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RUSH: Sheila Jackson Lee, fresh off asking NASA if the Mars Rover would run into the flag astronauts planted there, was on the Fox Business Network Bulls and Bears program, and David Asman, the cohost, said, ‘Do you think this agreement with Republicans is causing Obama to leave his principles behind?’

LEE: We’re going to be unhappy about this seemingly unnecessary tax cut for the 2% of Americans. Many of us are unhappy. The extension of the unemployment benefits so needed by those who are unemployed, tax cuts for the middle-class, enough for us to say, we will do it this time, but it will be a real bloody fight. The real question is, what will the rich people — let me not focus on people, but let’s focus on corporations. What will they do for America? What jobs will they create with this tax benefit? What will the likes of Rush Limbo [sic] will get a big tax cut do to reinvest their dollars to help build America?

RUSH: What an idiot. In the first place she’s now made me a corporation. ‘Let’s not talk about people. Let’s focus not on people, let’s focus on corporations. What would the likes of Rush Limbaugh…’ I wonder if I sent her just a daily activity list of all the people in my life and all the things they do and what they get paid, I wonder if it would have any impact? You always hold out hope. Would it open her eyes or her mind? Would a bright light get turned on somewhere in the brain, ‘Oh, yeah.’ Is she really this ignorant about how economic activity takes place? (imitating Lee) ‘What will the likes of Rush Limbo get a big tax cut do to invest their dollars to help build America?’ Her point is that I won’t build a highway or I will not rebuild a school or that I will not build a water treatment center, the great things that government does. That’s what I believe that she is implying. I would if I needed one.

She does believe, just like Obama has said, that the wealthy will not build what’s necessary for other people. They will not build roads and highways. They won’t build runways. They won’t refurbish schools. Government has to do this with money taken from people. The rich are selfish. I’m convinced that that’s what she thinks and what she believes.


RUSH: Sheila Jackson Lee. You know, talking about money is a very uncouth thing to do. It’s not classy at all. But, boy, would I… The idea that she wonders what I, people like me, do for the economy? All I can tell you is she would be stunned. She’d be absolutely stunned. Somebody needs to tell her. Somebody needs to ask Sheila Jackson Lee: ‘How many jobs were saved and created over the last ten years thanks to the Bush tax cuts?’ Do you know that for 53 months in a row this country created jobs after the Bush tax cuts went into law, after they were signed into law? Fifty-three months in a row. The Democrats take over and we have lost jobs every month, and it’s a significant number.


RUSH: Mike in south Jersey. You’re up first today. Hello.

CALLER: Hello. At the beginning of the show you talked about, you had that woman, congresswoman or whatever saying how because of the tax increase, how many jobs have you created or saved or whatever. The thing is, with the amount of taxes you pay, and I mean you must pay a heck of a lot, we’ll never know how many federal jobs you saved or created, ’cause that’s where the money comes from.

RUSH: Well, thank you for that.

CALLER: Am I right?

RUSH: You’re right, you’re right. You’re talking about Sheila Jackson Lee —

CALLER: That’s the woman.

RUSH: — and she said, ‘Let me not focus on people, let’s focus on corporations. What will the likes of Rush Limbaugh get a big tax cut do to reinvest their dollars to help build America?’

CALLER: Well, you probably pay for some of the roadwork I’ve seen over the years with the signs up that they have that cite, you know, your federal tax dollars at work to repair the bridges. I’m sure your tax dollars went to pay for that.

RUSH: My taxes for one day in New York City would pay Sheila Jackson Lee’s taxes for the full year.

CALLER: Actually, your tax dollars pay her salary.

RUSH: As do yours.


RUSH: It’s an excellent point you are making out there.

CALLER: I don’t get these people.

RUSH: Stupid.

CALLER: (laughing) I just want to thank you for paying your taxes. How’s that?

RUSH: (laughing) You know, I appreciate this. So few people ever thank me, period, and I don’t mean just for paying taxes and so forth. I am so tempted, it’s uncouth, it isn’t classy to start talking about all this stuff, but, oh man, what do I do to reinvest in America? Good Lord. I’ll not submit the list to her because she would just turn it around and find a way to use it against me. (interruption) Well, when did it become couth for a congresswoman to address a taxpayer? I guess now, I guess it’s cool to be able to do it, it’s okay. Hey, Snerdley, it goes with the territory. I am the titular head of the Republican Party, I am the power base. That’s what she thinks, along with many people on her side of the aisle. Well, she’s titular head of something. Not the Democrat Party.


RUSH: Ken in Las Vegas, I’m glad you waited, sir, you’re next on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush. My pleasure to be on, longtime listener, I actually lived in Sacramento during the KFBK days —

RUSH: Whoa.

