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RUSH: Let’s go back to me on this program last month, November 17th, what I said about the Democrat Party and the 2010 midterm elections.

RUSH ARCHIVE: [T]hey’re in disarray. What are they in disarray about? What could they possibly be in disarray about? And that is they don’t know what the impact of their decision is going to be. Folks, they got shellacked, and they know it. I mean, the public consumption is, ‘It was messaging.’ They know it wasn’t messaging. They know full well why they lost big, and it’s Obama. And they know they’ve got even more seats in the Senate at risk in 2012. McCaskill is one of them.

RUSH: See, there are two kinds of Democrats. (chuckles) Well, probably even more. There are two primary kinds. One kind that wants to stay in power, wants the Democrats to run things and just wants to get along here with the Democrat Party being a normal, functioning, everyday leftist party — and then there’s the Obama Democrats that want to destroy the country, and they’re succeeding! The other Democrats do not like this. They did get shellacked. Look at all the state legislatures they lost, all the governorships they lost. What was it, 60 seats, 61 seats in the House now? Whatever it is. It could be as much as 63. I mean, it was a huge shellacking, and they know it’s ’cause of this guy. Here. This is Jim VandeHei. On CBS’ Slay the Nation during the roundtable Bob Schieffer spoke with VandeHei about the Democrat Party. He said, ‘It does appear that they’re gonna get this. I mean, as far as the unemployment benefits, that’s very important to millions of Americans with Christmas coming along here.’

VANDEHEI: Democrats on Capitol Hill are privately livid ’cause they feel that the White House basically telegraphed a compromise several weeks ago when David Axelrod had made some comments, uh, and that they’ve done so in private meetings ever since. So this is sort of inevitable and you had that feeling with the senators today. They both felt like, ‘This is inevitable.’

RUSH: This is the extension of the tax rates, ’cause here’s what these Democrats know. The Democrats know the Republicans are gonna cave on unemployment extension benefits at Christmas anyway, and START? (snorts) You know, let Obama have his toy. No big deal. Nobody’s gonna go to the mat over those two things. But here’s Obama caving, and they’re livid. VandeHei is exactly right. Dan Rather this morning on MSNBC’s Jansing and Company, the host Chris Jansing asked Rather, ‘Not extending tax cuts on the wealthy. The GOP’s not agreeing to offset the costs of extending these tax cuts. Are the Democrats not pounding that point home enough?’

RATHER: This is a political nightmare for Barack Obama as president. The more-left portion of his party hates this — hates it with a passion — and politically, within his own party, if this goes through, Barack Obama will be in the position of he will have his shirttail on fire, his back to the wall, and the bill collector at the door. Which is metaphorically a way of saying he’s almost guaranteed, if this goes through, to have a serious challenge in a Democrat primary for president in 2012.

RUSH: Now, let’s not get ahead of ourselves here, when Rather starts talking this way. You know, Rather’s never right about anything. It’s always, I think, oversold how good or bad somebody or somebody is doing at a particular time, but it doesn’t mask the fact that they are livid, exactly as I told you back on November 17th. Here is Chris Matthews’s Sunday show on NBC and he’s talking to National Journal Congressional Correspondent Susan Davis. You heard of her, right, Susan Davis? (interruption) Nor have I. Anyway she’s on Matthews’ show. They’re talking about the Democrat Party. Matthews says, ‘Susan, tell me something that I don’t know,’ (chuckles) which, frankly, would be easy. Pick something. Here’s what she said.

DAVIS: Trouble in the Democratic Party. One of the things that was highlighted this — on this week in Capitol Hill is, uhh, Congressional Black Caucus and the anger towards their leadership over the censure of Charlie Rangel, and I think it’s gonna be both a political problem for Nancy Pelosi and perhaps for the White House as well. They very strongly think that the censure was out of line.

RUSH: Wow, so now they’re on this. Obama can’t do anything right. Now the Democrat Party is in disarray over censuring Charlie Rangel, who if you listen to him didn’t do that anything wrong. And then on TV One’s Washington Watch with Roland Martin… What the hell network is this? TV One? What is TV One? Can somebody tell me what TV One is? (interruption) Well, I know Roland used to be on CNN. He used to be angry on CNN all the time. TV One just comes on at night in some places? (interruption) Well, I know what NY1 is, and this isn’t it. I never heard of TV One.

I’m not trying to offend anybody here. I don’t know what it is, but obviously it’s there because we found it. (chuckles) You probably never heard of it either. At any rate, Roland Martin spoke with Sirius XM radio host Joe Madison about the Democrat Party and the extension of Bush tax cuts. He said, ‘On the tax cuts again, I go back to the issue: Do you believe he’ll stand firm like we heard during the midterm election campaign, or has he already basically opened the door for compromise?’ Cynthia Tucker is also in this sound bite.

MADISON: (haltingly) You cannot compromise with people who don’t want to compromise. It requires both sides saying, ‘I’m willing to compromise.’ Look, Boehner, McConnell, Rush Limbaugh, all of them have said: We want this man to fail.

RUSH: That’s right.

MADISON: Did they just not meet him and say, ‘Oh, I think we had a great meeting, da-da-da-da-da,’ and then walk right —

TUCKER: Mmm-hmm! The very next day —

MADISON: The very next day walked out and, as we used to say in my neighborhood, ladies — excuse the expression — punk slapped him.

RUSH: They went out and ‘punk slapped’ him? I don’t remember that. If you can’t say ‘bitch’ on TV One, then — ’cause ‘bitch slapped’ is what they really mean, not ‘punk slap.’ If you can’t say that on TV One then TV One’s not worth its salt because it’s cable. But, anyway, after that meeting the Republicans went out and they sounded like Sally Field. ‘Oh, he liked us! He really liked us!’ These guys are the ones that don’t like compromise. I thought compromise was good. Now that Obama does it, ‘Oh, no, no, no! We can’t do that.’ The point is, folks, there isn’t happiness out there — and now Bill Maher, separated at birth from Julian Assange, was on CNN’s Fareed Zakaria GPS on Sunday morning and Fareed Zakaria GPS said, ‘So Obama. How do you think he’s responded to the shellacking so far?’

MAHER: He looks beaten down. That’s what disturbs me. You know, I th — I thought when we elected the first black president, as a comedian, I thought two years in I’d be making jokes about what I a gangsta he was. For him to be talking about (pause) compromising with the Republicans on the Bush tax cuts? Where…? Where are they going to draw a line in the sand? He just seems to be another in a long line of Democrats that come across as wimpy and wussy and whatever word you want to ascribe to it, uh, of not standing up for what they believe in enough.

RUSH: So now Obama is wimpy and wussy. (interruption) Well, I’m gonna cut Maher some slack on the gangster business. He was just being a comedian. But he keeps talking about how Obama needs to go gangster. He does. He keeps saying Obama needs to go gangster on the GOP, and I guess he’s upset that Obama hasn’t gone gangster on the GOP ’cause he’s a wuss. He’s a wimp and he’s a wuss. Now, Mr. Halperin, I’m sure you’re hearing all this. How do you go…? The real question is not, ‘How does he get it back?’ It’s, ‘How did he stumble so far with all the heads-up behavior you gave him, with all of the puff pieces that were written and broadcast about Obama?’

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