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RUSH: I didn’t know myself that this had happened. But this is from Live with Regis and Kelly yesterday. They’re having a discussion with the executive producer Michael Gelman about the possibility of me filling in for Regis.

PHILBIN: Wouldn’t it be funny if Rush Limbaugh won this contest to sit here with her?

GELMAN: He’s been nominated.

RIPA: He’s been nominated?

GELMAN: Yeah. That doesn’t mean he wants to. That means someone else nominated him. He may not want to.

PHILBIN: Oh, they could turn you down if they wish?

GELMAN: Of course.

RUSH: So there’s obviously some kind of contest going on to sit in for Regis when he’s gone and somebody has nominated me to sit in there and host that program. Did you do that, Snerdley? (laughing) (interruption) Kelly Ripa? Yeah, she’s cute, yeah. She’s cute. Listen, you are juvenile, Snerdley. (imitating Snerdley) ‘Is she cute?’ ‘Yeah.’ ‘Well, then do it!’ (laughing) Whoa. Anyway, I had no clue.

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