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RUSH: ‘Liberal Democrats Trying to Prevent a House Vote on the Tax Deal,’ says Fox News. PMSNBC says liberals are getting angrier and angrier and may vote to scuttle the whole deal, that they don’t like using jobless benefits as a bargaining chip. It simply isn’t right. There’s some lib Democrat on MSNBC right now saying that. It’s a bargaining chip. ‘Using unemployment benefits and extension as a bargaining chip for tax cuts for the rich, why, that just can’t…’ Opposition is said to be mounting. The White House has today e-mailed reporters that the following Democrats support the deal: ‘Sen. Jim Webb, Rep. Gary Peters, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell, and Charlotte, NC, Mayor Anthony Foxx.’ Five Democrats support the deal, and Obama has e-mailed their names to the media.

I said when the program started today that I would not being surprised if this thing falls apart. This is the old Congress. This is not with the new people there. The Democrats still have a massive majority in the House, and if they want to stop this, they can. Now, Obama touting five Democrats? I mean, that’s impressive, right? Five Democrats who support the deal. And they’re not all in the Senate. Many of them, it doesn’t matter where they are. They will not have a vote on it. Fast Eddie, the governor of Pennsylvania, he doesn’t have a vote on it, for example. Jim Webb in the Senate does. So this thing is trickling along. Nothing ever gets done until the deadline anyway on something like this.

So it’s gonna be a while before we know for certain. The political posturing is taking place now.

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