CALLER: — years ago. The show was relevant and appreciated then and now.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: You had a caller last week that was challenging you on the number of employees that the show had and how you contributed that way, and I think you had a good case there where you could have made a better example of that saying that, how about if you take the show and say what kind of economic revenue does the show generate? All your affiliates, all the advertising, all of the dollar amounts nationally that are a direct result of your show, and really a direct result of one guy.

RUSH: Wait a minute, I remember the call but I didn’t have a chance because it was this guy telling me all about my business. He was telling me —

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: — how few employees I had ’cause it’s just a radio show.

CALLER: Exactly. And I think that the right answer to that and how you quiet these guys is to say, you know, an example of how the wealthy 1% can contribute is that your show is a perfect example and really one guy. And if you, in fact, go back to the KFBK days and add up all of the revenue that’s been generated by all the advertising dollars, all the employees it took to generate all of that, and add ’em up over the last few decades, I’ll bet the number is huge. And there’s a good example of saying how the wealthy 1% can contribute to the economy. It’s what you’re generating and what your show is doing and how much money it generates not for you, but it puts people to work and how much money flows as a result of that across the country.

RUSH: It has been said by others, not me, it is said by others that I saved AM radio. Well, if that’s true, how many jobs did that save or create? It has been said that I started the alternative media. How many jobs has that saved or created? How many pundits, how many bloggers, how many other talk show hosts? It’s been said by others. I just use this as an example. I, of course, have never said it, but others have.

CALLER: Well, a good example of that would be a general contractor, let’s say, it’s not just what the revenue that that contracting firm generates or how many employees it has, but if he has a number of subcontractors, it’s all the revenue that’s pushed to the subcontractors, all the employment that they have, and it’s all a result of that one general contractor, and I think you’re in similar circumstance. I think that’s how you quiet these guys down.

RUSH: It wouldn’t quiet them down. It would make me a bigger target. No, it would, it would stun them. Just like the left really doesn’t like Walmart. Walmart does a better job of servicing the poor than the government does, than the Democrats do, and the Democrats want to be known for doing that. I could ballpark a figure, an annual figure of the dollars generated throughout all the tentacles of this radio show, starting with the show itself, and then the people who are immediately employed by it, all the way down to our affiliates, the people who work there, local advertisers, national advertisers. It would be a big number. But I think to ballpark it even now would be to make me an even bigger target. It would just cause even more resentment. What you think would happen is that people like Sheila Jackson Lee would look at it and say, ‘Wow, I never knew, why, had no idea.’ And while they would say that, it would not please them. It would not please them whatsoever. They would say, ‘We really gotta get rid of this guy now. He’s spreading tentacles way too deep in our society. If we don’t get rid of him now, we’re never gonna be able to get rid of him.’ Because they’re not like us, folks. Obama, these people, they think differently than we do. They just do.

Everybody’s tries to understand what makes a liberal a liberal. ‘Well, Rush, they don’t really think, it’s all emotional with them, they’re angry.’ Whatever it is, they just think differently than we do. They think differently than we do about the country. They think differently than we do about the economy, and there’s very little in common. And that’s why compromising with these people, to me, is a waste of time. Defeating them is what is paramount. You know, how about the money that I earn that gets taxed to help these big blue liberal cities to fund themselves. When I put money in the banks, I need more than one, I put money in the banks and that money is used to lend money to people like Sheila Jackson Lee and her constituents and her voters. I mean I could sit here and make up a figure, like Obama, and claim to have saved or created over eight million jobs. I could do that. Who could say that I’m not doing so? Who could say the number is not accurate? The regime says, ‘We created or saved three and a half million jobs.’ And then you add jobs I intended to create or save, why, that adds another eight million. So 16 million jobs that I created or saved or intended to create or save. Well, Obama wants credit for the promises he tried to keep, right? He just said at his press conference he wants credit for the promises he tried to keep, so I saved or created eight million jobs and another eight million that I intended to save or create. Really tried. Total of 16 million. There you have it.


RUSH: Let me be even more truthful, ladies and gentlemen, if that’s possible. I could say that I created Air America. I created and saved jobs at Air America. Would there be a Media Matters for America if it weren’t for me? And they’ve got a huge staff over there, funded by George Soros. Media Matters was founded to discredit me and my reputation. They wouldn’t exist. The left wouldn’t exist without me. Would George Soros have bought those 100 reporters for NPR if it wasn’t for me? My cigars alone save or create 400,000 jobs, many of them in the Dominican. If the government would stop taking my money I would create another eight million jobs. I’m up to 24 million jobs I’ve either created or saved (or intended to) and if it would stop taking my money, I could do another eight to 12 million. By the time I am done, we’re gonna have to start importing more workers to fill all the jobs that I would create.

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