W. Bush was confronted by 9/11, they found their voices and a route to political revival. Perhaps Obama’s crucible can be positive — the capture of Osama bin Laden, the fall of the Iranian regime, a dramatic technological innovation that revitalizes American manufacturing — something to reintroduce him to the American people and show the strengths he demonstrated as a presidential candidate.’

I… (chuckles) If I were drinking coffee I’d be spitting it out right now. ‘While he negotiates his way through the lame-duck session of Congress, prepares for his State of the [Show] address and budget, and braces for the new normals of 2011, the President had better figure out how to react when the moment comes.’ [repeats] ‘No one wants the country to suffer another catastrophe. But…’ But? ‘[T]he President had better figure out how to react when the moment comes. Without that moment — whatever it is — and strong leadership in its wake, Obama may find his luck has run out,’ but not a word in this piece about the country’s luck.

It’s all about Obama. Nothing is real.

‘The coalition that got Barack Obama elected President just two years ago has been shattered. [sobbing] Gaming out the trajectory of the next two years can be done any number of ways, but Obama’s efforts to rebuild a politically robust alliance will be the most telling. It may be the biggest challenge of his career — and he will need happenstance along with skill if he is going to get it done,’ and it goes on and on and on. This is the mind-set of the media: ‘Oh, my gosh, what’s Obama gonna do? How’s he gonna get back the magic?’ Hey, Mark, he can’t. He’s lost it. He’s fraud. It’s like Tiger Woods is never gonna be again what we all thought he was.


RUSH: Mark Halperin of TIME Magazine wonders what Obama can do to come back. He doesn’t wonder what America can do to come back. You know, America needing to come back is, I guess, a little bit more important than Obama coming back, but not to Mr. Halperin. ‘What Obama Needs to Make a Comeback: Nothing Short of Luck.’ I would say (I’m on a first-name basis with Mark Halperin), Mark, Obama has his crisis. It’s the economy! He’s got a crisis, my friend, and he has bungled it. He’s even had his choice of foreign policy crises: North Korea, Iran, Afghanistan. He’s bungled them, too. Now he’s got the WikiLeaks attack, which Julian Assange thinks is more damaging to the US than 9/11.

You have Julian Assange demanding Obama resign because Obama had to be in on the spying at the UN, and look how he’s jumping into the fray to solve that. He’s in over his head, Mark. He’s an agitator, a community organizer, a far-left fringe leftist and he’s got designs on getting even with this country. The rest of it, he doesn’t care about. It’s patently obvious out there. ‘With unemployment high and promising to stay there, it is nearly impossible in the short term for Obama to shift opinion and be seen as a successful President. But he can’t achieve anything in 2011 and 2012, or get re-elected, unless he can win back support from some of his core groups.’

You know, when are people gonna realize he can’t do that because he was a fraud? There was an image presented of Obama that was not real. He can’t go back. Once a fraud is exposed, there is no more real. Look, I don’t mean to beat up on Tiger Woods, but when you acquiesce in a marketing plan to present you as Mr. Perfect in Everything, and then we find out you aren’t, sorry, dude, you can’t go back to that. You have to start anew, and you have to whatever, but it’s never gonna be the same for Tiger Woods, and it’s not gonna be the same for Obama. Halperin here, this is pure ‘optics.’ He’s talking about optics. He’s not even talking about substance.

That’s all the media cares about is the optics.

‘How does Obama appear? How does he look?’

I’ll tell you: Underqualified. He looks overmatched or underqualified. He looks small. He looks frail. He looks tiny. He does not look up to the job. He doesn’t even look interested — and he’s really not. Here’s the thing. Mr. Halperin, here’s the real bottom line. I was in New York over the weekend. I arrived Friday night at the end of the workday. (Let ’em audit me! I didn’t do any work in New York. I arrived Friday night.) I went out to lunch with some friends and we got to talking about all this, and we concluded (well, they agreed with me because it was my point and I had been making this point) from Obama’s perspective he’s been overwhelmingly successfully.

He’s carrying around this little notepad and it says he’s accomplished 70% of what he wanted to get done. From his standpoint, he has been successful. Now, if you have a different objective, if you’re looking at this as ‘optics’ and you want people to love Obama — you want this massive fraud recaptured — that can’t happen. It simply cannot happen. What could Obama do to win back the independents? What can he do? That’s why Halperin says: Please, give us a disaster. Give us a disaster and let Obama show his mettle.

Mark, he’s got disasters. He’s creating the disasters in many ways. He’s extending the disasters. He’s got his crisis. He’s got the economy. It’s just an amazing piece. A window, if you needed it, into the mind, the view, the mind-set of the State-Controlled Media.


RUSH: Here’s Linda in The Villages, Florida. It’s nice to have you on the Rush Limbaugh program. Hello.

CALLER: Dittos, Rush. Thanks for taking my call.

RUSH: You bet.

CALLER: Obama has had another disaster, other than the economy, that he screwed up. The gulf oil spill.

RUSH: Yeah. He did… See, now, from your perspective and mine he screwed up, but not from his.

CALLER: (giggling)

RUSH: If he wants to wreak havoc on the domestic oil business, he’s had a very successful maneuver here.

CALLER: Well, that’s true, and I’m sure that was the point.

RUSH: You know, there’s still a moratorium on drilling. He’s extended it. That’s why I said talking to Mark Halperin, ‘Mark, I’m sure Obama read your piece and said, ‘What am I doing wrong here? I’ve got 70% of my agenda already accomplished in two years. What more do you want?” I’ll guarantee you, if we had won the White House in 2008 and in two years implemented as much of our agenda as Obama has of his, we would be throwing parties left and right. We would be talking about that kind of progress not being possible. It’s just that Obama’s interests don’t dovetail with ours. They don’t dovetail with the nation’s at large. This is a guy who’s trying to transform America. When he talks about ‘transform the country,’ he means it.

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